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Every time i watch the milwaukee bucks play, i say: they’re very unique because their seven footer is giannis and he’s extremely agile and he’s, a terrific ball handler for his size, but also he plays alongside brook lopez, who used to be a 20 point. Scorer with a terrific post game and as the game changed, he started to evolve into a three point shooter to keep up with the times, but he got away from his physicality in the paint he was blocking shots. He was dunking. He was actually playing like a physical, big man, and that was impre that was impressive to watch and now bobby porters can come in and give you quality minutes make some shots. Give you some toughness, give you some height on the front line, and so it was a complete win for the milwaukee bucks, because they definitely needed it. Playing without giannis, with the hawks playing without trey. Young vc. Is that the recipe for milwaukee points in the paint winning whether giannis comes back or not? Is this the way they need to play? It is the recipe points in the point, because even if trae young comes back, you want to post him up. You want to make them have to make a decision. Are you gon na allow drew holiday or middleton to play one on one, or are you gon na double team which now will open up the opportunities to shoot threes? But i want to go back real, quick on post ups with brook lopez, yes, i’m, not gon na say brook forgot how to post up, but today’s game you know is a little different than what we used to see.

J rose like we used to see what duncan and robinson we used to see: uh, elijah, juan and samson. All these, you know two bigs posting up on either block. We don’t see that anymore, so you want to give giannis as much space in the post as possible, because he’s gon na demand a double team, and if you have somebody like lopez, who can shoot the three you want that because if you flip it, the other Way guess what you put giannis out there on the three i’m gon na say: please shoot the three you understand so that’s, just the way the game has changed all right to an interesting night. Last night and we’ll see the bucks have a three two series lead. Meanwhile, let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. The game is played without yana santa kakumpo it’s played without trae, young and it’s. Just a continuation of what has been an unfortunate pattern in this postseason. Let me put the numbers up there for you. If i can, giannis becomes the 10th all star from this season to miss at least one playoff game in this postseason, which already breaks the all time record. It had been six and you might say well why isn’t trey young on that screen it’s, because he wasn’t an all star this year, but he’s clearly a player of that magnitude. So it just continues what has been a really unfortunate postseason as far as that’s concerned and so jalen.

You know what people are asking on twitter and i’ll. Ask it to you: will the championship this year be somehow tainted by because of all the players who didn’t play absolutely not, and i got a secret for fans and media be happy. You just got two nba seasons. The first season happened in the bubble. Remember, lebron, james and anthony davis won a championship for the lakers without fans. This was a compressed 72 game season in order to get the local television money, so the players can pocket their money and also so we can have some integrity for who’s actually going to be the champion and all injuries. Aren’T created equal, like a guy like james harden, came into the season we don’t know if him being out of shape, had an effect later on on his hamstring injury. We just don’t know that kawhi leonard and anthony davis have been low. Managing chris paul is on that list. He missed those two games because of covid kyrie irving came down on giannis’s foot, so it’s, not necessarily because of the schedule, and i don’t believe it’s going to be tainted, be enthusiastic about the fact that we’re going to get a champion from one of these teams. That hasn’t had a championship if it’s the buck since the 70s or the phoenix suns who have never won the championship. Did you see the enthusiasm of their fans after they won the west and if somebody just played in the nba finals? Of course, the goal is to win the championship, but people dismiss if you didn’t win a championship.

You can’t tell me that the phoenix suns and the milwaukee bucks fans are going to look at this as an asterisk if they go ahead and win the championship, absolutely fair, vince carter, your thought – and i want to add to that and and the beauty of this Year you can’t sit here and say: oh the golden state warriors or the lakers. We know they’re going to win the cavs of all that we know they’re going to win the brooklyn that we we’re not sure, and the parody of of this year has been great. It keeps you guessing it keeps fans and and players for that matter, tuned in you’re tuned in to see who’s actually going to pull this off. Who is going to crack the code and become the champion because we’re not sure there’s no outright winner or favorite? In my opinion, i don’t think it’s enough greenie to to beat phoenix. You add giannis you’re over the top, because giannis is a tough guard with what the milwaukee bucks have. It will make it a great series, an interesting series, but maybe not enough. You put giannis with this group and playing like that different story, same question for you zach and you know earlier today, wendy was sort of bemoaning um. The bucks not doing this more even when giannis is on the floor, taking more advantage of their physicality and of their size and sort of falling in love with shooting threes.

Do you think this formula, even without giannis, could win them a championship? Well, the irony is without giannis they have more shooting, which makes it easier for them to take advantage of their size, because the paint is wide open. But i agree with vince. I think the bucks have enough to fight the sun’s nip and tuck it’s fun. The nba, all these guys are good. You take away a star. Everyone else, steps up, you kind of find a new identity, but if the suns are fully healthy, unless the bucks really catch some breaks, i think that’s his son’s win and six, maybe seven. If the bucks really play above their heads, i think they have enough to fight, but not enough to win all right and then zach i’ll stay with you, then, for the next piece of this, because i don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. They’Re, going back to atlanta, the hawks have a chance we’ll see if trey young is able to go if they don’t get him back zach. Do you see the hawks forcing a game? Seven uh it’s hard to bet against the home team, but i think the bucks found something i think they feel it. I think they have a little bit of an edge and i think the hawks were sort of caught off guard by the bucks. Switching defense in game five now they’ll be better prepared for it in game six, but maybe the bucks change it up.

I just feel like the bucks they smell. It they’re not afraid to play on the road they seem to like and feel a hunger playing without giannis if they indeed have to do that. So i’ll pick the bucks tentatively to close it out in atlanta but i’m, not that doesn’t mean i’m just missing the hawks and if trey young plays all bets are off. How about you vince? I know your heart is there with those guys in atlanta? What do you see here? Uh uh, exactly i’m, going to echo exactly what zack said i mean i. I think the bucks have realized if they’re physical with the hawks they like their chances because it opens up with just a new avenue for them. But i think if you get trey young back, even if he’s not 80, thank you for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.

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