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You should compliment the hawks. They played great without trey young, and i think we should be critical of the bucks who came out and stunk. What did you see? Well, definitely, i think, that’s an accurate depiction of what transpired. The fact of the matter is long before giannis got hurt. Uh, the atlanta hawks were up at half time and they were up at halftime without the services of trae young, because bogdanovic his neem see his knee seems to have improved. Obviously he was hitting perimeter shots, unlike we had not seen from him in this series and of course, lou williams came off the bench and reminded us that this guy’s, a former sixth man of the year multiple times he delivers the goods he’s missed the buckets when He really really has committed himself to being just that. So when you’ve got those two guys hitting perimeter, shots herder definitely is capable of hitting perimeter shots and then, on top of that all giannis goes down. I thought it was a very, very wise move on the part of bullet holes and the bucks not to even bring giannis back in because after he got, hurt and went down and was escorted to the locker room by his little brother. The fact is, he came back out, looking like he was ready to get back in, and my mindset was like. Oh hell, no do not let him back in this game that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and brudenose and the milwaukee bucks recognized that as a reality.

As well, but atlanta gave them credit, even without trae young, they came out and they came out and attacked and they were aggressive and they were hitting perimeter shots and looking for their shots. But i thought the difference today obviously was bogdanovic and lou williams. They hit some shots, they were aggressive, they were looking to make things happen and make up for the absence of trae young, and they did just that. Nate, mcmillan basketball, yeah giannis, not back in the game, but the bucks, let the hawks back in the series and i’m sure you spent the last couple of days talking nausea about the young injury uh. What is if, if giannis after some ice and treatment, suddenly we decide that he’s he’s hurt going into game five, he can’t play. What does that change the complexion of this series? Well, i definitely it dramatically changes the complexion of the series, because if trey young is able to come back, obviously you expect that to be a plus and an infusion for the atlanta hawks, but it i mean just just imagine what the absence of gianna santa de Cupo would do the milwaukee bucks now we’ve got to look at what chris middleton and jew holiday is made of, and what they’re worth because against the atlanta hawks, even though the atlanta hawks when hitting shots, is a very lethal team capable of beating anybody left in These playoffs, the fact remains that with chris middleton and drew holiday on the floor, there is still no excuse why you shouldn’t be able to win a game without giannis at the kumpo and that’s.

How that has to be the mindset for the milwaukee bucks and we’ve been talking a long time about not necessarily them being the big three or a big three, but formidable enough for us to at least contemplate that kind of scenario. Chris middleton has to step up in the absence of giannis anthony kumpo. You got to show up, like you showed out uh the other night in game, three that’s. What you have to do, and if you don’t do that we’re gon na have huge question marks about who he is and what he’s all about and what he’s worth. I call him. Mr roller coaster. ‘ points one game: 13. Another then he’ll come back and drop 38 can’t make up his mind what he wants to do on a consistent basis, but we all know he can play. He is no scrub. He should be able to pick up the slack, but if giannis were to be gone, giannis is going, trey young goes down, kawhi leonid goes down, then you got stars like lebron, james and steph, curry, out of the playoffs and stuff like that. It ain’t the greatest. Look in the world when you’ve got these many guys going down. I was going to ask you about that: it’s, not the greatest, but there was talk about in the regular season. Compressing in this, and here comes the injuries. Do i sign it to this, or do i assign it to listen, play off basketball, guys get hit, get banged up, get nicked um, you know.

Is it something or is it nothing? Well it’s, it’s to me it’s, nothing! You know it’s playoff, basketball, it’s, regular season, basketball, it’s the world of sports that’s number one, but if you’re listening to lebron james you’re not going to have that kind of mentality, i know he’s out of the playoffs. But the reason why his name is relevant is because he went how he went after the league just a few weeks ago, which i adamantly believe he was completely wrong about because he attributed the rash of injuries to bubble play in orlando and then coming back. Just a few months later and having a restart a season well, my attitude was: the season was postponed march 11th. Initially, the nba had planned on halting the season for about a month before guys were scheduled to come back to play. Well, they ended up being going four and a half months. Then eight teams, didn’t even have to come back and of the 22 teams that were left 16, would make the playoffs, so additional six would go down in the bubble and then, after that, guys were going within a month because they were eliminated from postseason play. So when you take that all into the equation, what the hell are you talking about, that you know what you can’t come back soon. What do you need a full year off, it’s utterly ridiculous, now lebron james, making that case about himself would have a heightened level of credibility, because he’s religiously going deep into the playoffs throughout his illustrious career, but 99.

99 of the league doesn’t have that luxury they’ve been Going home relatively early outside of lebron, james and steph curry, so for anybody to be complaining about, bubble, play and then having to restart the season after it ended in october i’m. Like wait, a minute you aren’t playing in october, most of y’all want to play this september. What the hell are you complaining about? Nobody wants to hear all of that. In the end, it depends yana santa takumpo. That was a legitimate injury tonight, kyrie irving. That was a legitimate injury against milwaukee james harden love him to death. Bottom line is that you came into the season out of shape, and so as a result that might have had something to do with your hamstring ultimately being pulled in the middle of the season. And you not being able to recover enough in time for the postseason, along with a plethora of other dudes who may not have been taking care of himself. Remember i always say this to be a champion it’s not just about your exploits on the court it’s about your practice and your preparation and your conditioning doing everything that you can to make sure you’re ready to come to work when you’re called upon to do so. Not just showing up to work and then using that as a training camp to get ready, that’s, not how the world of professional sports is supposed to work and for those who choose to let it work that way.

Good riddance it’s nice to see you at home watching the playoffs with me uh. I was going to ask you who you favor in this three game set with the bucks and the hawks, but i think with the uncertainty of giannis and trae young it’s it’s, not a fair question so i’m just going to let you go and but just trust Me if you’ve got to go to milwaukee, i can recommend a good place for you to get potato pancakes all right, yeah. Whatever i mean it’s milwaukee man. What do you want me to say it’s still, cold it’s still cold it’s, not cold. In july stephen it’s gotten cold in july at night time. Yes, it has it’s gon na be great. Yes, it has you’re gon na, enjoy it you’re gon na love. It thanks. Man, i’m gon na enjoy milwaukee your lips to god’s ears. Good luck with that.

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