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Meanwhile, the bucks may have suffered a bigger loss last night as giannis antetokounmpo hobbled off the court, with an injured left knee in the third quarter. For more on the two time, mvp status, here’s malika, andrews stephen as adrian wojnarowski and zach lowe reported earlier today, the mri and imaging on giannis attendacumbo’s, hyper, extended left knee, did not show any structural damage, but still as they reported, there is no timetable for his Return but mike buttonholes with the coach of the buck said that this was the best possible news, encouraging news that they could have received, given how scary it was in the moment when giannis went down now, he’s officially listed as doubtful for game five, he hasn’t been Ruled out yet, but if he is unable to play, look at bobby portis as someone they could potentially lean on a little bit more and maybe even start given the energy and offensive production he has given the bucks in this series against the hawks again. Giannis has not yet been officially ruled out, but given the swelling in his knee i’m hearing, it would be a little bit surprising to see him out on the court on thursday and for more on the hawks injuries. Here’S tim bontemps, thanks malika as the hawks continue to prepare for game five of the eastern conference finals. Here in milwaukee, the status of superstar guard trey young remains uncertain young, who missed atlanta’s game four victory with a bone bruise in his right foot and a sprained right ankle remains questionable for game.

Five young made the trip to milwaukee with his teammates and will continue to receive treatment, hawks coach, nate mcmillan said he once again expects young to be a game time decision thursday night back to you, stephen a when chris middleton has been on the court without giannis. It spelled trouble for milwaukee in these playoffs espn’s basketball power index gives the buck just a 23 percent chance to win the title. If giannis were to miss the rest of the playoffs, will bond and perk back in the house with yours truly depending on the severity. What impact could yana’s injury have on the rest of this series? Wilbon, i don’t believe milwaukee can win this series without giannis being on the court, and i understand how good middleton and drew holiday and lopez and that cast that ensemble is steven, a he’s, a two time mvp and you they struggle anyway. You know i’ve been saying to you every night, we’re sitting there watching these games, whether we’re watching eastern conference on television and texting each other talking each other. What do i tell you? I don’t trust milwaukee. I don’t trust them with the honest. So if giannis is the best player in this series – and he is with all due respect to trey young coming right, why would you expect milwaukee to win without young stay right there, because i’m coming i’m coming right back to you with a follow up to that? But perk: do you agree or disagree with wilbon on this? I disagree and here’s.

Why? Because of home court advantage all right and the milwaukee bucks have the home court advantage and – and we all know, role players play better at home and listen 177 million dollars. 160 million dollars – god damn it, they better get it done. That’S chris milton and drew holiday. They getting paid the big bucks. Okay, they have a big three okay, one of their big three is out the other two need to step up and listen. Brook lopez. I’Ve witnessed him when janice has been out, he’s been able to give them 20 and 10. mike boonhoes is going to have to switch up his uh offensive game plan and go through lopez on the low post. I feel like bobby porters could give more. I feel like the experience with pj tucker is going to overshadow the youth of of the atlanta hawks, especially having the home court advantage. Kendrick perkins and wilbon wilbon i’ll go over to you first with this question. If the clippers can win without kawhi leonard no, you know this. One works. Why can’t milwaukee win without giannis i’m gon na ask you a question. Can you ask me a question i’m gon na ask you one sure you’re gon na make the case to me that the milwaukee bucks are as tough physically and as tough minded as l.a clippers? No, i will not make that case with you here’s your answer, but i will say this. I will say this: trey young is not a hundred percent right and i do agree with perk with middleton uh, even though he’s missed a roller coaster.

In my eyes, ‘ one game – 13, the next 38 or whatever this roller coasters, still into a home court advantage with those two and the team as constructed. I do think milwaukee should be favored to win this series with or without youness y’all could talk about should and by the way perks should be flown in if you’re, in milwaukee. If you’re, the bucks perks should be flown in to give that assessment that he just gave to their locker room right, because perk can push the buttons that that bench is not able to push so far to get them to play. That way consistently. I remember being at the toronto series a couple years ago: we’re talking about the guts we were there. I was there with you steven a that team is missing something i’m, not entirely certain of what it is and if they were entirely certain they would have fixed it. I i still don’t trust milwaukee to rally the way you both think we all three of us think they should i’m talking about what i see at this point. Atlanta has a belief in itself the hawks players do and that staff they have a belief in their staff that to me pushes them above the level. We think they should be playing, as i agree with that, but i didn’t see that when middleton was smoking them in game but yeah every game stephen, i understand that. Oh he got that kind of star.

All he got to do is do it two of the three: do it through game five mess up in game six like he usually do it then do it again in game, seven that’s, not plausible. I think he could do that. That’S cold it’s, true! It is true, but my point is we can’t count on this game after game from that ensemble right understood. I got to see it. It’S been two years in a row that they didn’t do it now i’m gon na give them a third chance to presume that they’re going to get this right now. Well, listen! Listen! By the way, when you say it’s, cold ain’t, nothing wrong with me doing something cold when they come to milwaukee it’s cold there anyway, that’s why they got a petition out, not wanting me to come to town because they mad. I pointed out women in that city.

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