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This is alan. We live in our beautiful van apollo and this week were off to switzerland weve been through france and were going to make our way over lake geneva and do a little loot really back into france for shamany weve just done a carry four shot because weve heard Horror stories about the prices in switzerland, so weve just stocked up on as many loo rolls fizzy water, cheese and ham as you could possibly get now were just going to get some petrol lest we have to play swiss prices. I think that means it. Doesnt work station and pan lets put the old google translate on it station broken down. Are they all broken down so much for cheap fuel for us lets go somewhere. Incredibly expensive, then probably find some on the way right. I know you told your friend youre, not okay and tell me whats wrong and why you never said you felt that way. Cause youre trying Music weve, heard some stories online of people getting weighed at borders in the eu and their vans being too heavy and get find a lot of money. So weve dumped some of our precious water this morning, which is slightly annoying, but its better than getting a giant fine id be interested if anyones been fined or heard of anyone thats been fined. What was it like? Was it a big? Fine im sure? Well, be fine going through customs, but you never know.

Do you yeah? We dont really know how much apollo weighs do. We weve never ever put her on a way bridge, so it might be, might be alright, but i dont know basically found the last petrol station before switzerland, its going to be expensive, nearly 95 euros, half a tank of diesel. Some of you may have noticed that its always me driving the van. I know some of you have noticed because ive had quite a few comments, saying theres sad: why is she not driving the van theres a reason for that ive got quite bad anxiety around being the passenger when im being driven um in a vehicle had it for A long time its got steadily worse, i just find it really hard to relax. I get quite anxious quite nervous, so i just tend to always do the driving surge has driven a bit, but i just get really quite unsettled. Its fairly common lots of people struggle with anxiety, if youre struggling its important to know that youre not alone its not always easy to know where to get help if youve never looked before and thats. Why this weeks, video is kindly sponsored by better help. The better help offers customized online therapy. You can do voice, you can do chat, you can do over the internet. You dont have to see your therapist if you dont want to it, can all just be done with typing its really really flexible. Better help have over twenty thousand therapists within their service, who have a wide range of expertise.

They can often help with things that youre unable to get support with within your community or local services. Super easy. You just go online. You fill out a very short, simple questionnaire and within 48 hours, youll match to one of these therapists that best suits your sort of needs and personality, then going forward. What you do is you schedule sessions, whether its um video or whether its over the internet, um everythings, completely confidential and its all done with a secure online platform. Another thing that i love is that you can message your therapist as many times as you want, so youve got that ability to have that constant communication. So my therapist name is ellen shes really easy to get on with, and one of the things that weve been looking at is having a person centered approach, so that very much puts you at the heart of your therapy. So you very much guide the discovery guide. The process – it certainly just really worked well for me, its been really nice to be in control of that process and to kind of go where i feel i need to go better help is so popular theyre currently trying to recruit even more therapists. So why not join the over 2 million people that have taken control of their mental health and joined better help? You can get 10 of your first month at running off grid thats, better help, dot com running off grid, so we dont think its actually a border for switzerland were hoping to get a vignette which you need to drive on the roads in switzerland, but we Appear to now be in switzerland because you can see cern the large hadron collider here, but yeah.

No, no border! Wait! Look! Oh! Oh! Okay! Here we go heres the border. You just drive straight through it. Okay, so we just drove through um. There was nowhere that we could see to get a vignette, and then there was just this giant sign going vignette compulsory, so i hope weve not been fined theres a petrol station back there so were going to try and get them from there. Its never easy is it borders its never simple, so we can see that the diesel here is 2, 40., very glad that we filled up just on the border blooming 40, something something frank chf. Where was it? We drove without a vignette the whole way. Austria yeah, and this is a year. You can only get a year. Yeah, yeah and youve got to stick it on the window. Yeah wheres, my sticker, then, oh, my god, Music, probably should have had a few more right. Should try and get to this cern then so we made a quick pit stop just after we got off in yet we came to cern home of the higgs boson and the large hadron collider you cant film, any of it. Basically, they had a big warning about how you mustnt uh not have to film other people or the staff, or any of it really, but the car parks behind me and if i turn the camera around with that, which is a sort of museum thing, it was Eventually there we did a nice little tour.

A lady from greece gave us a thorough explanation of cern and its rich history. If you are ever on the french swiss border pop, to cern its definitely worth a day out, they do a free tour. Youve got to get it two hours before and you can book onto the tour now we need to find somewhere to park and we havent really done. I really looked into it too much in switzerland, but i dont think its gon na be as easy as france put it. That way: tally ho Music, just driving through the very built up center of geneva thats. What im glad im not driving its a little bit? Hectic but were hoping to get out on the shore of the lake. Soon thatll be a little bit easier. A few moments later so its still quite built up now around lake geneva, lots of three hour limit car parks and quite small spaces, put something in park tonight. So we just sort of hope it will be all right when we get there, but like all these things, we always underestimate how built up its going to be like lake como, its quite busy. What about that yeah? Now? That is a find in the shade in the corner, got a little bench here to sit on a nice little bit of greenery. If you want to put a blanket on and read the book, perfecto im glad we found this, you can just tell its gon na get a bit stressful.

No, no! Switzerland came through result, thats right, nice, very lucky, yeah ill! Tell you that nice! I want to go to the plug plus youre gon na go for a run. Im gon na lie on my back and do nothing step. One wake up, really gon na rise in the sun Music good morning. Everyone i had a bit of a tricky time filming yesterday, really wanted to show you down by the lake, but its a really tiny area. Im walking down now so youll see the kids everywhere, and people were looking a bit hostile at the camera, so yeah it was its really challenging. I think most of the time vlogging is fine, but when its clear people dont want you to, i just i dont know just turn the camera off, because i think it takes the mickey anyway. The um cern tour that we did yesterday. The guide is really clear, like you do not film the other participants or the guide. So we looked on um the web and theres really strict privacy laws with filming and taking photos like. If you take a photo of someone, they can demand right there and then that you delete it. So maybe its like a cultural thing in switzerland, um so yeah. We have to be a bit bit careful when were here when were on with vlogging, so im just walking down to a little beach area. Now, im gon na try and do a little bit of yoga um.

I always feel a bit weird doing it in public, but im just gon na go for it and be brave because no ones looking at me and then alans gone for quite a long run. So hes gon na be a while and then were going to head off to lusan. I dont know if were going to do a boat trip over to everyone, yet were going to see what the what the price is, but yeah look how nice this is Music. Just so gorgeous to be able to come down here in the morning and do a bit of yoga im gon na miss it. If we get back to the uk im gon na miss it Music, well, alans finished his run. Ive done my yoga and weve just driven to a little service station um i popped in and got one baguette more like a special baguette, just a baguette two pan of chocolate guess how much eight pounds 40.! We all knew switzerland was expensive, but my goodness this is crazy, expensive, so i dont think well be doing many uh bakery trips in the near future. We just filled up with some water and done the toilet super weird. So this is uh your standard kind of paid for air um, but its its free, which is quite unusual that weve seen in switzerland so far im part of tonight. But you can plug in why i dont really understand that they wouldnt want people sitting at the terminal for six hours while they charge their battery stuff.

So i dont know slightly odd im. Just really loving switzerland, though it is just like a bit of a paradise. Really, like everywhere, you go theres just so many public services like public, loose everywhere, kids playgrounds loads of places to stay its. You can tell that theyve really sort of thought about the layout and put things together ample parking. I see its a bit of a in a way its a real van life paradise if youre, incredibly rich, which we are not so were not staying for for too long Music from ours, hello, its just sweet. I definitely should learn the word for pregnant come. I think i just said i am a baby. I am baby, they know what i meant. So i know that a few of you been asking about me and the baby and asking about whether were buying things and wanting to contribute and buy stuff for the baby. So we put together an amazon wishlist for you and if you want to contribute links in the description below well, weve made it massive car park just down from the village of gruyere. How much was it three pound fifty yeah its a bit of a shock when youre in france you never pay for any parking switzerland. I love it absolutely love it. We need to get this blue disc thing as well, which we havent got so try and find one of those at some point. Yeah yeah apollo is all locked up were going to walk up to the village and then, hopefully, by the time we get there.

The museum will be open, although theres such a state. Today, ive run out of all my clothes ready for a run yeah little blue gym shorts on. We really need to find a laundry im sick of putting sun tank cream on so im going with a hat. All the time, Music, Music, its very nice very medieval center, reminds me of france gorgeous or talent yeah. You traveled, like Music, were seeing fondue like everywhere, basically looks like it comes with salad, potatoes, its so good too. I dont actually know if i could have fondue. I dont think i could, because of the pasteurized, but thatd be amazing. Okay, here we are at the hr guy museum, Music, Music thoughts, its quite erotic, but also quite unsettling, its a weird sensation to be aroused and sort of unsettled. At the same time, its pretty dark stuff, yeah yeah – it is yeah really good, though, if youre a fan recommended a lot of penises and vaginas mix with mechanisms and machinery its weird, where are we now we are at the calier uh chocolate factory come on lads. Do a chocolate factory tour, apparently at the end they just have like all these tables laid out with unlimited samples of the different chocolates. You can get im gon na eat. So much chocolate come on. Lets do this! Okay, even when you feel low, you can still go even when you feel slow, you can still go even when theres no hope you can still go.

I never answered Music go Music, ive eaten like 12, already Music. All right were out. I only bought two bars of chocolate because im being incredibly well behaved and controlled. What do you think says? Yeah i loved it. That was a really fun thing to do, especially for anniversary. I got lots of freedom, youre not meant to take them out. She stole those, you know: brilliant kids, you cant go to switzerland without going to chocolate. Factory yeah thanks for watching friends, well be back next sunday with another video. If you like our content, please give us a subscribe and a like, and if you want you can buy us a coffee links in the description below bye.

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