June 29, Wednesday Dean Moorehead's Morning Devotion Wednesday, June 29

Very happily so, and i have with me our beautiful painting of motion and ocean. The land seems so minor in this in this painting, its really just barely there, as in our planet, which is mostly water, its hard to tell if there is more ocean beyond the furthest, land or perhaps leading to mountains, so much activity as to be almost chaotic. We continue today in the gospel of matthew. Jesus tells another parable to the pharisees and priests in the temple. He tells them about a man who owns a vineyard and he sends his servants. He puts tenants there to take care of his vineyard and he goes away, and then he sends a few servants to check on the vineyard and they beat the servant and kill him. Then he sends some more same thing. Then he sends his son and they kill his son. What will the tenant do? Jesus asks the high priests and the pharisees, and they know that hes talking about them that they have been given authority from god to spread gods love, but instead they have used it to judge to extort to be superior, and in doing so the kingdom has been Taken from them and given to others well, they understand what jesus is saying in this parable and theyre infuriated, but because of the crowds theyre, also very arrogant and conscious of people pleasing, and so they dont arrest him right then, but its coming, their hatred of him Is mounting because he is pointing out their hypocrisy.

Jesus is coming closer to the cross as he identifies the ills of society and of his own religious tradition. He tells the truth, and he doesnt mince words. Its very difficult to ponder today would jesus be crucified again. Probably, are we capable of listening to someone who criticizes us? Are we capable of taking it in of changing, or would we to be that defensive that we try to get rid of the person or badmouth them get away from them? What do you do when someone speaks ill of you? Do you take it to heart? Do you change, or do you use it to beat yourself up, but not change, or do you do use it to make yourself angry and get revenge? I wonder what would have happened if the pharisees had said youre right. We need to change. Our ways. Show us what to do. The whole world would be a different place, wouldnt it, but its never too late for any of us. We all make mistakes every day. Every single day, we just need to find out what they are and not be afraid to look at them and then try harder just a little bit not to dwell on them or to feel badly about ourselves, but just to try to grow each day. Feedback is the best thing in the world. Brian rollins said feedback. We should eat it for breakfast Laughter. Let us pray almighty, god give us the courage to hear not only praise but criticism.

Give us the courage to know that we are not perfect and to look at ourselves with clear eyes and listen to the others around us who tell us the truth, help us to amend those things that need to be amended without beating up ourselves or dwelling on The past, but simply learning and moving forward, lord grant peace to this earth, please be with this country with our people help us to try to understand each other to learn from each other to listen to each other, bless the sick, lord christ, those who suffer or Mourn the addicted the mentally ill, those who are in pain or loneliness guide us to be your servants today, lord, in all, that we do to serve you and bring love to this world in jesus name, we pray, amen. God bless.

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