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We have breaking news, woad’s, just tweeting this. On the giannis injury, there is no structural damage to yana santa takumbo’s left knee after his awkward landing last night in atlanta. Ligaments are sound sources. Tell zach lowe in may timetable to return unclear, malika andrews, adding jan, is doubtful for game five on thursday. Thank you. Everyone for being with us, exciting match and we’ve got a lot of news to get to stephen a max. How are we doing guys ready to go doing good afternoon? Good good, yes for sure i like this time, let’s get right into it, so stephen a with giannis doubtful, who is the most important player now in this series to me: it’s trey, young and that’s, assuming he gets back in this series, which i anticipate he will Do uh he’s going to be pivotal because, obviously, even without giannis, if you got middleton and the rest of the crew, they should be able to beat the atlanta hawks. What changes the game is. Trey young and the fact that you don’t have to contend with giannis. Should make it even more pivotal for trey young to get back because without giannis, but with trey young on the court sparking his offense he’s averaging 33 points 32 points, rather in this series on nearly 48 shooting you get him back on the court uh with giannis Out the atlanta hawks can take these guys, so i think that with him, yeah it’s one thing to do it without him in one game but that’s, not something.

I see continuing as this series progresses. I think it’s incredibly important, that trey young gets back on the court, especially with giannis hurt, so you can capitalize off of his absence. Well, that goes with you saying to start the series trae young was the most important player i took giannis, but i’ll tell you what at this moment, not only would i take middleton as more important for the bucks even than trey young is for the hawks. I take drew holliday as more important steven. A look trey young is very valuable. They won without him, not just because lou will was excellent, but because they were sharing the ball in his absence. But you know with the bucks middleton plays out of his mind. They win that goes for every every game he plays out of his mind. The bucks wins the bucks win, but that doesn’t always happen. The reason chris middleton is not a perennial. All star is because he’s not always great he’s, sometimes great he’s, usually good, sometimes great he’s, usually not an all star. Sometimes he is he’s, usually not really able to be a crime partner for an mvp type player. Sometimes he is and when he is stephen, a they win and when he’s not they don’t. But you know what now without giannis that elevates really elevates drew holliday. Even more says. You know that about middleton already drew holliday, who can run the pick and roll? Who can run in offense and orchestrate an offense and hit big shots? He’S got to step up too my answer used to be middleton.

We knew that already it’s ben middleton ben said middleton now it’s drew holliday, who must step up for this team and becomes incredibly important for the boss. Well, i’m, certainly not proclaiming that that middleton and drew holliday’s responsibilities and culpabilities don’t elevate without giannis. Of course, it does i’m simply saying that one of them can give you something and, as the team is constructed, they can still beat the atlanta hawks. When i look at the atlanta hawks regardless of what transpired in game four to me, it comes down to trey young, getting back on the court and spearheading this offense. If he’s able to do that, particularly creating shots with his teammates and lou williams, maintains his level of aggression, bogdanovic didn’t seem hampered by that knee injury in game four as well. I think those kind of things propelled them to win this series if trey young is on the court and giannis is not. I think milwaukee can be as a better team, even without giannis, if those dudes do their job with trey young i’m, saying if you’re the atlanta hawks, i don’t think you have a chance in this series. That’S. The only reason i name him is more pivotal because they don’t have a chance without trey young trey young. To me, getting back on the court is their chance to win this series. Well, look. Injury has decided the really this whole playoff so far from lebron and a.d to kd and kyo, sorry, kyrie and james harden and on and on it seems like every series i mean even just think about this.

No trey young, no giannis, like guys, are falling. Like flies, but the point was supposed to be that giannis had a better crew like the giannis and trey young, the two best players, but you know who the best player after that is middleton. You know who the best player after that is drew holliday, stephen, a that hasn’t always been the case that’s. What i’m saying it has not always been the case when it is the case i’m confused, i’m, confused, you’re, saying jew, holiday and middleton are the best players without giannis compared to who the rest of their teammates or does that super trade i’m saying take trae young And take giannis off their teams right. The reason heading into this series. People like milwaukee is because, when you looked at the third best player in the series after giannis and trey, young that’s, middleton who’s, the fourth best player drew holliday. They haven’t always been that lou williams was last time out, like they haven’t always been cam reddish is playing. You know, middleton’s, allowing himself to get shut down by cam reddish off an injury. After the way he dropped 38. The night before they can’t do that they’re. Inconsistent stephen, a they got to step up, yeah they’re, consistent. They got to step up, but they ain’t more important than the arrival of craig young. If trey young doesn’t come back they’re, not winning the series yeah, i i i i think actually the bucks still have chances.

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