Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Trae Young, NBA, Eastern Conference 4th Quarter Gives Them Control Over Hawks | 2021 Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals

Three, with a mixture of trae young magic and golinari mismatches. This young and inexperienced team looked poised under the harsh glare of the conference finals, but that’s when reality set in along with the freakiest of freaky ankle sprains that helped giannis onto the cupo and chris middleton to thoroughly dominate the fourth quarter on their way to taking Control of this series, Music in game, two, the bucks were able to stifle trae young by having brook lopez, come up a lot higher in the pick and roll that adjustment didn’t. Take as we find lopez back to his familiar deep drop, allowing young to get to the free throw line without resistance with four bucks in the paint trey has wide open threes all over the floor. One reason is that giannis crashed down to help, but look at the rainmaker. He drops over everybody, while lopez is above the free throw line. At the moment the screen is set. His duck. Walk back into the lane, allows young a clean look from 13 feet. His contest is way too late to have any effect with one foot in the lane when capela sets. The screen lopez is already too low to influence this possession much. He doesn’t want cappella to get behind him. He does get in the air with a hand up, but young has the best floater in the game. Throughout different moments: young targeted the ball screeners man and tortured each of them in different ways.

Let’S start with lopez who did get up to the three point line, but is so uncomfortable that far out he quickly retreats while holiday doesn’t go underneath the screen he doesn’t try to get around it either until it’s, too late and trey took advantage with a practice Shot right left side step from 30 feet, although danilo golinari wants to come up for a pick and pop watch, trey wave him off, preferring his favorite target and this time seeing lopez remain that high. He just blows by him to quick release an off foot finger. Roll plus the silly push foul and one it was bobby portis’s turn in the octagon midway through the first as the offensive rebound forced all sorts of mismatches. You’Ll almost never see a portis lopez, defensive tandem in a pick and roll and here’s a good reason why they both follow collins on the roll, assuming the other would stick to the ball. Hilarious and trey gives them the shimmy for good measure. It felt like the bucks didn’t have to switch this pick and roll, but having been scored on so unceremoniously. A few minutes before i can understand. Portis’S reluctance to give young any room, watch trey, lift both feet and swivel. The left foot in front with a crossover then immediately into a jab step through the legs. This forces portis to jump straight backwards, allowing young the space to hop into a long two splash that he probably wishes.

He’D been a foot farther back on. Even janus got into the act a couple of times, while playing the five young looked a little reluctant to go at him, as gallo was bringing connaughton up the ball screen, but the shock lock was dangerously low and trey caught. Yon is giving him 10 feet, as he rises up from the half court circle to drop this one through clean midway through the fourth. They run pistol action back to the top catching giannis at the ball, screener’s man and forced to switch. This was kind of like another version of going underneath the screen, as they give him six feet of space once he begins. The arm swing up into the shot it’s too easy, but it proved to be the last lead. The hawks had it’s clear to me that so long as trey young feels comfortable on the floor, i.e the defense backing up too far in the pick and roll he can work all kinds of magic when you’ve got that feeling of freedom, especially inside the shorts area. You can accomplish practically anything and it’s the same kind of feeling when you use manscape’s whole line of grooming tools for the modern man by being properly trimmed. Everything seems to flow that much better and the newly designed lawnmower 4.0 is truly breathtaking. Skin safe technology which reduces nicks and cuts cordless and waterproof trim in the shower with no mess wireless charging with 90 minutes of use on a single charge.

You think trey made this shot because he practiced it a lot and maybe but it’s much more likely, he’s. Confident, smooth and comfortable, knowing that this lawnmower has a travel lock feature no more embarrassing buzzing in your bag, get 20 off plus free international shipping. When you click on my special link in the description below, do it now and you’ll find out the real reason why the hawks felt really good about their grooming and the game until midway through the fourth quarter, when they could have used another go run with the Lawnmower 4.0 danilo galinari has been their leader off the bench, giving them key buckets throughout these playoffs and last night was no exception with young on the bench resting galinari is expected to provide most of the scoring and when lou drives to the hoop. After rejecting the screen, three bucks run to the ball. Lou has his choice of either corner or left wing, and this is the easiest shot. Gallow has had all season long, the playoffs are all about matchups and the hawks have found a way to force the much smaller drew holiday onto golinari many times already, with the step up screen for herder gallo brings holiday down to the right block. He attacks quickly. The bucks aren’t interested in doubling and it’s an easy layup. This time they use the handoff to tray young to force a switch since they’re scared of giving young any room. The bucks clearly are okay with holiday, guarding a guy six inches taller and much heavier by himself.

Diallo simply turns to the baseline for another relatively easy score. This time the brush screen in the backcourt forces the switch early and the double makes young give it up to the top. This turns into a back down again no help and watch out. Gallow extends the left step to get all the way by holiday before twisting into an off foot lefty flip over the late contest by lopez. The turning point in this game was clearly when trae young makes a bad decision to force a pocket pass that gets deflected and, as he plans to sprint back down the court, he steps on the referee’s foot. Clearly that ankle was bothering him considering the brace. He was already wearing on it and the turn isn’t horribly severe, but it was enough to send into the locker room to get retaped and young was clearly ailing the rest of the game but i’m, not so sure how much it mattered. Considering what we got from chris middleton and giannis in the fourth quarter, up till this point, the bucks were shooting 46 percent overall on field goals and 32 from three, but over the last seven minutes of the game. Look how drastically these numbers change! The bucks run. Horns with giannis and middleton and the high post, when they run an inside ball screen between the two wachyanis, apparently clamped colin’s arm down, limiting his ability to contest this shot. As milton gets going from deep, with some cross cross, matching going on as bogdanovic misses the three it creates mismatches on the other end as the hawks scramble back with an ailing young on middleton bogdan clearly wants to help him and perhaps even switch, but in doing So they give middleton eight feet of space to just rise up for an easy triple to take the lead.

After regaining the lead with that young three, we showed earlier the bucks continued to press the issue with early offense, and i got ta say an iso step back three off multiple dribbles in the corner is next level difficult. Just staying in bounds on this shot is impressive, much less actually hitting it over a great contest by the long arm collins with his score tied and young lacking any explosion. He settles for the three and after the bad, miss young takes himself out of the play with a foolish steal attempt. Perhaps he was trying to take a foul here, but i don’t think he made any contact and check how he doesn’t appear back on screen until it’s too late. He was supposed to pick up middleton in the situation, but instead chris gets another practice shot. Second, chance points absolutely killed the hawks in game 3, and it makes you wonder why more teams don’t make it a priority. They had a 15 9 advantage in offensive boards, which led to an 18 7 lead in second chance points which mitigated the hawks 15 11 edge, and three pointers made middleton finally cooled off a bit on the good bogdanovic contest, but herder is unable to keep pj Tucker away from the ball and it allowed giannis to get himself going by attacking golinari in the post. This hadn’t gone so well for giannis earlier in the game, as he missed a close in shot under heavy fiscal pressure and then tries to level gallo with his right shoulder before getting stripped into a turnover, but he redeems himself with a surprising dirk leg.

Fadeaway that drops right in for a huge five point lead up three with under four minutes to go. They want to take advantage of the mismatch as herder guards middleton, probably because bogdanovic’s knee is preventing him from moving well. He goes to the mid post for the face up and i’m digging the left foot pivot that allows him to attack middle for the little floating hook over the collins, help tough shot. The hawks had one last chance as trey catches, the entire defense out of position. Conanton has to rotate down to prevent the layup, leaving bogdanovich with the lick. His thumb check the wind he’s so wide open, three pointer, but he bricks one more to finish two for ten from three point land in this game, and that brings us to the dagger from none other than chris middleton. It started out looking like pistol action for true holiday as middleton sets the pin away, but when holiday breaks, his cut short giannis, who had been steering a hole through middleton. The whole time gets him the ball to finish off the hawks. They force the switch of bogdan onto him. Nothing fancy just a sidestep corner three ball over the contest that swishes perfectly through the net to break the hawks backs and give the bucks a crucial. 2 1 lead in this series it’s clear to me that the hawks have enough to be competitive and probably win one more game before the bucks advance to the nba finals for the first time since 1974, when kareem and oscar were playing for him.

However, if atlanta can get healthy in a hurry, keep your eye out for this thing going seven games with the way the bucks defend trey in the pick and roll. Who knows he could go off.

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