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I Music, the defensive stroke was a grope more than anything else short ball from david willey high on the splice of the bat and straight to square leg. Applause pulled away. Hasn’T got it straight to sam burns; no, no! No! He done so well to help get sri lanka back into a better position with the silva. It looked like he was getting twitchy and he wanted to take on the boundary leg side that slight misfield from jason roy will bring up 50 for dan and jaya to see it. Applause 750’s with him his first against england. Applause goes up, and over and that’ll go Applause through the lineup morgan dude straight away. Trouble, though now he’s gon na go here easy catch and well taken by joe root at deep square leg. The short ball has worked well for england today, that’s the third wicket that has come from it it’s hard there’s, a sweeper there hit straight to the sweeper straight to the man in the deep and willie has another one and shanika for sure to the half century. Applause, i think that is – and that is fifa for sam curran on his home ground, brilliant with the new ball and now finishes it off with the old, unbelievable, really good bowling from sam carr on that terrific cricketer for england off late. The confidence that he’s shown the consistency as well with bowling is the man of the series in the t20 and here again showing his credentials.

He’S been a superb fine for england. Up in the air. Fine leg coming in yeah takes the catch good one for maduroshi, diving forward and sri lanka. Nine down another batsman falling out to the full shot, a very good catch there by adil, rashid, two wickets and two balls long on killing six. But i think you’ll be happy with the end result. A six over long on yeah always know in the air. Would anyone get there? It lands between three of them. Even david willie gave chase they’ll try for a run out. They don’t come back for three willie finishes with four sam curran with five and the innings finishes 241 for nine good start Applause, yeah they’ve got to be on the money was a time when 240 was a good score. Well tell you who’s winning the argument right now and it’s, not a secret. Fernando Applause, never take a sleeping tiger, they say pesto on the front foot just going up and over mid off the last ball was a short one. So, as a bowler, you generally tend to correct it and go fuller. He was waiting for that. He just got under it and what a beautiful swing of the band it was a bottom edge over spinner it wasn’t a big leg break anyway. Johnny bestow looking to give himself a bit of room and accessing that offside and he could only chop it onto his off stump back onto the stump, but this time to a spinner, a proper leg, spinner looking to cut a ball, he looked back at the pre Plane temple takes him to a 50 another one for jason.

Roy and again he’s got newman’s innings off to an excellent start. 91 for one we’ve had 16 overs of the run chase and then the 151 more short on jab gone great catch Applause. Roy has to drag himself from the crease that’s. A splendid bit of cricket splendid bit of fielding rottner loves a short ball. He pulled a lot of them in the previous game up in darwin. Here again, jason roy pulling it so far in front of square and straight to short, midwicket, brilliant catch, brilliant effort by the baller boy. He was always coming and always trying to hit that for six from the moment he left out of his bunker. He was going to hit that half. He make sure he clears the boundary another option. This is the full toss made even easier for him. You could see how high he holds. The back makes it easy for him to hit sixes. Oh cool he’s living a charmed life, six they’re, nearly lvw nearly chopping on dropped, that’s smiling at the minute Applause. Music.

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One Day International, England cricket team, Sri Lanka national cricket team, Cricket vs England 2nd ODI full highlight.