Higgs boson, CERN, Earth, Discovery 666 | Arming The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Run 3 to Starts – 5TH JULY 2022

Youre, not free Music, three nominal bunches up to 10 to the 11 protons per punch. These punches will be set up for injection and getting ready for ram. Now that the machine is filled, we will start the energy in ramp, so we will increase the energy of the protons to 6.80. For this we will arm all the equipment. So arm means that all their equipment will be ready to receive the timing, and then they will all go together to during the romp to bring the beam to 6.8 tv. In this phase, this phase of prepare ramp will be setting up all the systems in the lhc from the radio frequency gravities to the magnets, the collimators. All these systems will be getting ready, synchronized to start a ramp period together in 1200 seconds. This ramp period of 20 minutes will be increasing the energy of the beam gradually up to a record energy that have never been achieved before in any particle accelerator up to 6.8 terra electron force. So now that we reached, we have reached this energy of 6.8 theta electron volts per beam, well undergo the last latest, adjustments on the beam parameters and this phase of flat top before we start the new phase called squeeze. We will now try to reduce the size of the beam, its very important to reduce the size, because the bunches are made of a lot of emptiness. If you want so the more big your beam is and the less collision rate you have.

So what we want to do is to decrease the size of the beam and, like that increase the collision rate. For this we have a phase that is called squeeze where we will change the setting of our quadrupoles and the quadrupoles are the magnets that we use to change the size of the beam and this size will be reduced to the minimum. So now that the beam size at the interaction points in each one of these four experiments is as small as few tens of microns as a human hair. Now a very complicated process of aligning these two counteracting beams, so reducing the separation of the two beams, such as they will be encountering each other at the center of each experiment. Its a process like shooting two arrows from the left side and the right side in the two beams and being able to encounter really at the precision of few micrometers level, and at this moment the collisions will start to appear in each experiment. For this, we have special magnet that will deviate the trajectory close to the interaction point, the experiment so that they can, they will be brought in the middle of the experiment and collide. This dynamic phase now will last about two minutes and after it will be starting a countdown with each one of the experiments to ensure that they are ready for data taking and its only on that moment after their handshake, that will be declaring stable beams.

Once we have the clear, stable beam, it means that the experiment will switch on the detectors and finally take physics data for the first time at 6.80, its an exciting milestone for cern to be able now to accelerate beams to this new record energy and start data. Taking with this high luminosity in the lhc for this next few years, in which we perhaps will be discovering new particles or be giving more hints on new fundamental physics, so we are very excited. This is going to be a journey in the unknown, allowing our children to make decisions that theyre too young to make of whether they want to be a boy or a girl. Im here to tell you today, in these last days, is he thats in me than he that is in the world? I love you and i want you to know that god loves you, that youre to teach your children that youre to love your children nurture your children and he will be faithful and just – and i want you to know that god can change your life and he Can heal the wounds of your soul, he can break your addictions and it shall come to pass in the last days. Saith god, the salvation of the lord can reach you at any moment, and death can reach you at any moment. Nobody knows when theyre gon na die. There is nothing more spiritual you can do than pray. I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, train your children up in the way that they should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it.

Your old men shall dream dreams and on my servants and on my handmaidens, i will pour out in those days of my spirit, and they shall prophesy if you dont, have christ and youre dead, youre dead, so allow god to live in your Music theres. Only one who knows the essence of god and thats, the son and hes the only one that can take you to the father. God can raise the dead for john truly baptized with water, but ye shall be baptized. God did not create us for us to satisfy our own flesh through lust and passions and desires. God created us to give the lord remembrance because he is more proud, as he is Music know. What is the mind of the spirit because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of god, he converted that your sins may be blotted out the wages Music he that overcometh the same shall be clothed in white reigned, and i will not blot out His name out of the book of life, but i will confess his name before my father and before his angels, but the gift of god, listen to me im going to tell you something were all going to go home.

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