One Day International, England cricket team, Sri Lanka national cricket team, Cricket VS Sri Lanka 2021 1 St ODI Full Highlights

Welcome to this limited overs game i’m. Mark nicholas i’ll be with you throughout the day’s play. These are two terrific teams and we’re promised an absolute delight in entertainment, he’s struggling to get back here, Music that’s, the red light, he’s out that’s, going a long way, Music huge. That is huge, amazing, well, that’s, a lazy shot. You know what a waste not at this level that is as comprehensive. Well, you know, i think the captain might be forced to make a change here. I mean it’s bad bowling, it’s too short and it’s losing momentum. A perfectly timed shot for four. A good shot saw it early, got in position quickly and nailed it oh well taken now he made that catch look easy, but it was far from gets his first pick. I picked it up nicely and it’s got informal didn’t. He do well with klingon. This is a match. That’S had everything so far, can the second innings possibly match it well to find out, for you is richie bennett. Thank you. Mark he’s got it into the gap fueled by the man out long on feel his appeal, but uh. He was quite comfortably home. He has smashed that a long long way that is great to watch for the neutral, not so good for the bowler yourself, a complimentary beverage son expertly held now. The early wicket will get all the fielders buzzing Music that’s racing away to the battle. Oh great stroke, my goodness, this guy can play what a pleasure to watch him too Music, just a little chip over the infield and beautifully placed that takes a bit of double figures.

You can’t set feels for a shot like that brilliant there’ll be bruises to show after this encounter plenty of them and they’ve wrapped up this limited overs fixture with a great win. They came into the game, well prepared and ready to produce the goods and that’s exactly what they did. That’S it from me. That’S it from richie. Two we’ve had a splendid day here.

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One Day International, England cricket team, Sri Lanka national cricket team, Cricket vs England 2nd ODI full highlight.

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