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You know about the out of bounds, call and it wasn’t called, and my takeaway is i’d. Rather, officials not go to replay on that, but if you do and the crew decides to well, then you have to get it right and you might as well go with what the you know what the camera says, not what we think it should be, but i Wasn’T bothered by the fact that the officiating crew didn’t go to the replay on that because in the nfl and baseball we know that different crews have different styles. Some nfl crews call holding constantly some call pass interference. More often, some baseball umpires have a bigger strike zone. Why can’t the game, four crew? Why can’t, they just decide guys we’re not going to go to replay on that call we’re just going to give it to the offense. Is that is that wrong? Well, yeah! Let me start here by saying for the clippers and their fans when you are the best free, throw shooting team in nba history, and then you go ahead and shoot 66 from the foul line 65 in that game. Blame yourselves and you lose a four point game at home. Blame yourself, so don’t blame the officials. However colin i hear what you’re saying and you’re right, obviously they’re different crews, but what made it so egregious to many people is just that. What a couple games before the same exact play had happened and it went the other way.

Even i and i hate blaming officials i’ll go out of my way, not to blame the officials if i can, but i did look at that and say man. It just seems unfair, you know, because it was the same exact play as the ball off devin booker’s hands in game two and then the chris paul phantom foul right where they they assumed he was going to get fouled at the end of the game. Chris travels and falls down, but he’s never touched by the two clippers that that trapped him. So there were a couple calls that made me go wow. I hate to see that. But you know what i tell myself: hey the phantom foul on kareem abdul jabbar by bill. Lambert, hey michael jordan’s, push off at the end of the great shot in utah. It happens, so let’s move on yeah um milwaukee atlanta. Can i i said earlier. Milwaukee gives me more guarantees and answers every night atlanta. I got a lot of questions they’re so dependent on trae young and i don’t even feel like milwaukee’s dependent on giannis last night. It was middleton. We know milwaukee’s the better team here right like that, can be that can be stated this morning, that’s a better team right, absolutely absolutely look atlanta and i love what trey young is doing. I think he looks. He looks like a future superstar, but i also get this miami in the bubble. Vibe right, like would you be surprised if next year, they’re the seventh seed? No, i mean it’s just a strange year, right i’m, not gon na necessarily say oh they’re right there with philly uh, milwaukee and brooklyn next year during that class i’m, not going there unless they win this series.

But milwaukee is the better team and obviously with trey young, hamper with the ankle injury that further puts it in their favor uh chris middleton when he gets hot and he gets going. He is very tough, now he’s, not a perennial all star type player and that’s. Why you see the inconsistencies? He was bad in games, one and two, but six for 23 in game one at home, but when he gets hot he is great for the bucks and we know he is their go to guy giannis. Is you can pencil giannis in for 34 and 14., but the go to guy at the end of games is chris middleton and i think in a year like this, where there’s no juggernaut left that could be enough yeah, so uh let’s let’s get to um. We have the olympics this year and we know with the redeemed team lebron played with bosh and wade. Then they became teammates 2016 kd, kyrie and deandre jordan played together. They became teammates dame for the first time ever is unhappy and going to the olympics. It just screams opportunity to kind of connect with somebody. What would be your guess today because i mean i do think after nine years, he’s gon na have a lot of guys in his ear, say: dude it’s, portland it’s one and done you got ta move and i and i and i listen we’re, all capable of Being persuaded that’s, not a weakness we’re all capable of that, i think he’s going to move.

Is there a team or two where it works for you yeah. There are a few teams where it works and i believe he’s taking these next four weeks to kind of ponder his whole situation and think about what he wants to do. He’Ll, listen to guys. He obviously is his own man. I don’t think he’s fully embraced the super team situation yet, like i, i don’t know that he really wants to go and be a part of a super team. I think he still wants to be kind of the man or have other guys join him and that’s. Why one team to look for just keep an eye on i’m, not saying it’s, definitely happening, but just to keep an eye on. Is the new york knicks, because they’ve got the cap room where they could bring in dame? Obviously they got young players. They got draft picks, they could try to trade for him, and then they have cap room where they could bring in another star or two depending on what they did with julius randle. So that’s a situation to just keep an eye on. But if, if i’m dame lillard myself colin i’m, looking at philadelphia and i’m saying that’s, where i want to go, i want to go play with joel embiid. I think they would be phenomenal. Obviously, ben simmons is the guy and you know tyrese maxey. That has to go back from philly, maybe a few draft picks but that’s, where i’d be looking if i’m.

Damn, i think, boston’s interesting and jason tatum will be on that team. Usa with him yeah jalen brown would have to be the part going back and i love jalen. But you know: boston’s played this game of we’re young we’re young we’re young we’re, not giving up anything for years now, right, right and it’s not worked out, go ahead and try to get it done now. So i think that’s something to watch for as well. Some people have thrown out golden state, would golden state try to have steph clay and dame now? That would be interesting, and let me throw this at you colin. I think this is what dame is going through. He has nothing but respect for steph curry right, but i guarantee you he believes in his harder hearts, he’s as good as steph, curry and now he’s realizing. You know i got ta win to get my full respect. Right. Steph is gon na go down as the second greatest point guard ever where’s dame right now, as we all would probably say, he’s right there with steph we’re close. Is he in the top ten i mean. Do we view him that way? I do yeah. So he understands he has to go somewhere to win and finally get in those conversations of maybe a top five top ten point guard of all time. So that’s. I think a lot of players go through that when they don’t win and they realize i’m not getting the respect.

I feel like i, the ultimate respect and i’m, not gon na get it until i can at least get to the finals and play. Let me let me throw one more team at you. The miami heat so portland would rather get dame east they’re, tired of tyler hero. They’Ve got a good piece in bam, jimmy butler dame you could put that up against anybody in the east and then i’m portland. Okay, i need a bench i got to get better defensively. I want bam, miami’s tired of tyler hero uh. They may have some other kendrick nunn duncan robinson yeah yeah. I mean you you’d, throw whatever you had to i. I would want to keep bam and then have a big three of jimmy butler, dame yeah. Of course you would yeah. I get you it’s a possibility. Yeah yeah draft picks, i mean obviously it’s a it’s, a top notch organization, eric spoelstra’s, a great coach, pat riley’s. There it’s something to keep an eye on um and again it’s, not out of the realm of possibility that dame says look i’ll give a year under chauncey, billups let’s see what he brings in he’s. A highly respected guy around the league. Chauncey is so let’s see what he does i’ll give him one more year and then start to make a move uh whatever he does. I think he’ll go quietly to the front office, try to be professional with them and work together.

If that doesn’t work it’s hard to see him going james harden, but in the future, maybe it could, it would have to come to that for him to get out of there. We’Ll see good stuff chris broussard good, seeing you bud appreciate it yep um, something to think about there.

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