Overwatch New Skin and a New Low for Blizzard

I had planned my next overwatch video to be something very positive. I was going to talk about the cool stuff thats going to be in the upcoming beta and some of the other character changes and, unfortunately, blizzard decided to drop the dumbest promotion ever and now i have to talk about this instead, so whats happening here is they Released a new legendary skin for brigitte now, sometimes what they do is if its an overwatch league skin, then you have to buy some tokens and the money from that goes to pay some of the players and also to help finance the overwatch league and blah blah Blah or other times, theyll just have a mini event where you, you know, play the game and you unlock the stuff, and then you can watch some streamers in order to get you know, whatever extra unlocks now at first, they had it restricted to just you know: A couple of select streamers and then they opened it up to you – can watch anyone, whos playing overwatch and youll, get the stuff and thats much better. Because again, i would rather support a smaller streamer than some of the big ones. But now we have this promotional event, which is essentially give 15 to one of these select streamers that we like, because theyre nice and talk about our game in a good way, thats. Basically, what this event is, and its absurd now, first and foremost, no im not on the list, because i havent streamed on twitch in like over three years, i dont care thats, not the point.

The point is that they have this group of streamers, half of them. Dont even play overwatch anymore, a bunch of them are millionaires so more power to you. I dont begrudge them for for making good money doing the streaming stuff, but if i have to give 15 bucks to someone im, not gon na give it to them. I would much rather give it to some small affiliate. Streamer whos only got like 10 or 15 people watching than someone whos making. You know six or seven figures a year right. So if i have the choice, thats, what im gon na do and theyre not allowing that theyre making it so that you can only give it to these certain streamers, and you know you take a look at it, and these people are always almost always. You know saying good things about blizzard right and um it just this. This whole event is just absolutely ridiculous, like the idea that you basically like theyre, i dont know it feels like theyre, almost kind of buying positive reviews. You know because they want they got overwatch. Two coming out – or you know they got the beta and the game is going to come out for a while, but theres going to be a couple of betas and theres going to be more content from now until then, and it feels almost like theyre buying positive Videos theyre buying positive reviews, because a lot of these people that do the streaming stuff, they also make some youtube content as well and thats.

What it looks like to me, its like, hey, were helping. You were helping, get you money by forcing people to buy these. You know subscriptions gift out these subscriptions and youre going to get money for it. So make sure you give us a positive you, you know, make sure you talk positively about overwatch 2 and this and that and im sure theyre not explicitly saying that. But that is certainly what it feels like right like when you look at this, where blizzard is saying well give you this cool skin, if you pay 15 to some of these streamers that we approve of right it. Just this whole thing just feels awful, and you know if it was the option to just gift a subscription on anyone who is playing overwatch and even then that would be. You know, kind of a little limited because theres a whole bunch of streamers for overwatch. That are not partnered and they dont have affiliate and stuff, so they cant get anything from it, but at the minimum at the minimum it should be opened up to you know anybody right any of the partner streamers who do overwatch any of the affiliates, and usually You know the affiliate channels are the ones that have you know only 10 20 30 people that are watching at any given time, and you know they can use it a lot more than someone that you know because theres a bunch of people on this list that Dont even play overwatch anymore right.

They dont play overwatch at all, but theyre gon na log in during because theres a special time frame that they have to be online. In order to get this – and you know, theyre going to switch over to theyre. Probably some of these people probably had to re install overwatch just so that they could participate in this event and its just garbage like this is trash. This is the worst event that ive ever seen, and you know whether you i i dont know like i im. Not going to participate in this and when i say im not going to participate, i mean im not going to pay up money to an approved list um. If you want to knock yourself out, you know if it was like. Maybe it was opened up to affiliates or something then yeah. I would probably find someone with a really small channel thats an affiliate, and i would throw out a couple of subs uh for them in order to you know, help them out, but i i dont want to help out a bunch and you know half the list. Doesnt even play the game anymore anyways. This is just ridiculous and you know i dont know what do you guys think about this? Let me know down below a big thanks to all the paragons and other channel members for all your support.

What do you think?

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