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Thanks for your time, gregory’s on the republic, i saw you were as aggressive offensively as i can recall, seeing um i’m curious. How do you try to transfer some of that to your teammates to bring more energy? Earlier? I mean it’s on all of us. You know they came out. They punched us in the face to start the game and i think we showed it at spots tonight and certain times, but you know they’re they’re not going to go away easily. So you know we have to be locked in. You know from beginning to end. Next is dave mcmahon, with espn, followed by degwain rankin. Is that romani momentum that the defense has given up 58 points in the painting, so there’s too many open, looks when you guys are able to cut it? I think the four not just too many holes. What did you see defensively from your group? I think their spaces stopped well burn their small ball line up which opened the paint um you know, but as a team, you know we still have to guard with five people. You know it’s, never a one on one matchup, so all five have to be locked in and even the bench has to be ready. So you know we have to show bodies and help each other out there. Next up is dwayne rankin with the arizona republic followed by joe von buha, the mask: was it a better fit for you for you tonight than last night than the other night? I just made a couple.

Adjustments opened up the eye pocket um, see it a little bit better, but yeah it’s a little bit better one to follow up. You know. Coach was saying that a game like that, as he called it getting your butt kicked click in the sense of urgency. How much do you agree with that um? I think we’ll be ready to go for game six um. You know that’s a tough loss for us at home with a chance. You know to clinch to go to the nba finals. So you know we’re gon na be ready. Next is jovan buha, with the athletic followed by gina mizelle, hey, look um, you mentioned the small ball lineup and i’m kind of spacing. You guys out. You guys have actually fared well against it through the first four games and they’d actually been better when zubox was on the floor. So what was kind of the difference in their small ball approach in this game? I would have to go back in and watch it again um, but at the same time, 50 points in the paint. You know, i think you know we we, we still helped each other um in that area, even when they spaced us out in the previous games. But you know a lot of i mean you can blame it on everybody, a lot of straight line drives and and no help at the same time. So you know this is a five five man, defense, um it’s been like that way.

The whole season – and we have to be better next – is gina mizelle with and then kevin Music job. All season awesome responding after losses. Just what do you anticipate? The next 48 hours are gon na, be like i’m sure it’s gon na be a long wait. Yeah um, just you know, we’re gon na be ready. You know we’re gon na look at the film and the game and you know make the adjustments that are necessary, but still having fun with it. You know the process of this and the journey of it is you know, second, to none. You know, i said it after we lost the first one. Obviously, you don’t want to lose any games, but you know coming back into the film session getting together as a team and talking everything out. You know that’s part of it too. So you know once you start enjoying that and having fun with that. I think good things happen for our team and you know we’ve responded well all season. Next up is kellen olsen, with arizona sports about to go off that uh monty all year is talking about not wanting to flush games like this, because he wants you guys to take it in a bit and make the adjustments on that. How much has that helped? Your guys in these situations this year in terms of taking the emotions, if you like this one and making the tweaks as well yeah, i mean it’s, just honesty, it’s, communication um.

We all have the same goals in this locker room, that’s, the win, basketball game so um and we don’t do that. You know we look at what we did wrong or when we win basketball games. We do the same thing. You know we go into the film sessions, still try to figure out where we can be better final question is david chinolato from italy: hey brooke um. What do you think you guys did wrong in terms of not having the urgency it’s a matter of you know. Mental thing, or you got punched in the face, as you say you you didn’t, manage to get back in the game. Uh i mean we managed to get back in the game a few times. You know, i think they stretched it to ten multiple times and we fought back um just that last stretch. You know we don’t want to spend the whole game fighting uphill, so you know just come out with a sense of urgency and be ready to go.

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