Garena Free Fire, June 29, Battle royale game, 2022 *NEW* Season 6 Leaks! New BR Event + Battle Pass + Legendary Alias & more! COD Mobile Leaks Season 6

So far as well as more information about the new battle pass for season, six to the skies be sure youre subscribed to me and have the bell activated for daily cod mobile content, as always lets jump right into the video. Well, start the video with basic information about the next season in call of duty mobile and then throw on the new season six weapons, as we already know from some teasers released in the past hours, the new season, six called to the skies will be released on June 29th, at 5 p.m. Pacific time and comes with new crates. Lucky draws a new event. New battle pass and much more. A few months ago, the test server for season five and six of call of duty mobile was released in which two new weapons were discovered. That will now be added to the new season. The new ksp 45, which should be familiar to some from black ops, cold war and war zone, is a three round burst weapon and owns high damage with moderate range.the burst. Fire spread is less efficient at long range and the firing mechanism, combined with extremely high damage, output and low recoil means the ksp excels in most close range scenarios. In addition, the fully automatic secondary weaponelle car 9, known from black ops 3, will be added to the new season 6 and has a medium rate of fire with modest damage. Personally, i am very excited about the new secondary weapon due to the fact that it is the very first fully automatic pistol to be introduced in cod mobile already teased a few days ago.

By call of duty mobile is the new multiplayer map of the new season. 6 to the skies the favela map from modern warfare 2.. This map is medium sized and set in the alleys of brazil, rio de janeiro and has many high buildings. Many alleys, as well as a small soccer field, feel free to write me in the comments. If you like, the new multiplayer map or not as with every season, a new featured event is released based on the seasons theme and so in season six, we can expect the jackal fuel up event in which we help the new legendary, alias character, complete daily tasks For upgrade tokens, otherwise we have to collect fuel from multiplayer or battle royale rounds to get rewards for it along the way. The epic knots 44 skin called silver jet awaits us, among other rewards fittingly. The new battle royale vehicle is finally released for the new season. Six and in battle royale, we can expect heated aerial battles, new runways and much more. The new jackal jet is fully equipped with missiles, decoys and a gatling gun. So im really looking forward to the new season. Six and cant wait to get into the jet and fight battles a few days ago. The crates of the new season were already discovered in the in game files, but there is no information about the rewards at the moment. Besides the season, six daily missions, crate, which includes the epic archangel militant character, skin an epic calling card and a new epic skin for the a s val assault rifle a crate known from the chinese version, will be released in global in garina.

We can also expect a new epic crate, called flyboy crate, as well as two new lucky boxes. Called burning earth and summer is shadow which were also found in the in game files. Besides the new legendary, alias character, skin, which will come with a legendary skin for the lcar9 in season six, we can expect other notable character skins like the new cryptus character in his skys fury, uniform, a brand new nikto character in the devils legion uniform, as well As the stitch carbon sentinel character, also, the epic firebreak magmajidden character, skin returns in the upcoming mythic peacekeeper redux and a new nyx dragoon character awaits in season six and in these lucky draws, come very good. Legendary weapons skins like the first legendary skin for the krm 262 shotgun, a new legendary m13 skin, a legendary skin for the new ksp 45 and a legendary lk24 skin, and in the new battle pass of the upcoming season. Six, we can expect brand new character skins like the rays in his scar pilot, uniform, the epic wraith disruptor character, skin the ethan in his flying sharks, uniform and the daughter of templer named sapia in her shadow uniform. I personally like the new character skins and cant. Wait until they are revealed, however, the new weapon skins in the new battle pass are not that good. In my opinion, we will get skins for the following weapons: mano war, chikom, jak 12 locus and the new ksp 45 smg by purchasing the season.

Six battle pass. However, write me your opinion about the battle pass rewards in the comment section, otherwise, im happy about every positive comment and support from you and thats it for the video. I hope you liked it and enjoyed it if so, give it a thumbs up and if youre new to my channel be sure to subscribe and activate the notification bell. Dont forget to check out my other videos on my channel.

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