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You can look over at the bucks and you can see like a legitimate, big three and i mean no disrespect to the guys on the hawks team, but they don’t really have a legitimate big. Three, they got trey and a bunch of really really good young role, players who are rising to the occasion, but if trey doesn’t show up, they don’t stand a chance like if he’s not close to 100, like i get it nobody’s 100 this time of year. But if he’s limping around hobbling and not getting lift on his shot like he was in the fourth quarter of that last game, they don’t stand a chance like he’s got to run that pick and roll and hit those little teardrops and set those alley. Oops up to set up the open shots for guys on the perimeter like that is their offense. So if he doesn’t show up, they are entirely different team, but i can look over on the other side. You could take one or two of those guys off the team and somebody that you can build a team around. So i don’t know i assume we’re having this this topic, because kendrick disagrees but i’m, not sure how you can possibly disagree with that. Like they’re, the most important person in this game is obviously trey young right. Well, no, no, not right, i mean look. You said a lot of good things and i’m, not totally disagreeing with you.

Trey young is the most important player to the atlanta hawks and that’s. The obvious right, but who’s picked to win this series: the milwaukee bucks, who has the most talent, the milwaukee bucks, who has the best, who has the big three, the milwaukee bucks, only two of those guys have shown up and that’s chris middleton and giannis drew holiday. Where, in the hell are you okay, you are supposed to be one of the best two way: players in the game today, right now, you’re, not guarding anybody, because trey young is having it his way. I believe he dropped 40 on you in game, one or whatever. The case may be he’s, probably averaging around 35 or 36 in the goddamn series. Where are you on the defensive side of things offensively trey young? What are you doing? I mean drew holiday. What are you doing? Trey young is a smaller guard. Take him to the low block we all know i give to trey young gears offensively but defensively. He can’t guard a parked car two for eleven. They order them here to be the one to get them over. The hulk drew holiday. Where are you, you are nowhere to be found right now, i’m, seeing too many careless turnovers, too many missed layups, two just playing careless basketball. You have to deliver if drew holiday, elevates his game. The bucks win this game tonight and they win the series in great fashion. That’S, why drew holiday, in my opinion, is the most important player in this series i think drew definitely probably wants or definitely wants to step up, and i think the bucks want to see him step up, but you arguing against yourself a little bit right there.

They win in a series without him showing up in the way that you expect him to be so to me that kind of proves the point that he is not nearly as important as trey young is. We saw what happened to that team when trae young went out, and we all know what will happen to that team. If trae young can’t do the things that he’s been doing so i’m with you drew holiday, we expect more from him given how much they gave up to get him and given what they expect from that team. But they expect to win the series they’re on track to win this series so it’s hard for me to. I guess you could say there’s more pressure on drew holiday because they have these expectations but it’s hard for me to say that he’s more important than trey young and honestly it’s hard for me to say he’s more important than middleton or giannis, because they’re winning on The backs of middleton on the back of giannis and the only game that um the hawks won and their only chance of winning is if trae young shows up and plays like the superstar that he has become this year in the playoffs so drew holiday is, is Important, but not that important dominique you really need to stop man. You really need to stop. They paid this man, 160 million dollars. You don’t think he’s that important he’s, pretty damn important, okay and for the simple fact is this and i’m gon na go back to the defensive side of things.

He’S supposed to be able to come in and neutralize trae young drew holiday acts around. The nba well respected one of the most underrated defenders in the league. First team: all defense: you are not supposed to be letting trae young hang 40s and 35s on you. If trey young don’t get injured, i don’t know which direction that game would have went in. But i know one thing: trey young was controlling the game. The hawks had control before trae young twisted his ankle. So with that being said, drew holiday. That’S your match up. That’S your position, you’re the point guard and then, on the other end, you’re running the show you’re supposed to be that third option, guy or even the second option. Guy you can’t be delivering two for eleven. When you you have trey, young or hurt, or whoever else is trying to guard you, you are better than that it’s, just not getting it it’s, not good enough you’re. The deciding factor yeah, i don’t know how drew holiday holiday can be first team. All defense in underrated – maybe he should have been defensive player of the year i don’t know. Maybe he is still underrated, even though he’s first team defense, but i think you made a great point. The hawks were on track for winning that game until until um trey got hurt and drew holiday, hasn’t contained trey. The reason why they brought him in there is to contain players like that.

So i think that is fair. I think you can expect more from him in two for eleven it’s not go ahead. Go ahead. Perk dominant eagle, dominique drew holliday drew holiday is one of the most underrated players in the nba. If you ask around the league they’ll tell you that he don’t get enough praise. Yes, he made first team, all defense, i get that or whatever the case may be, but when you ask around the league they’ll tell you, hey, drew holiday, don’t, get enough credit for what he brings to the table and he was brought to this team from the New orleans pelicans in the trade for eric bledsoe to move the needle and elevate the milwaukee bucks to get them over the hump. Okay, look you’re both right. They are getting over the hump, trey young’s offense and drew holliday’s defense, because the hawks right now they’re, four and one in the postseason, when trae young scores 35 points or more they’re, five and five when he fails to score at least 35 points. So you both made very good points you’re both right. What do you know all right, let’s move on because listen, it has been a wild offseason for the mavs and it is not even lose weight and you’re, not helping the situation right now, for the simple fact is that i just told you that it’s a difference Steph, curry, lebron james and kevin durant are mega stars mega stars is way different than superstars it’s.

A lot of superstars in the league today guys like trae young guys, like luca doncic, guys like paul george kawhi and paul george right now, are in the same category. If you ask me what paul george is doing right now and how he’s leading the clippers right now without kawhi leonard just think about it, they only knocked off the utah jazz, who happened to have the best record in the nba. The number one seed overall without yeah i mean i think, that you’re right about all that i’m, not disagreeing with you, but we are in like first take. This is like uber. First, take cause right now we are arguing about semantics, like we agree, he’s a tear below yes, i’ll put him in the conversation with those guys that you mentioned, but yeah. We all agree he’s a tier below. If i call him a superstar or a megastar, a mini star, a supernova, whatever you want to call him, we are on the same page he’s, not those other guys, but he deserves credit i’m, not trying to take anything from him. Yes, he is as good as many of those players you named.

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