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Dlc, to announcing the season 2 date of the cuphead show even having the game headline edge magazine, which is a popular uk gaming magazine with all these things, releasing at so many different points in time. I even have trouble keeping up with this stuff myself, because who knows at any moment some random person from twitter reddit could just randomly leak, another new image of the dlc or a clip from the show, and only a small percentage of people would know about it. So in this video i will be a guide to all of you on everything that has been released from the very beginning, with the first gameplay trailer, all the way to the present day. By the end of this video, you will know everything you need to know about the dlc just in time for the games release in less than a week, and also i just wanted to mention before the video starts. I will link a playlist in the description to my cuphead dlc playlist, where i go over some of the things i will mention this video in greater detail so check that out. If you want – and it will be the top link in the description – and there will be time stamps placed throughout the video, so if you want to know about a specific topic and click off right away, you can just skip to it now with the inch out Of the way lets get to the rundown first, things first lets go back in time to four years ago, on june 10th, 2018, when the cuphead dlc was first announced to the public, i remember everyone was so excited for it because at the end of the trailer It said coming in 2019, with miss chalice, double jumping across the screen and for a while it was pretty much silent on studio mdhrs end because how much work they have been putting into this game they fast forward three years later and there it was on december 10Th of 2021 at the game awards studio mdhr, held the presentation and released the first song out of the dlc, which is most likely the minion music.

Once you broke the game and also revealed the dlc gameplay trailer throughout this trailer, we are met with the model of inquilav4, referred to, as in the trailer as vlc island. Three out of the five main bosses from the game, along with one of the quote, unquote mini bosses from the kings gauntlet in the game, which is the night boss. You can see on screen right now for everyone who has no idea whats been going on, and this is the video youre watching to catch up. I will be going over what the kings gauntlet is later in the video and a bunch of other stuff so keep watching. And finally, we get the date of the games release at the end of the trailer, which is set to be june 30th 2022, which is in less than a week of the video releasing. These were very exciting times for the cupboard community, because we had been waiting years for this dlc to release and we had finally gotten the date of the release. And now it just feels so surreal that there is less than a week left until the dlc comes out so very exciting stuff. I must say for cuppa fans yells fast forward exactly six months later to the summer games fest, where studio mdhr had a presentation revealing a bunch of new gameplay footage, while also having a private presentation to those invited to it. For this part of the video ill.

Be going over everything revealed from those two presentations along with extra tidbits that will leak chronologically of how they will show up in the game. Also before i forget, the game will be eight dollars. Usd ive been seeing many comments asking for the price, so this is how much its gon na be, and with that lets, get this video started. Shall we the first thing that will show up when you brew up the game? Is the title screen which, in my opinion, looks absolutely stunning. The title screen, as you can see, consists of cuff pen and mugman doing the usual dance they do as in the menu screen of the original game, but with miss chalice out of the middle also doing her own little dance. When you proceed from that screen, youll be prompted to choose a game file as usual, and since the dlc is essentially an extension of the original game, you will be able to play any file you previously had made in the original game or you can start the New game altogether, once you enter the game, you will not automatically be placed on the fourth ankle aisle you will need to, as in the footage go to the first mausoleum and defeat it. If it hasnt been already once you have defeated the mausoleum, a little clockman will appear outside of it. Once you talk to him, hell give you the option of whether to go to the dlc island or stay on incorr1.

This clockman acts as a fast travel mechanic between the main game and the dlc content. So, as far as we know, as long as you have this muslim beaten in whichever game file you choose to play, you will remain there forever as a fashion mechanic. If your accept is offered to go, it will then take you to the intro cutscenes to the dlc. I shoot on screen right now. If you need a refresher on what the story is here, it is miss. Challenge wants to become a real being, since she is in a gold state at the moment, and the only way that she can become real is, if you eat a special cookie that only chef sal baker can make. The only problem is the only way to obtain the ingredients for this. Cookie is, if you defeat bosses on the isle. So every time you beat a boss instead of collecting a soul contract like in the first game, you will instead get what i assume is one ingredient for the cookie for each boss. You defeat and once the opening cut scenes end you will spawn in chef, south bakers, bakery ive seen a lot of people showing this online. So many of you probably missed it so here it is, but the biggest twist this whole thing that fans were really disappointed about, is that they will not be a three player mode, because miss chalice is only available through equipping a charm that you receive at the Start of the game, and that is shown in one of the opening cutscenes.

It does really suck that there isnt going to be a three player mode for the dlc, but eventually someone will probably make a mod for this game to have three players. So all you talented games that is out there. This is your time to shine and show people what youre really made of no pressure. Of course, i will now be showing off some gameplay footage of the map of the aisle. As you can see, the aisle is split into four different parts, along with the ladder that i will get into later. The four sections of the aisle are essentially four different regions. For example, one of the sections is set in the wild west, where you will fight sheriff winchester the horse boss from the trailer, whereas in the ice region, is where youll fight mordover freeze, which is the wizard boss. That also appears in the trailer, since i wont be able to go through this fully in the video. I will link a video in the description of me going through the entire mortimer freeze boss. If you would like to check that out, since there is a lot of content to go through in that fight going through the entire fight in this, video would make the ten times longer than id want it to be, and it would probably be more beneficial to Watch the video anyways because i go over the fight in greater detail on that video than i would have done in this one, but speaking of one with freezing chevron chester.

These are two images that were leaked on their respective fights. The image on the left is of what i assume to be sheriff winchesters final phase, while the image on the right is of the death screen of mormon freeze. Unfortunately, there isnt any real gameplay footage of sheriff winchester other than from the trailer. So this plus an image from the magazine, is all that was released so far and probably until the dlc comes out. There also are several npcs scattered across the aisle that you can speak to and will give you hints towards a major secret hidden on the isle that i will get into during the magazine. Section video, which is right now so stay sharp for that. In the following section of this video, i will be taking you through the various images found within the magazine. I will not be showing full pages of text found within the magazine. The only ones that will show are the ones that were leaked and the ones that are related to the dlc, which are mostly captured under photos. Alright, now that the disclaimer is out of the way heres the cover of the magazine, the middle picture is the actual cover of the magazine, and the image on the left is the back of the magazine. While the picture on the right, i have no idea where thats from within the magazine. I looked through the magazine multiple times myself, and it is nowhere to be found.

I dont know whether you need a physical version of the magazine to have that image, but for the online version it is nowhere to be found. This full image can be found on the studio mdhr twitter. So this is official art for any of you who are curious. I did also do a breakdown, the leaks of this magazine. Just so you know the pages are leaked where a cover and the last two pages ill be talking about in the video. So, if youd like an in depth, breakdown check out that video link in the description below or watch till the end to see what all the rape is about. Okay, the first thing i want to show off is the little castle off of the distance on the left. Part of the image with winchester and mortimer. That castle is where that kings gauntlet is most likely going to take place, as possibly with that ladder. I spoke about before is going to lead us, essentially what the kings gauntlet is going to be. Is a king dice style of gauntlet on the main game where you have to go through a series of chesting bosses to get to the king of games and by the way, the names king gauntlet and king of games can be found in the new achievements? Added on steam to the cupboard page, just if yall were wondering where i pulled those things from this gauntlet is also where that knight boss on the trailer is going to take place.

It is confirmed in the magazine right here, one of several backdrops for the multi stage gauntlet and the delicious last course. It is not known who the king of games is going to be, but my theory is that all the sounds are pointing straight to king dice. This is because, if you own the game on steam and go to your library, you are greeted with this image of the banner of this game. As you can see, there is king dice, the devil and the boy standing in the middle on what seems like a checkered floor with chess pieces behind them, which are the pawn and bishop and now look at the color of which king dice is wearing. This is not his usual outfit is it he usually wears a purple suit. With a purple bow tie in this image. He is very clearly dressed up differently, with the full yellow suit and even the dots on his head are yellow, and this is also the one and only time in any media cuphead related. We ever seen in this way, so my theory is that he is probably going to be the king of games, who runs this gauntlet and he is going to be the final boss of this day just by defense, if you would even call them hands all right. Thats, probably the biggest thing i had prepared for this video so enjoy the rest of the media. Thats been released. The next thing i want to show you is this little guy right here flying in the air, so in general, these guys on this page are going to be part of either a boss in the game or in their own sort of level.

My original prediction was that, since running guns wont be in this game, these guys will have their own separate levels of themselves, which will give us a way to collect coins like a running gun, but not be a running gun level. I think my theory was sort of right because of the images shown on screen right now that little guy flying in the sky doesnt look so little now does he. I have no idea what this level is going to be because he looks very boss, like in his image, unless this fight has multiple screens to it in this photo shown on screen. Right now is from one of the pages that will leak from the magazine, and you can see that this is very similar to the light boss that went unused in the main game. Furthermore, if you remember, there is also a boss that was supposed to be in the first game called flying gentlemen, and he was a spider like boss, wearing a suit and top hat well. He makes an appearance in this magazine as well looking very different, and the main difference is the color of his outfit and the fact that he isnt flying whatsoever. This character appears in that very same level. In another photo that was leaked. You can see he makes an appearance in the game as well, and he very clearly decreased in size and is not playing whatsoever. One last detail i forgot to mention about the first image is that canteen hughes from the main game has come back to assist us in this fight is what i assume is taking place right here.

If you guys dont, remember this guy hes, the one we speak to before, we enter the plane tutorial on equal r1 and hes, the one that gives us the mini bomb shot in the second equal aisle. But while were on topic of planes, let me show you some other plane themed images from the magazine. This one has some sort of animal that appears on the cover of the magazine as well. He also might have a part to play in the airplane style level. As well, but he has not been shown in any in game imagery whatsoever, this photo and the cover art are the only images we have of him, and since this is the last one of these characters to show up in the magazine. Obviously i put my theory out there that every one of these characters on the cover are excluding glimstone, which is the giant buff in the trailer, is all part of one big level that you will be able to collect points from if there are no coins in It itll probably be part of the level with a big boss at the end of the level to finish it off. This is just a straight guess. I have no clue what the case may be, but from all these images it seems like that might be the case. Another playing theme image found in this magazine is miss chalices design in her own plane. It is designed to sort of mimic, cuphead and mugmans pin design, but with their own little changes to it all right now that were done with the plane.

Talk lets take a break for a second before i finish, this video, because ive been going on and on without break for, however long its been. So i just want to take this opportunity to ask you to subscribe to the channel and like this video, if youre enjoying it a lot of work gets put into these kind of videos. So i just wanted to ask if you like these kinds of videos, consider subscribing to the channel with notifications on so you dont miss an upload and like this video. If you do, we are currently on the way to 1 000 subscribers, and i would really appreciate if you subscribe. Thank you all very much for the support on the recent videos and it makes you really happy, while theyre enjoying the content im putting out. So thank you and with that the break is over. Lets get right back into it and finish this all right. The final two seconds of the video are going to be the full body images scene. The magazine will be quick and then the second section is to the last two pages of the magazine that will leak before the magazines release so lets go here are the three images of mortimer winchester and glomstone. These are their full body. Art see, i told you to be quick, alright, now, for the last couple of pages to end this video off, as i said previously, i did do a separate video on these images, so ill be going through them here briefly, but check the link in the description To watch the full video, if you want an in depth breakdown these images, so as you can see, there are two main images on both the pages and a bunch of mini images on the image on the right.

So lets get a sense of the bigger picture. Shall we and tackle them one at a time? First of all, we can see here that this is probably going to be the last phase of the glomstone boss fight. He is very clearly beaten up and looks like the final phase of wally marvel so thats. What my interpretation of the picture is also, you can see here that he is holding puppets of two very familiar looking characters. Yes, you guessed it. It is king dice and the devil, dressed up as a king and jester a very clever middle ages, referenced by studium. The hr, especially when theres a floating castle in this game next up, is miss chalice in her third subar form. She transforms into her past self im assuming from her statue over in rugged ridge and attacks the boss, with some of her old pals, very cool design. I must add, and its cool they took some of the statues from the running gun and added them into her character, design on this same page, theres that light boss fight level. I talked about previously with the flying gentleman, making an appearance and another phase. It seems from sheriff winchester, but what i want to actually look at closely is that the caption under one of the last photos on this page, which is just an image of kappa standing on the fourth isle. It reads: the fourth island has a few npcs to chat to, and at least one hidden route, but the main secret lies in the graveyard beyond a three part puzzle which youre given a few hints so clearly theres some great circuit that lies among the isle and Clearly, as it stated, it has something to do with the graveyard, but even if we dont know what it is, we have something here that could be a possible connection and a big one too.

I just want to say if you do not want any potential spoilers. I suggest clicking on the video, because what im about to point out is something very crucial that could give away the entire game you gone good lets continue, as you can see, on the left of the image theres a flag standing next to chef, salt, bakers, bakery And we all know thats not some normal flag, that flag is clearly a flag you get when you defeat a boss in the game. You can see the same ones in the original game. All im saying is, unless these flags mean something completely different, this dlc. This basically confirms that chef salt baker will be a boss in the game. Nothing has been confirmed by studio mdhr. So this is just a theory at this point, but it could potentially be misleading us because of the fact that is shown in the magazine before the game is even released. So this might not be the case whatsoever, but it very well might be all right. You guys still alive, i hope so because now we have reached the end of the video and you now have all the knowledge you need going to the cup of dlc dropping in less than a week. I know this is a really long, video than usual, but there was a lot of stuff to cover and wanted everyone to have all the information they need before the game comes out jump back into one video.

If you notice that i missed something in this video or i got something completely wrong, leave it in the comments below and ill be harding them, so it can be seen by everyone else. Also, if you liked this video and found stuff in this video that you didnt know about, consider subscribing to the channel and liking this video, we are on the way to 1000 subscribers. But if youve already reached 1k by the time, this video uploads and thank you all for 1000 subs, i absolutely appreciate and love each and every one of you for support, and just thank you all for 1000 subscribers. I just yeah, but by the time really im. Im like 10 subscribers away 1 000 right now, and you know its absolutely crazy. So thank you all so much! I absolutely love you guys! Thank you for support and this video has already been drawn off long enough. So im going to end it right here. As always at the end of every video, i hope youll have a fantastic rest of your day and, if youre not already having a good day, i hope your day gets better peace, love goodbye from me. Stay safe, stay, healthy and ill.

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