Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks, Trae Young, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Eastern Conference, NBA, NBA Playoffs hat the East finals won’t be all shimmies and giggles.

He finished with 25 on 11 of 18 from the field. He also grabbed nine rebounds and dished six assists and 22 of those points by the way came in the paint. Kristen look at look at that little water fountain, just in there in the middle of the lane, right in the middle of the lake, he was only watering one part of his lawn might as well when the grass is as green as it is right in there. He’S addressing the media now, can you walk me through that play and did you know how you were going to finish? I guess when did you know how you were going to finish it? Well, i decided in progress so yeah i was you know going to my usually move um i’m trying to get the basket but um at first. I wanted to dunk the ball, but i saw couple kami one of the best shot blockers in the league, so i decided to uh. You know avoid him meet ed, uh, so yeah that was it joe barter be honest. I don’t know if you caught this but you’re the free, throw stuff was again a topic of discussion today and to me, your friend eric here uh disagrees, but i thought you were quicker tonight. Um at the foul line. Did you make a conscious effort to try to go quicker? No, no. It was uh, usually that take eight to nine seconds, it’s, always a bother line.

You know ten seconds and uh. You know when uh you know my coaching staff told me to like speed it up. I know that maybe i’m around 10., so sometimes the referee talks to me and tell me like you got to split it up so um. Then i make an effort to maybe take it a second or two seconds faster, but my master going through this game was still do my routine, get as many dribbles as i can get my breath and just shoot my shirt uh. What was that? Oh uh after game one, you seem so calm in the post game like i’ve seen other players where they dropped game. One at home they’d be a little bit more frustrated, but you would kind of like just go to game two and play the game, and then you all come out and play well tonight. How much of that attitude from you and other players dictated how well you played today um, you know obviously, and um everybody knew that we got to come in here and get this game. You know so and that’s what we do from uh. The first uh position of the game, but we took it each position at a time so we’re trying to get one stop at a time and make try to make as many stuff as we can possible for the entire game and uh that worked in that favor. But at the end of the day, uh you know these days.

They’Ve got sons, you know, there’s got to be some accuracy, but you still have to enjoy the fact that we’re here you know, because we worked extremely hard to be in the last four teams standing uh, but you know not going on the road. Obviously, it’s going to be some edges: we’re i’m gon na try to play good good games, good basketball, um. I think 20 fast break points in the first half i know drew trying you’re leaking out at times. If the big’s got a rebound, he said how i don’t know if that was an emphasis, but how important was it to get out and get running in this game very important, very important uh? They crashed across the board, you know and they play fast too and uh let’s shoot a lot of long three, so the rebounds are always long. So you have a lot of opportunities that you can. You can run and we want to play fast, we’ll play fast, but smart. At the same time, and now we were able to do that tonight – Music, hey, honest um. I don’t know that i’ve seen you throw the deep ball to drew before what gave you the confidence to throw it together. When i had the ball, it was easier to throw. Usually, you know uh my first steps, it’s like a dribble, but when i had it i was it was easier to like deliver it to him. Um for you.

You and brooke are different people right, but when you see him play the drop and do the the jukes or the stunts or whatever you want to call where he’s kind of playing unbelievable, he was unbelievable. Tonight would give him credit, but he was unbelievable, especially in the first half and he was playing in the drop and he was like back and forth and he was going for the blocks and all that he was protecting the name he was. He was somebody we need him to do this, to keep doing this. I don’t even know if it’s something you could pick up. Do you understand like have you like, as you’ve watched them? Have you seen different uh different bodies, different skill set um, but in that game plan i’m a switch so i’m i’m, not on the in the drop, so usually when i’m in a drop it’s harder for me, it’s really hard. For me, it looks like seven one but um, but in this uh series, i’m moving forward, i don’t know what the game plan is going to be, but tonight the game. That was a switch for me. So i just switched up tried to keep guys in front. So i wasn’t in that position, uh for you just watching drew defend as well. I mean, obviously he was making a lot tougher on trey um, but for you guys you’re talking about the healthy, you know so uh, but i think that really makes a big difference.

Like showing being in driving lanes showing uh help and making other guys make the place, so he can pass the ball um Music, just the turnovers, particularly the first half, was it just more aggressive? How are you going to do something so much of a better job? We’Re, just trying to keep them in front make them make a play and uh. As i said earlier, we were like we’re in the past nights. A lot we should. We try to try, helps we try to show length uh just make that place crowded, so uh when you, when you’re active and you’re ready, good things happen and now we’re able to uh, get some and get some stills jeff and then we’ll go to erica uh. It’S important to try to enjoy this since you’re, one of four teams left between the end of game, one the start of game two. What was enjoyable for you? How did how did you enjoy what you needed to do to get ready? If, for me, like the way, i think about it, is that like i’ve been i’m going to be doing this for a long time, you know so i got ta, i got ta enjoy each game and uh. This is my second time being the israelites fans and playing in uh. You know packed arena, people that you know, love us and support us and cheer for us, it’s, it’s, enjoyable. You know, and also this uh, this um uh enjoying factor when you go on the road and everybody’s booing you and everybody’s counting one.

Two three four, like you know, there’s a joint you can enjoy that too. So what i thought i do is enjoy each each moment uh, you never know when this is gon na be taken away from you um. You can never take that for granted and, as i said, i’m gon na be doing this for a long time. So if i don’t enjoy the it’s going to be tough for me, Music, andrews Music, he did a great job. He did a great job. He said it’s on defensively. You know when you see your point guard picking up fool now, you’re behind me, already you’re ready to go and um, and he did he did the unbelievable job. He he forced him into turnovers. He he made it as tough as possible. He made them play deeper into the clock, so when they were coming down he was eight um, 18, 17, 16., so uh. We need that for him. We need him to keep doing that and i definitely helped the team a lot and then just like from you guys too. The hawks are saying similar things that we need to make adjustments. We know we can play better. You uh you sort of race more and look at what they might do or that’s for coach bud. You know obviously we’re gon na watch film tomorrow, uh we’re gon na see what we did better from game, one to game two and we got ta, keep doing that and do it better to game three.

Hopefully, this in the back of your mind what they might switch, but at the end we got ta focus on ourselves and how can we get better? You know and uh put ourselves in a position to win to win a game, but we got to keep getting better each game at a time and uh from game one to game two. We were the better we’re happy about that, hopefully from game two game. Three can be better let’s.

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