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Today we are going to discuss about techniques of forecasting embed mental factors. There are large number of technique used for forecasting. First, one survey method: this is one of the most commonly used method of collecting information information collection commonly used in a method. On a survey method, survey method can be used to collect qualitative as well as quantitative, next historical method in this method, forecasting of a particular environmental factor is done on the basis of historical analog, as were indian growth, historical data, liberalization globalization, etc. Next business barometers: barometers is an instrument to measure atmosphere, pressure atmosphere in the same way, business barometers use index number to measure the state of economy between two or more time. This index numbers are used to study, trends, cyclical movements and fluctuations. Next analysis of time series time seriously: business barometers, you see napoli or index number analysis also uses index number, but it is different from barometric techniques. In this method, the future is taken as some sort of an extension of the past when the various component of a time series are separated. The variation of a particular phenomenon, for example, price, can be known over a period of time and future projections can be made accordingly. Next, this method is also based on time in the past and on its base project. The same trends in future regression analysis. This method is used to disclose the relative moment of two or more in the related strategic management series in the later strategic management series, disclosure and use china method regression analysis.

This method is used to estimate the change in one variable as a result of in this method of decision making, members do not interact face to face in a group discussion decision making group discussion members face to face interactive communication in the form of feeling questionnaire, which Is then filled by the respondent? The result are then tabulated and used to arrive at consequences. Next input, output, analysis. In this method, a forecast of output is obtained in the given input everyday output forecast output. This is possible when the relationship between input and output is now, for example, called requirement of the country can be predicted on the basis of its usage rating various sector, say, transport, industry, household, etc, foreign transport, industry, household, etc. Next limitations of forecasting the embryo mendel factors. First, one next for customers indicate the trend of future happening decisions, next ambient pendle threats and opportunity profile. This refers external opportunities and threats. This is prepared at the next first step in the preparation of etop is environmental analysis, identification of different components of relevant environment. Next importance of environmental factors is assessor. The importance is measured in qualitative terms like high medium and low next, each environmental factor provides either some threats or some opportunities. In the fourth step, the importance and the impact of factors are combined to give a clear picture. Etiop can be presented in either matrix form or descriptive form, etop presentation, matrix next dynamic of the importment.

Now a change in the market is a common phenomenon. The modern age is nothing, but change is sense. Over a period of time, market for particular goods and services have undergone phenomenal changes, for example, detergent powders threatened washing so tv and a video trended film industry, computer threatened manual office management and electric tents, replacing steam engines next scope of environmental analysis. There are two type of scope: internal environment and external environment. Internal endorphin consists of the organizational human and technological aspect of the company. The relevant aspect of this internal environment have to be planet organizer, director and coordinator to achieve companies, aims and objectives. Next, external environment, over which you most companies have no control, is the external opportunities which need to be taken advantage of, and threats which need to be guarded again. It is not an easy take to epic say or anticipate the thought from which opportunities and that will arise.

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