Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Trae Young, Eastern Conference, NBA vs. Atlanta Hawks Full Game 5 Highlights | NBA East Finals 2021

Murder thought he was going to get that shot off his nice move. To start this off offensively for drew holliday was the trae young explosion, as he came up with 48 points middleton for three. Yes, who did have 38 points two games back, but did not shoot well in game number. Five you mentioned middleton. He was over seven from downtown last time out, welcome sight for coach luck with a bucket, well, the two principals. What we said middleton holiday with the cross court, they whip it around holiday, feels it and hits again he gets into the paint backpack alive Applause. Another offensive rebound on portis Applause Music. Now the hawks are settling on the switches with lopez. Getting positioned, lays it home, just didn’t beat the shot, clock and capela keeps a live stream by no friends on the run and stuff Music Applause or getting royalties from them. Huh and congregate, who just came on a slam by lopez, five minutes to go in this first quarter, that’s too easy drew holliday able to work his way through space backing out. Mcdonough gets it to holiday on the drive he hits on the reverse. What a start for drew holliday, originally a first round pick of the chicago goals and spent three and a half seasons with chicago here’s lopez and puts it down yes, indeed, starting five holiday on the drive, gets to lopez that’s back to back, plays of beautiful dishes. Music from the Applause foul has called on finances.

British going at middleton pays it back, gets it nice pass and capela puts it down. In fact, in game, two sitting out with the hyper extended e conifer Applause, Applause, Music Applause, Music i’ve been more impressed with his defense when he’s been switched out onto these guards Music again this time of two at the guards back to the starting lineup. Also, having trouble getting shots off that time, williams with the floating that’s 20 right now they have the 15 point advantage just over five and a half to go in this. First, half williams gets the roll a couple of buckets for lou williams, getting it they’re getting stops at one end: Applause by o’congru fires, one downtown you don’t, need a quick shot college for three, yes with one second remaining in the half john collard, just underway. Third quarter out of a wide open, three that’s, the answer too and holiday is just he is still the next franchise Music scoring leader that may change. In a couple of years columns a little bit ahead. He actually decoyed williams into thinking. He had a clear pass bobby portis playoff career eye is 29. sitting on 23 right now, back to back baskets by sweet lou. Here Music, the hawks have reddish out there with the field starters and collins, starting to show some signs. Incidentally, the flagrant foul williams on the move and he’s come alive here in the third quarter. Reporters has 17 points.

Six rebounds Applause kicked home by the floorplay. Oh he’s gon na take that type of effort without yawning guys have to step up middleton. Speaking of he has 24 points, seven on the shot, clock, Music Applause williams – it counts on the foul holiday – is played with a sense of freedom. Tonight, fires it out to herbert looking for three point: territory hits it did. They call the three it’s a three point: territory auditor changed his mind. They swing it. Connor has an open shot and knocks it down from three point territory over these teams. In this fourth quarter, Music columns back into position with tucker williams, with the runner Applause and the pucks, with the big lead Music on the fade away with that height advantage on holiday. So not an hour now, williams watched by quarters once again calamari with the mismatch, gets it inside the donovich, with the buckets Music Applause. So they’ve got it at both ends, middleton the tortoise. I would have done anything because it’s never granted. These two teams are two wins away from getting to the nba finals. There’S got to be some sense of desperation.

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