England national football team, Ukraine, UEFA EURO 2020, Harry Kane, Gareth Southgate NGLAND DISMANTLE UKRAINE ON THE WAY TO SEMI FINAL WITH DENMARK! Ukraine 0-4 England, EURO 2020

England were, of course red hot scintillating favorites for this game, but a professional job was executed and then seen out in a comfortably boring fashion. When your fault, god missed my chair, four nil up superb scenes, harry kane, who was late to the euro 2020 party beyond fashionably late, as he was stinking up the gaff early doors, fair friggin play to gareth southgate for persisting with two players that people were criticizing, Including myself, uh in raheem sterling and harry kane, who have just delivered he he held his hat. He held his like nerve poker, face reference, something gareth, southgate and the players came good for him. Fair play. Man i mean okay. Here is your match review for ukraine? Nil, uh, chelsea, whoops, england, four let’s have a look um at this. What happened? They reverted back to. Let me just move this over a little tiny bit, so you man can see ding, they um reverted back to a back four system. Pickford and coal. Who’S obviously been very, very good in england, maguire and stones luke shaw at left back, who is nothing short of magnificent, very, very good, very good performance, walker right back wasn’t, the best player uh on the pitch um, some people – i think i don’t – think aries james – Was even on the bench quite frustratingly, but you know whatever: okay professional job from walker, not the best player, rice and phillips, playing the double six, both on yellows, as was harry maguire.

If any of those guys got a yellow, they wouldn’t be in the semi final mason mount in the number 10 raheem sterling left central right, but they swapped around captain harry kane up front with a brace and oh yeah i’ll get into it. I’Ll get into it. A free for free, initially or three five, two initially played by shivchenko for ukraine, um kristoff, had to come off. Sorry, if i butchered that pronunciation uh, he got an early injury. It looked like his acl, but i don’t know that was just me seeing it and actually went to a four back system which actually caused england a lot more troubles. Initially they looked far more threatening. They came out a lot on that formation change, but things weren’t perfectly for england. Ladies and gentlemen, fourth minute it was like three minutes some three minute 20 seconds or something like that. Raheem sterling plays a beautiful sort of semi disguised vertical pass through ball to harry kane. He meets it, stretches out and toe pokes it past. The keeper it’s actually a very good finish, and you just can’t stop him once he gets going once you’ve wound him up. You can’t stop him, you can’t, stop him one nil up, england, three and a half minutes in superb, but you know you’re thinking, perfect right now settle into the game and execute the game plan, ukraine change formations and make them make the substitution on the 36th minute And then luke shaw to harry maguire.

He literally had the exact same uh free kick. I think it was a free, kick no corner i’m, pretty sure, because because i called luke shaw to put on harry maguire’s head in this set play before and it was almost identical in the same part of the pitch harry maguire comes in and whips his slap Head on it, he’s good for a goal on set pieces. His old has a mcgadda. England are tuning up, and now you know now that was in the 46th minute, so the uh the first minute, the first minute of the second half so, but you know, it’s gone basically the beginning of both halves. We scored immediately and uh. At this point, ukraine are gon na feel frustrated having to come out more and four minutes later. Luke shaw, another assist a generally superb performance from the manchester united left back to england’s, captain harry kane. For a second and like i said man for a player that is late to the party, he is now going to be thinking of the golden boot um. You know, of course, ronaldo and patrick schick are both on five but they’re both gone. They are both gone out. The competition so he’ll be thinking. You know, he’s got two games to go if england can get to the final and he’ll be thinking. I fancy myself to score one or who knows maybe another couple against um, denmark, which you know they are very, very good team, denmark.

So you should. I shouldn’t, you know there’s no disrespect there um, but you know he’ll be backing himself to try and get that golden boot. Why not? Why not harry kane he’ll take penalties as well. If we win a penalty, um three nil up at this point and then this game went so perfectly in terms of substitutions as well gets declan rice off because he’s one of the players on a yellow card, henderson comes on six minutes from being on. Mason mound assists a jordan henderson goal, his first ever goal for england. This literally is like a perfect game in so many ways like with narrative and in the 65th minute. He takes off, um luke sure had an amazing game. Calvin phillips, who also is on the yellow card, so both his central midfielders, his double six. His double pivot are now both safely off the pitch, so they can’t be banned for the semi final. He gets to arrest, raheem sterling as well. Luke shaw: had a great game brings on jude bellingham rashford trippy, a um shame. He didn’t have uh reese james on the bench because it would be a good spring one and the 73rd minute 20 minutes to go um. He takes off harry kane he’s on a hat trick, but i get it. I get. It wrap them up and cotton ball because we need with the game, is one the game is won and we will need him for the um for the semi final against uh.

Against denmark, so it makes sense. Dominic calvalune comes on, gets a chance to play some more minutes for england uh. You know doesn’t score, sadly, for him it would have been nice for him to get an english goal, but yeah let’s, just you know, shaw – was magnificent. Maguire is great pickford, it’s, seemingly always good. Apparently well, apart from the moments, he has these crazy sort of moments on the ball, where these clearances don’t go well or he gets a little bit erratic, but generally he’s magnificent excuse me kane. Obviously, amazing sancho obviously got the opportunity to demonstrate his dribbling skills very, very good, sterling great standing, a little bit slow on the ball in terms of decision making, but he’s always contributes massively uh mason mount very, very good as well got the assist, but he was Very good defensively in the first half he made two blocks in his own 18 yard box. Um obviously got an assist, which is good for a number 10. and um yeah, just a really really good game here. I think personally, um, probably the best out of the midfielders, the the uh, the uh rate ratings would dictate rice nearly scored, a screamer saying that, though, and yeah i’m generally i’m – very, very happy um! Superb! Really! I am you couldn’t get any better. Four nil: win loads of goals: uh perfect, substitutions players rested players protected um. You know the ukraine just didn’t have anything.

They were knackered, probably emotionally, drained after their last game out when they’re very late winner in extra time um and they just don’t, have the pool of players. Southgate has to call from and rotate from, and you know and the quality as well um. You know we didn’t see anything from the armor lane cause and she didn’t see anything from any of them really like. Really they were completely. You know made redundant and that’s all credit to england and gareth southgate for doing that. Uh. Let me know what you guys think comment down below i’m stoked as an england fan, of course, as an englishman but i’d, be keen to just get people’s opinions if you’re, not english. Let me know what you think of this england team um, because there there was a lot of negativity from england fans uh, some of it from me and towards gareth southgate. But you know man proves me wrong and i’ve got no problem with that. Uh yeah comment down below like the video and subscribe.

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