SpaceX, Falcon 9, Elon Musk, NASA JUST LAUNCHED SpaceX Starship Against Russian Satellites

Hes developing starship rockets for 50 million dollars is elon musk, really developing a 50 million dollar spacex starship project against russia. How can spacexs new launch affect russias satellites watch our video to learn more and also subscribe to the channel so as not to miss interesting news? Elon musk has long been competing with russia for outer space, but now that the billionaire has sided with ukraine in the conflict with russia, he has become not just a rival for the russian state, but even a fashionable enemy. It all started with the fact that, at the request of a ukrainian official elon musk provided access to his starlink satellites, which allow you to use the internet where it is not possible, for example, in places where fighting is underway. This official mikhail federer wrote that while elon musk is conquering mars, they of course are in a difficult situation. The president of spacex said later that they were already planning to open access to the starlink satellite internet and were negotiating with the government of ukraine. Now, when ukraine is still in a difficult situation due to the russian ukrainian geopolitical conflict, elon musk is helping it with everything he can at the moment, there are rumors that he is developing a starship spacex rocket in order to destroy russian military satellites. This is funny considering that russia wanted to launch rockets into elon musks satellites itself. Only the billionaire himself spoke about it, stating in a comic form that russia would need a lot of missiles and spacex can launch satellites into space faster than russia can launch its rockets.

Earlier the founder of spacex and tesla elon musk said that the starlink satellite internet system is being hacked and silenced in ukraine, but hackers are not succeeding in a new interview, he was asked an interesting question: what happens if the russians and chinese target satellites will this Become a threat to starlink, it was interesting to look at the russian anti satellite demonstration a few months ago in the context of this conflict, because it caused a lot of controversy among satellite operators. It even posed some danger to the space station where russian cosmonauts are located, so why did they do it? This was the message before the escalation of the situation in ukraine. If you try to disable starlink, it wont be easy because we already have more than two thousand satellites. This means a lot of anti satellite missiles. I hope we wont have to test this in practice, but i think well be able to launch satellites faster than they can shoot them down by launching anti satellite missiles. In november 2021, the u.s state department accused russia of conducting anti satellite tests. Then the u.s authorities said that russia had tested a weapon that created a cloud of debris in orbit. Allegedly russia blew up one of its own devices. Did elon musk really decide to take revenge on russia for developing anti satellite missiles and create his own? This would not be surprising, given the history of spaces and elon musk with russia.

Do you know the history of the creation of spacex? It began with the spit of the russian designer on the shoes of elon musk. This was written by the former deputy head of nasa lori garver about 20 years ago. Musk, together with nasa co founder, jim cantrell went to russia to discuss the launch of mice and plants to mars. However, according to cantrell, they were immediately treated with distrust because of musks informal clothes. At that moment, the chief designer literally spat on the shoes of the american guest as a result, the current billionaire continued negotiations, but they did not end in success because of this attitude. Musk thought about creating a competitor spacex now having developed rockets worth 50 million dollars and considering the price tags for the development and launch of conventional anti satellite missiles. This is a very inexpensive price. Russian satellites will not do well recently, the commander of the us space forces general john raymond, in an interview with the new york times, accused russia and china of threatening american interests in space. The american general associated the possible threats with the anti satellite weapons available to the russian federation and the prc with which the russians and the chinese can shoot down american satellites. Currently, there are four world powers that officially possess anti satellite weapons: the united states, russia, china and india. The leaders in the field of anti satellite weapons are the united states and russia. China is far behind them and india is still an absolute outsider.

Among all four powers in this direction, the u.s anti satellite weapon is an integral part of the national missile defense system. First of all, the gbmd ground based complex and the aegis ballistic missile defense system can be attributed to the u.s anti satellite weapons. Also, the possibility of using the well known thaad mobile missile defense system against satellites in low orbits, which can also hit enemy satellites with missiles, is not excluded. As for space based anti satellite systems, there is no doubt that the american military industry is working on their creation, although so far they prefer not to advertise this issue widely. For example, anti satellite weapons can be installed on us spaceships, since the dimensions of the cargo compartments allow for such a possibility. The famous american billionaire musk has also done a lot for the space industry. The satellites developed by his company spacex for the starlink system, amaze, with their huge functionality, with small dimensions and relative cheapness of production. The falcon series rockets of the same company made possible numerous launches of these satellites into space. However, recently there have been many rumors that spacex is ready to reorient its satellites for military needs. But will this technology from elon must be able to become an effective weapon against the reconnaissance satellites of the russian and chinese armies? And what else are they potentially capable of in a war? If you want to know the answers to these questions, then watch our video to the end.

In the last few years, elon musk has been actively cooperating with the u.s department of defense. Only in the previous three years, his company spacex received numerous contracts from the pentagon for the development of military reconnaissance satellites and the creation of fundamentally new types of missile weapons. Already, all these projects are beginning to be actively implemented into reality and integrated into the us army. But if there are a huge number of articles and notes about the satellites of the starlink system and their participation in military intelligence, then for some reason they say very little about combat missiles from spacex. Although this is no less interesting and important development in january 2022, it became known that the famous billionaire elon musk received a large order from the pentagon. A little later, the details of this agreement became known. It turned out that spacex had won a contract with the u.s air force to develop a technology demonstrator for delivering military cargo over long distances using heavy rockets. The contract is designed for five years. According to it, the military will transfer 102 million dollars to elon musks company anti satellite weapons are designed to defeat spacecraft in anti satellite warfare, which is a set of measures to counter enemy space assets in order to create favorable conditions for the actions of their space Assets and gain superiority in space in the interests of anti satellite warfare psb in peacetime, the control of outer space, the maintenance and refinement of the catalog objects.

The inspection of individual spacecraft, the maintenance of psb facilities in constant combat readiness are carried out. Anti satellite weapons include space weapons of destruction and means of their delivery into orbit. There are several arguments in favor of the fact that the military is considering starship. Firstly, elon musk has stated since at least 2016 that starship, which was then called bfr, could be used as a liner carrying passengers along a ballistic trajectory between spaceports in different parts of the earth. In this scenario, the rocket will take off into space but not accelerate to the first space speed, but return to the atmosphere. Again, thermal protection will allow you to survive the descent site first and aerodynamic rudders will ensure an accurate choice of landing site shortly before contact with the ground. The rocket will turn on the engines turn around vertically and land on the pad. In his opinion, this will be a convenient replacement for many hours of intercontinental flights. In turn, if the transport system is suitable for the regular transportation of a large number of passengers, then in theory nothing prevents it from being adapted for cargo. The air force plans to use multi million dollar investments to develop the largest missiles in history, which will have the possibility of full reuse. We also plan to develop and test a method that will allow a private rocket to deliver up to 100 tons of air force. Cargo anywhere in the world, in less than an hour of the existing and developed missiles, only starship fits this description.

Thus, it turns out that elon musk is almost a strategic weapon in the hands of america, its innovative solutions and cheaper technologies. Allow us to be one step ahead of russia. Russia is seriously lagging behind in outer space because of elon musk. His private company has already become more successful than the state space program of russia.

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