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. This compact crossover offers a 31 mile electric driving range and super low, benefiting kind taxation exposure. Both things common in this class and highly valued by potential customers. Here, though, it’s all presented with a combination of family friendly flexibility, the sliding rear bench, for example, and a bit of garlic, pizzazz courtesy of the available opportunities for bodywork and cabin customization, which all creates a car that’s worth a second look. This plug in capture always pulls away on full battery power. What then happens once you get going, depends on how much charge there is in the battery and which of the various driving modes you’ve selected. There are three pure, which engages all electric drive joined by sport, which is engine only and my sense, which is a hybrid setting, that’s engineered to use both power sources most efficiently. If, when in town, for example, you want to lock the car into battery only drive, then you’ll activate this ev button on the fascia, otherwise the hybrid, my sense drive mode will be your most flexible everyday setting, choice and that’s, one that will see the engine occasionally Cutting in and out to help the battery out until the electric driving range wltp rated at 31 miles is used up and full time combustion power becomes necessary. The combustion unit in question is 1.6 liters in size and it’s paired with a 49 kilowatt electric motor and the smaller integrated starter generator and together they draw their energy from a 9.

8 kilowatt hour, lithium ion battery housed beneath the rear passenger seat and generate a combined Output of 160 horsepower, the gearbox is an auto, of course, but of the more unusual dog box, clutchless variety and it offers an extra b mode, which maximizes regenerative braking to the point where you hardly ever actually have to use the brake pedal uh. Whatever your chosen transmission setting nearly all the time when you’re, either off throttle or slowing the car down restorative energy, is being fed back into the battery. Much of it is then used to aid acceleration, but if you want all of it to be saved for battery only town travel when you’re most need it, then an e safe setting is available to allow for that. Inevitably, all of this clever tech carries quite a weight penalty, nearly 400 kilos, which has an effect on both ride, quality and cornering body control. But unless you go, throwing this car around you’ll probably be quite happy at the dynamic balance that runner’s achieved here, particularly when you look at the wltp rated efficiency, stats, 188.3 mpg on the combined cycle and a 34 grams per kilometer co2 reading, which is low enough To enable a benefit in kind taxation rating of just 10 charging from zero to a hundred percent takes approximately three hours using the wall box that renault’s prepared to supply free with the car phev models are usually difficult to differentiate from their more conventional counterparts, and this Capture e tec, plug in hybrid, is no exception to that.

The differences in chassis structure are slight too. The second generation capture model lines, cmf b, common module, family b segment platform that was designed from the outset to support hybrid and plug in electrification. Although, curiously, not a full ev model, renault currently covers off the battery, only part of the small hatch market with its little zoe hatch, but that car can’t offer the street side presence or the personalization options on offer here in profile. You get a feeling for that. The roof, for example, can be specified in contrasting colors gray, white orange or, as in this case, diamond black, the side seals can be finished in orange or gray, and trendy big wheels can also feature up to 18 inches in size. Although this typical s edition variant, settles for these 17 inch, bahamas diamond cut, rims right, so there’s, no fanfare for the plug in powertrain outside will the use of this captures sophisticated drivetech be more evident at the wheel, though? Well, no, not really there’s an ev button. Amongst the piano style keys below this central 9.3 inch portrait style, easylink infotainment screen, which has various eb specific menus, including a useful energy infographic, which shows at any given time, what’s being powered by what the 10 inch instrument binacle display is eb specific too. Most of the e tec features showcased in the right hand, virtual dial, as well as a lower charge meter. This features an outer rim showing blue regenerative green charge and white power zones and it’s got a central area that shows a triangulation of battery e motor and engine to depict in real time.

The hyperactive hybrid systems flow of energy glass down at the e shifter, auto geistic, and you might notice its extra regenerative breaking b option. This lever sits on top of the unusual floating style center console that’s fitted to all automatic capture models, with a cool blue light shining beneath this protrusion onto the wireless phone charger beneath. Otherwise, things are just as they would be in any other, well specified capture and are further brightened in this case by the optional signature orange interior colour pack, which adds a bit of colour to the cabin let’s, take a seat in the rear. It actually feels very decently spacious back here by class standards and that’s, helped by the fact that this second generation captures cmfb platform has allowed for a 17 millimeter rear, legroom increase, despite the fact that the phev system’s battery has been placed under this rear bench, it Still keeps the sliding function that you’ll find in a more conventional capture variance and it moves back and forth over a range of 160 mils arrival. Kia niro plug in can’t be had with a sliding rear seat, while with a rival mini countryman phev. This feature costs extra, so the phev drive, train doesn’t affect the rear seat experience, but it does quite significantly impact boot. Space as to be fair is the case with virtually every plug in hybrid we test here. The battery placement sees luggage capacity with this rear seat. Right back fall from 422 to just 265 liters that’s, pretty much super mini sized.

Now one day, we’ll come across a small suv fitted with a properly flexible, 40, 20, 40 split back rest, but that day hasn’t come yet. So this capture gets the usual 60 40 split affair, which, when it’s pushed forward frees up 118 litres of capacity down from 1275, normally across an almost flat load floor of 1.57 meters. If you do need more luggage space in a phev hatch of this size, then your dealer will walk you over to the other side of the showroom and we’ll suggest that you take a look instead at the brand’s megan tourer e tec estate model, as you’d expect From a brand that’s been selling electrified vehicles for over a decade, renault is well advanced with this technology, and that shows with cars like this capture e tec, plug in hybrid 160., it’s one of 12 different, hybrid engine models that the brand’s developed and it’s the most Popular phev car that the company makes there are certainly lots of reasons why you might want one of these, including all the usual plug in hybrid attributes, of course, basically, many of the good bits of an ev without the range anxiety, downside, plus this runner is more Appealing in many ways than its two most direct rivals: the phev versions of the kia niro and the mini countryman, it’s, more customizable and it’s smoother in terms of transmission and ride quality. We would still struggle to recommend it, though, over its e tec, hybrid, 140 self.

Charging non plug in showroom stablemate compared to that car there’s a much smaller boot and a significantly higher price, and unless this phev model is benefiting kind, tax savings are really significant for you. You’D need a very dedicated charging regime to make the running costs of this plug, in version massively better than those of the self charging variant. Still a very dedicated charging regime is a sort of thing that a lot of potential customers here will have in mind and with that in place there would be a lot to like here now. Yes, the money being asked for this car would get you a compact suv with a posh badge, but you wouldn’t be able to cruise silently past fuel stations in it. Not unless you paid vastly more anyway, phevs of all kinds used to require you to pay vastly more, but thankfully things are changing, and this car’s a sign of that, which is why we’re happy to welcome it.

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