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Five eastern conference finals, all even up at two giannis, ruled out thursday trey young, who missed game four tried to give it a go pregame, but look at the face, the wincing in pain. He too would be ruled out. It would become. The brook lopez show 14 of 18 from the floor for the big fella bucks. Take a 12 point. Third quarter lead later in the third bucks up 12.. They got balanced, scoring bobby portis, knocking down a jumper. He had 22 bucks by 13 after three early. Fourth, now buck’s lead is 15. chris middleton doing his part over cam reddish. He had 26 trey young can only look on a minute later, bogdanovic guarded by lopez, get it out of here. Brooke lopez doing it at both ends. Four blocks 33 points for the big fella eight minutes to play now. Buck’S up 14. that’s drew holiday. He had 25 bucks by 16. under two minutes to play bucks, putting it away holiday splitting the d bucks taking game five. 123 112. giannis loves it. The bucks are on the brink and what was great about today is we were really all just basketball players playing together both on offense on defense. You know we were playing off one another making plays making extra passes and it was a lot of fun all right and the numbers. The story, milwaukee’s domination in the paint outscoring atlanta, 66, 36 36 inside brooke lopez had 26 of those on 13 of 14.

Shooting is the first player with 25 or more points in the paint on at least 90 percent shooting in the last 25 years, let’s bring in a guy who made the paint a comfortable place for a long time. That’S vince carter, that’s brian windhorst, our basketball crew is up with us here early this morning, vc i’ll start with you as we watch it again last night, a tough night, obviously no yawnes, no trey young, a balanced attack for the milwaukee box. What was the key to their win? Well, i have to say the key to the win. Were the bigs and my i have to say my rookie brook lopez. I mean he was phenomenal uh. It was like a brick brother watching him go off like that, but i i mean, i think, drew holiday, set the tone from the first play of the game. That was the post up to the jump hook. Chris middleton followed and then bobby, portis and brooke lopez took over and dominated in the paint and on the defensive end, brook lopez with four blocks: just controlled the game. From start to finish, it was an interesting storyline wendy, because we wondered in the absence each team in the absence of the player, who really makes everything else happen, what would the style be and clearly that’s the point that vince is making the bucks decided? They were going to go out there and dominate physically and they were able to do it.

You know this is such a maddening team. At times they are one of the most dominating teams in the paint you will ever see, especially against a hawks team that has just not proven that they can do it and early in this series, the bucks just killed them in there back in game. Two, the bucks went 24 of 28 shooting in the paint it’s one of the most dominating performances i’ve ever seen. They come out in game five in milwaukee, in atlanta and in game four in atlanta, and shoot three pointers all day, long and it’s like why. Why do you shoot so many three pointers, and so without giannis they’d have a choice. They had to focus on getting the offense where they could. They had over 25 points in the paint in the first quarter of this game back up to 66 for the game. If they play this way and attack the paint this way, i don’t see how they will not win this series, but i can’t guarantee what they’re going to do from one minute to the next much less what’s left in this series. Yes go ahead. Vc i want to add to that. You know i hear people say that a lot about brooke and why’d you play outside, but think about this i mean i i was fortunate to play in the era where they were too big and they figured it out and the game today is spread out and They, you know, they feature one big in the paint you want to feature.

Obviously, jan, is in the paint before you do brook lopez, but you know brook lopez: 7 1 can dominate down there, so you can live with both guys down there, but teams. You know nowadays they just try to figure, they figure out, they figure. Let me put one guy down there and spread the floor and give him space. So if you have giannis, you want to give him space. I agree with the wendy. Why not put brook lopez in the post because he’s going to demand a double team because there’s not many centers, that can guard him down there when he plays like he played last night, and so the three games are too windy. Let’S let’s get to what i think everyone is really wondering. What do we know about the status of giannis and trey young going forward in the series? Well, as we saw a video of trey young tried to go out there and warm up before the game and couldn’t go, and the big issue from the video that i was watching was when he went to push off of that right foot the exact same way. He actually made the injury pushing off of his right foot, and so look. You know that this is killing him not to play. The guy is an ultimate competitor, not only that he’s a killer on the road. The opportunity in a two two series to play game five if he couldn’t use that leg to push off of he can’t be effective.

So there is hope that, because he is improving from what i’m told that he will be able to make it a go in game six, but we’re, just not gon na know until you see how he feels – and this is not one of those things where you Just stick a needle in there and play on it. He can’t you can’t play without feeling you can’t play um the way he plays without being able to cut both directions, it’s a brutal situation for the hawks and with giannis. I think the bucks are still in euphoria land that he didn’t tear ligaments in that knee and that there’s a possibility he could come back later in the playoffs but he’s, obviously a further back on his recovery timeline than where trey young is super. Quick, vincent and we’ll have much more time to talk, as the morning goes on. Can the hawks win game six that trae young can’t play uh it it’s tough, but i tell you what they they know what it feels like and they figured out the formula at home how to play together and they’re going to need their guys, their role players To be role players i mean luke williams, he didn’t play well at all and he was the key factor to the success of the hawks at home. So they’re going to need a lot. Clint capela they’re going to need him to play a lot better defensively, first and foremost uh to slow down brook lopez, particularly in the post, so it’s a possibility, but it’s nothing like having trey young on the floor.

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