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Coverage he’s been able to pinch it back here and here’s, tammy, abraham and that’s kai habit, and that is four nil Applause, Music now that’s for the hat trick or collins has missed it. Surely kai habit Music when he goes down and it’s another penalty? How clumsy is that from mama sako berna wants it back vernon for the hat trick and selfishly tease up habits. Music rather haven’t made a move forward here. He is looking forward to the door. This is better, oh and it is a goal, that’s obvious that we need to do well here so get you know insane. Is that a weakened side? I’M, not sure here, quality well carried by kai habit and chelsea lead in southern spain? It’S good run from him? Burner’S in the middle, so he’s, hudson adoye, who can tap in a consolation Music, Music, what a great ball – and there is goal number four for kai habit. Throw again here, pikmin came off his line. Did he bring him down penalty and jordan pickford knew it Music? Over the top lovely for havoc, oh, what a goal this would be Music getting shot off. He can’t invent it into the corner and put chelsea in front Music. Music that’s a great touch isn’t it on a wonderful pass. Halverts is in and scored mason mount made. It habits finished it off it’s, a brilliant goal back to front in no time and chelsea have the early that lead was nicely played and beautifully controlled.

Music burn it. Oh that’s, clever, tucks it away great chance with chelsea. Here, oh, he sees the bar. What about the rebound in from werner, and this time it counts Music, so Music beautifully done again that connection’s been sweet. The chill well, a mountain habits is through here he’s around anderson and he must score. He has scored kai habits. Champions league hero mounts yeah. What an unbelievable strike sam johnston, didn’t, even move Applause habits. Is there mounts in from abraham Music that’s deliveries, a good delivery and chelsea make it too Music more bothered about mason mountain than he was the football and, as a result, he’s lost it and mason mount? Has seen the pass and played it absolutely brilliantly for hudson odoi 101, what a goal on the counter attack: Applause, Music, chelsea, take the lead, a bullet header from the brazilian Applause now it’s there to be hit, always drilled it into the bottom corner. One side of the box to the other, chill wells cross and it up mason mountain is chelsea’s hero. This is verna, looks to pull it back. Man with a shot right. The corner, brilliantly Music, come on mason mount. Your team needs you again and he’s buried. It 1 1 Music searching ball for man, it’s a really good one against fabinho. Looking for room for a shot, mason mound he’s got it now: he’s, driven it in it’s, a brilliant goal: Music, it’s verna, seeing it up for mount and chelsea do have a goal: back Applause, it’s goalless, but it’s, not dull, that’s, a great take from goal for Chelsea Music let’s put something on it.

Can they win it back, though? He’S got mountain, a great position and cooler sick. Can he finish it christian poulos force wide yeah mason, i surely said chelsea to istanbul, what a player to get the goal, the player of the season.

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