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So yesterday, all around my area were getting uh tornado warnings and where i live, tornadoes don’t usually happen and yeah me uh my sisters first, her my sis, my younger sister roxy was terrified and the wind blew so hard and it started raining a whole bunch and People were outside having parties well, only one of my neighbors were outside having a party and they never went out. They never went back in i mean and i’m pretty sure. Boba also got it probably not the warning for the tornado, but before all that there were a whole bunch of warnings like through the phones through uh, the tvs and all that before i went to bed i got i got the very disturbing, very disturbing noise. It makes i think i can play a a clip of how it sounds, but i didn’t scream. Of course i knew Laughter it. I thought. Oh it probably won’t matter, because it’s probably just going to be a big storm. It said oh there’s it’s, a big storm hail uh like heavy me. Heavy hail, uh some a whole bunch of wind, and i thought nothing of it until they said tornado. They said careful. There might be there’s chances of a tornado uh going by and um. After all, the wind and all that the tornado, there was no tornado near again, there was no. There was nothing else happening except for loud storms and it started getting a lot more windier than it was before.

So my mom told all of us from upstairs because we’re me and mrs sleep upstairs in different rooms, she told us to go downstairs and sleep down there. In case anything happens, i i get it so we can run to the basement or something and um. We went down and i couldn’t sleep like at all because of the storm. The storm was loud and i started getting worried like what. If what, if the tornado does go by my house – and i was terrified, i was terrified wouldn’t, you be terrified, yeah and um. So that happened right and it was i still couldn’t sleep like at all. I could hear the hail. I could hear a whole bunch of wind. I can hear everything that was happening outside, but no tornado right and my mom told us to go to sleep and then somewhere at 1am, because i was still awake at 1. Am i saw something outside and it looked as if it beats a tornado. So i got paranoid, i got scared and i went to tell my mom about it and when uh she came, it was gone. My mom said it was just a whole bunch of clowns and it all looked so so real, like a tornado, and i still couldn’t sleep uh and i slept the rest of the night as well. That was like the only night. I got some good sleep. I was able to sleep, and in the morning uh my teacher told us about it.

My teacher told us about the tornado. Well, some kid asked and he said that it struck a neighborhood that was pretty close to my house and that it did kill some people. It probably didn’t, but he didn’t really know, and it unfortunately did destroy some houses but uh that i was sad because of that. Not only because i drive by that place, but because people uh people died because of it and where i live, tornadoes don’t really happen, at least not inside the place where i live, and that was actually the first tornado warning i’ve heard in my life, and that Was terrifying because it could have hit my house um? So i guess i was calm for the rest of the day. I mean i’m still in school, but well i just don’t like it. That was one of the scariest days of my life because it could have hit my house. It could have killed my family. Not only that, but i have friends nearby like karma. Well, not not that nearby karma animations and i also got my other friend who’s, my neighbor and my cousin, who i don’t know my cousin angel boba. I don’t really know if she got the warnings or not. So i was pretty worried of what would happen and i i i wanted to call karma, but i realized she could be asleep. So i just texted her hey are you awake and in the morning i checked and she sent me that she was awake at 3.

00 a.m, which is kind of funny kind of not, and if she’s watching this i i don’t know what to say. Actually, i think i’ll just end it here. This video does not sound that serious because of the voice changer but i’m not going to use. Oh, my god but i’m not going to use my real voice because i don’t want.

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