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If he had significant symptoms, so if he is indeed cleared to play today, it means that he had he was pretty much asymptomatic, which means by the way the vaccine did its job. He got, he got the the virus, but didn’t get very sick. Unfortunately, the nature of the situation is, he had to be away from his team, so i expect chris paul to um to maybe not have his his to quite the same wind but um. I don’t think he was sick, so i expect him to to be great and you’re going to get the clippers absolute best punch in this game. You expect them to uh to fight back because that’s, the nature of their team and chris paul will need to come up with a strong performance with the sons they’re going to keep their amazing, and i underline this too – you say lebron james in his you know. Seventh run to the finals, wins nine straight playoff games, you say: okay, that’s lebron james. You say a team that, like the the the the warriors where they went 16 1, that one year that has you know three or four hall of famers on it. Oh, they won nine straight playoff games i’d. Buy that the phoenix suns nine straight playoff wins holy moses. I mean this is just we’re, seeing some special stuff, yeah, hey brian. I was gon na. Ask you real quick, go ahead! Jay i was asking real quick brian.

The fact that cp3 is coming back game, three western conference finals to his old foe, the clippers, the team that he played on. What do you think is going through cp3’s mind a chance to close them out in la yeah. I mean jay. I think it. I think it does sweeten it out a little bit. I think he loves that, but he left the clippers a long time ago, it’s a completely different franchise and knowing how chris paul operates. He he sniffs the opportunity at this championship. He’S never had this opportunity before he’s had a couple of bullets whizzed by with that shoulder injury, and now this this cove induction he’s, navigating through this, my guess is he’s just going to play the team in front of him. I don’t think it’s going to be about revenge. I just think how can he get six more wins to get his hands on something he probably thought was impossible. Brian, do you think this i mean it’s o2 and then chris paul is coming back no kawhi. Once again, and – and you know, we might be hearing whispers, but we don’t have anything any confirmation about kawaii’s availability for the rest of the playoffs. With that in mind, after seeing what we saw through game, two with the return of chris paul to the lineup for the suns, is this series over, i mean part of me, says how can the suns play better than they did even with chris paul? The campaign had 29 points.

Uh i mean i don’t know. If chris paul could have played a better game than campaign did uh. You know – and you know, uh booker goes out, you know, gets hit in the face and goes out and they are in a little bit of a trouble and cameron. Johnson in his second season comes out there and nails. Two shots. Deandre ayton executes a play so amazing he he actually executed the play and couldn’t believe that it happened. So part of me is like the suns are playing so well right now that getting chris paul back isn’t going to affect their output um. But the clippers have to say that this series should be 1 1 10 times over and they let it go through their fingers and they have to believe that they have the formula and they will attempt to put some game plan wrinkles in and and and get Some momentum and that’s the way the clippers have played this postseason. But, as i see the sports books, the sports books are still giving the clippers a great chance to make a third straight. 2 0 comeback, and i just don’t see apples to apples here. They had kawhi leonard for the last two comebacks. I know they. He didn’t finish the utah series, but he got him to 2, 2 and, and now chris paul is coming back. I think the clippers are in a pretty desperate situation and i think they know that, and i expect them to play that way.

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