Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks, NBA Most Valuable Player Award Chris Broussard react to Middleton, Giannis carry Bucks in 113-102 Game 3 victory over Hawks

I mean it’s hurting a little bit and uh sore. I got some treatment on i’m gon na get some more in the morning. Uh yeah, let me have more that’s. All i can do right now is to get treatment and then yeah. When i came back again, it was just kind of sore and i maybe mad. I couldn’t really go as fast as i wanted to and then, when i did, it hurt so uh this guy. Just got ta get treatment and hopefully it feels better for next game all right, chris broussard. What do you think is the bigger storyline here that the bucks won back to back games or trey’s ankle easily it’s trey’s ankle there’s, no question about it and look. I i understand that my track record uh of declaring series over this postseason has not been very good, but if trae young, if trae young, misses game four and beyond this series is over. Here we go all right here. We go Music, maybe that’s good news for the hawks fans. Do it, but they they look. They cannot withstand the loss of trae young. The way phoenix withstood the loss of chris paul with the shoulder and with the covid and the way the clippers have been able to play without kawhi leonard they just can’t trae young is the only star on that team. All right, the other teams have another star. Their offensive rating without with trey young on the court in this series, is one ten without him on the court it’s 84.

. We saw in the last seven minutes of the game when he was actually on the court, but unable to really do anything because of the ankle. They were out, scored 25 to seven and here’s the thing the hawks have got to be cautious and smart. With this thing i know it was 25 years ago, but remember, grant hill played on a bad ankle in a playoff game and it ruined his career. Now, grant we know is in ownership with the hawks, so i think he i’m sure he’ll bring that up and say look if this thing is serious at all trey’s gon na probably wan na play, we know he’s a gamer. Obviously, the hawks are going to want him out there, but they have to err on the side of caution. Now, if it’s, not that bad, if it’s like campaign – and he could cameron payne with phoenix and he could come back the next game and play great, i think we’d all like to see that but i’m, just saying, if there’s any question, if there’s any doubt, then They should err on the side of caution and play the long game, because this guy obviously has a fantastic future so soldier, the hawks with him uh, listen chris. I get your point on the hawks. You know when they were when trey went down with 40 seconds to go in the third. They were up by three points. He had 32 points and they were in total control, going back to the first quarter.

First quarter, they had a 15 point lead and then the bucks start chopping wood. And when you look at the third quarter and what happened to me, the storyline was about the bucks. It became about the bucks because chris middleton just stepped into his bag and took it to a whole nother level. So when you see it it’s, like ah yeah when he went down, they were up by three. But if you watch that third quarter that run that the bucks went on, it was all about them. It was like they finally woke up in the second half chris middleton was sensational. You know this is a. This is a guy who who’s been big at home and struggled on the road i wouldn’t say struggled on the road, but more so like he hasn’t played huge. You know 38 tying his. You know his career high in the playoffs last night, uh and then giannis nick jonas is you know watching this dude he’s an easy 30 and 10. and last night night i found myself in my own head like. Where do i stand with giannis? We understand uh his his lack of ability at the free throw line and also from three, but this dude every single night. He gets an easy, 30 and 10. and i felt like that was the bigger story than trae young, an emerging superstar in that ankle. I agree with you: brandon listen. I think the hawks right now should feel great.

They they. They have now, in my mind, added themselves to the list of contenders in the eastern conference moving forward and when you look at who in the east has done in a single playoff run more than trey has done in this one. The answer is, durant’s done it and giannis is doing it that’s it. No one embiid hasn’t done this in a playoff run, harden hasn’t done this like so trey they’re gon na get bogey will be back. Healthy deandre hunter will be playing. Cam reddish will be playing plus they’re, a very young team, so those guys will be better. Maybe they lose john collins, so i think the future’s very bright but broussard. I want to run something by you about the bucks, because it i can tell brandon what we should make of giannis what we made a shack and this bucks team we’ve seen it before. What they’re trying to do, it’s the 2000 lakers model – and you might be like oh middleton’s, not close to kobe middleton, absolutely is very close if not a touch better kobe than kobe. The first, the first championship year in in 2000, just hold on not no one. 01 kobe was a superstar and 02 kobe was a top five player in the league, but in the 2000 championship run kobe had a half dozen playoff games where he scored less than 20.. He had a couple finals games where he scored in single digits.

He also had some really great games like middleton did last night, but you look at it. It’S like okay, we’ve got a superstar. Unstoppable mvp is our number one option. Jonas and shaq. We can’t totally rely on that guy, though at the very end of games. So we have a number two option, who is in kobe’s case, going to be great in middleton’s case? He is what he is that we lean on in the fourth quarter. We’Ve got a point guard who is incredibly important to what we do, but can’t really rely on him, offensively fischer and drew holiday there, and if our role players are hitting their shots, we’re basically unbeatable like this – is how the lakers broussard won. That first title. Now the way they won their next two was kobe, got to a level middleton never will get to. We know that, but i i think we’ve seen this before and i think giannis admitting hey, i don’t have to be the guy in the fourth quarter. It doesn’t bother me is a huge positive step for them. You seemed aghast by my comp, but for that, like think back to 2000 kobe was not a superstar, yet kobe was around the level that middleton is right. Now kobe took a huge leap over the next few years and he’s one of the 10 greatest players ever but like does that comp work at all for you, no you you saved it when you talked about that one particular year.

Obviously, kobe still, as you said, has some big moments in those finals, but the difference is it’s. Just you never really want to put chris middleton and kobe bryant in the same sense and i’m, not saying that to be funny sure, but because we knew even though kobe wasn’t there. Yet we knew where he was going middleton. We know okay, he’s he’s, a good player, you know he’s, he makes a few all star teams, but kobe we knew was going to blossom into a superstar, but for that year it’s, not a bad comp, the difference to me with giannis and shakami. Obviously, there are many differences, but one reason i wouldn’t quite say giannis was shaq is because shaq knew what he was. You know shaq wasn’t going to take two or three threes, a game. You know uh shaq, knew sure i’m down low i’m going to dominate and everybody knew that’s what he did and so that’s the only difference i’d like to see giannis look. He was great in the paint yesterday he’s been great, this entire series in the paint, so maybe he’s, figuring out the game. Okay, this is where i need to stay, but you know i get it, but, but i mean giannis body is obviously a little different than shaq the way shaq plays but brandon. What i say what you want to make of giannis he’s, a top four or five player in the league he’s an all time, great there’s.

No denying any of that, but he’s still got room to grow, which is scary because he can grow it’s not like right right, he’ll never get a decent jumper. He could get a decent jumper, so sky’s the limit for this guy. Well, i mean that’s why? I jumped in there is because the game was totally different back then you didn’t see the centers in the big, the big fours shooting threes right there that they knew what their job was to get in the post. Nowadays, if you are big, you got to shoot the three or or you can’t play in this game. You can’t play in this league in this era. Now. The thing i was where i have so much respect for giannis is because he’s not afraid to fail in front of people it’s almost as if he’s confident enough to say i know through these playoffs there’s, so much on the line but i’m. Also, working on my game, like when he’s wide, open, he’s not hesitating to take the shot and, of course, he’s not perfect from the free throw line or uh from the perimeter, but for him to go out there and still shoot the ball. When everything’s on the line like i can respect that 100 wow look, sometimes the media is too tough and unfair to athletes and other times it goes the other way when brandon can give giannis a compliment, and then we show two videos of giannis airballing free throws, Like you know what got ta respect it? You know, i i respect his moxie gets up there.

I was talking about like nine percent. This is a sign of mental strength like all right. I give it to you, listen, but i know i’m joking i’m just kidding, but i do think that confidence in a sort of like hey, no wary’s attitude, percolates on down to the rest of the team, because paul george is averaging what 27 points in a game And pete paul george is like consistently getting ripped on social media and you know sort of standard media. Chris middleton had 15 points in game. One 15 points in game two. He had more points in the fourth quarter last night than he did in the first two games, but there was no real chris middleton slander. There just wasn’t this guy’s an all star, but he just sort of immune to it, and you also don’t see it affecting his game. He was o for nine and then he went two for seven, so he was two for 13 from three before last night’s game. But there’s a confidence there like all right. We don’t get too high, we don’t get too low, let’s just keep shooting, shooting and shooting eventually he’s going. And finally, the numbers came up last night, nick well yeah and he’s not going to get that criticism because to brussard’s point: he’s, not that level of player like the he’s, the very good, not great player in the same mold. That cj mccullum is which is when they’re excellent.

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