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This is part of the government’s pilot scheme, so 50 capacity, england, one nil up. Of course, owen morgan, winning the toss and deciding to bowl again let’s show you the teams. For the first time, roy is back after his hamstring strain and tom curran in on his home ground. So both the current brothers playing today, wokes and livingston out three changes for sri lanka have made lots of changes that’s a consequence of a team that is in the doldrums a little bit in any case, but they’re all coming to going well. Players sent home three changes for them today: Music Applause, lovely bathroom, the sanka gets sri lanka’s account underway with the most gorgeous cover, drive, that’s, quite close and yes, rob bailey thinks it’s close enough ball tracking coming up now, pitching in line impacting line and it’s hitting The wicket up so stay with your original decision out i’ll. Let you know when you’re on screen. It looks straight didn’t it at first glance: it was only really the height that could have been any conversation for him, sri lanka, four for one, oh, this is out. Surely, yes, it is that dead swing and avishka fernando got himself in a horrible position. Ball tracking coming up now rob pitching in line impacting line hitting the wickets to stay with your original decision of outro he’s gone for two sri lanka, all kinds of trouble. Six for two golden beautiful sam curran: what a start to this game! This game is enjoying a couple of lbws and now full swinging delivery has castle nisanka and the sanka goes for five.

Visitors are 12. 3 short ball from david willey high on the splice of the bat and straight to square leg. Applause 21 for four beautiful shot; wonderful boundaries from dan and joe to silva Applause, pulled hard and silva looks in a different league at the moment. From the rest, Applause nice drive and enjoy the silver cups and pulls and now the drive he moves to 30 52 for four pulled away: leg side, billings it off in hot pursuit, but the ball is going to win Applause pulled away. Hasn’T got it straight to sam billings; no, no! No! He done so well to help get sri lanka back into a better position. With the silva 86 for five with hassaranga gone for 26., the slight misfield from jason roy will bring up 50 for dan and jaya to see if but Applause 750s for him, his first against england and they desperately needed it as well. Applause goes up, and over and that’ll go all the way for six does get away this time. That was the shot he was trying to play the ball before when the inside edge just went over the top of leg stomp this time off the middle, well good, shot, really good shot, might be that slower ball again from curran. That takes a couple of bounces into the fence, so finishes with a four a well hit for 159 for five sure can and he moves into the 90s now, and that was very deliberately played with that.

Third man up again we’ve seen him hit an uppercut over the top of short third man. This time he just glides it between bear stow and sam curran trouble, though now he’s going to go here, easy catch and well taken by joe root at deep square leg. The short ball has worked well for england today, that’s the third wicket that has come from it and sri lanka have just lost their sixth wicket don’t, miss that and he didn’t. That would be four Applause hard to long off. That’Ll be four that’s two boundaries in this over they’re trying to go after rasheed in his last over it’s nicely timed it’s nicely placed that’s four there’s, a sweeper there hit straight to the sweeper straight to the man in the deep and willie has another one and Shanika for short of a half century, another slower ball inside edge that could go away for four there’s, no fine leg, it’s very square fine leg. Is there a glove on that? I think that is, and that is fifa for sam curran on his home ground Applause. Karuna another good slower ball, but he’s got it away. At the moment, tom curran can’t buy a wicket paul’s the last over up in the air. Fine leg coming in yeah takes the catch good, one from adio, rashid, diving forward and sri lanka nine down. What a day to be a left, armor, nine wickets between them Applause, long on billing, six Applause in the air.

Would anyone get there? It lands between three of them. Even david really gave chase they’ll try for a run out. They don’t come back for three willie finishes with four sam curran with five and the innings finishes 241 for nine. It was a day to be a left armor for england. England won the toss. They decided to have a bowl. Early wickets anchor went for five pereira for a duck, a biscuit fernando for two all three of those wickets to sam curran. Sri lanka followed quickly after for three and they were 21 for four useful partnership: hasaranga 26 shanika 47 21 for karen aratna, fernando 17 and 14 for chamira. So the tail wagging standout player there, dan and jaya de silva 91 at 91 deliveries as well 241 for nine, with the bowling, the two left hammers david willey and sam curran sam curran, getting a five for this game, the rest of them bowled well, but just Couldn’T get on the wickets column Applause. He played a great shot last over to extra cover for none. He’S played a hack this over it’s, a half holly that’s, four more. They just put away the bad ball, they are looking to hit and then they defend yeah it’s, a good shot again mid offs on the edge that shouldn’t be a four. They might have a look at that. He slid there a little bit that four to me. You need to lift that big boot Applause.

He gets it away behind square and that’ll. Be four Applause. Peso gets one away: that’s vintage johnny, bestow Applause! Well, tell you who’s winning the argument right now and it’s, not a seat of fernando Applause. It was a bottom edge over spinner it wasn’t a big leg break anyway. Johnny bestow looking to give himself a bit of room and accessing that offside. He’S bald well gets johnny bestow for 29. england 76, for one Applause takes him to a 50 another one for jason. Roy cricket and again he’s got indians and he’s off to an excellent start. 91 for one we’ve had 16 overs of the run chase 151. More that’s it better wow that’s a powerful shot straight back over there, um Applause short arm, jab gone great catch. Roy has to drag himself from the crease england, 104 it’s running away quickly done extremely well seetha, fernando down there at fine leg couple for root Applause and again over the keeper’s head, four, more Music Applause on the charge because he knew it couldn’t be short again. So he guessed it was going to be somewhere in his half clever batting from the england skipper 141 for two oh that’s beautifully played from joe root talk about experience boy. He was always coming and always trying to hit that for six from the moment he left out of his bunker. He was going to hit that hard Applause and it is 50 for joe root thought about coming back for a second, oh morgan sent him back.

Applause. That’S, the applause of his teammates Applause that’s, a third panel bat looks like runs Applause. I think that will beat deep square leg. It does gets this through and this will be four of them. Lovely Applause, careful two moments of concern here for owen morgan. First of all, the bouncer that wrapped him on the end of the thumb that’s the way to deal with the short ball owen morgan completes this victory for england, a huge grin for england’s one day, captain and england’s test captain who meet in the middle of the Pitch and celebrate another easy victory, really with seven overs to spare 244 for two they’ve knocked these runs off with ease and they take the series two nil: partnership of 140 between england’s captains, joe root, who finished on 68 and owen morgan unbeaten on 75 it’s, a Record third wicket partnership for england against sri lanka in one day cricket and not much joy for the sri lanka bowlers, just a wicked apiece for hassaranga and karuna ratna second game. In this three match series has gone comfortably to england: 244 2 chasing sri lanka’s 241.

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One Day International, England cricket team, Sri Lanka national cricket team, Cricket vs Sri lanka | 2nd ODI Match Highlights | 2021| #srilanka #cricket #England

One Day International, England cricket team, Sri Lanka national cricket team, Cricket VS Sri Lanka 2021 1 St ODI Full Highlights