Raj Kaushal, Mandira Bedi, Bollywood Update | Mandira Bedi's husband Raj Kaushal passes away

We lost filmmaker and producer raj kosciel this morning very sad. He was one of the producers of my first film. One of those few who believed in our vision and supported us prayers for his soul. The terrible news has left everyone in shock. Filmmaker roshan abbas wrote, heard the terrible news about raj kaushal. May your jar of hope always be filled in the afterlife as it was here. I will miss you terribly strength to the family and friends. Cautious funeral was attended by his friends from the industry, including apoorvagnihotri, dinomoria and ashish chaudhry among others. Raj is survived by his wife, mandira and two children veer and tara. The couple adopted tara in 2020. raj directed bollywood films such as anthony conheir, shadi, color 2 and pyarma kabhi kabhi, Music, bollywood, legend dilip kumar has been hospitalized once again. For the second time. This month, the 98 year old actor was admitted to the intensive care unit of hinduja hospital car on tuesday after reportedly complaining of breathlessness, as per reports he’s stable. Now this is the second time this month that the veteran actor has been admitted to hospital. He was hospitalized on june 6 after experiencing breathlessness and was later discharged on june 11., the 98 year old actor was hospitalized last month as well. However, he was discharged after two days: dilip kumar’s real name is muhammad yusuf. Khan. The veteran actor was last seen on the big screen in gila. In 1998.

he was honored with dada sahabwalki award in 1994 and the padma bibhushan in 2015. in a career spanning five decades. He had gifted us classics such as devdas, mugliazam and nyador actor. Ranveer singh is known for his quirky fashion sense from casuals to formals. The actor knows how to pull off any outfit in style on wednesday ranveer shared some pictures of himself on instagram in the pictures. Ranveer is seen wearing a blue track suit by gucci. He is also seen carrying a black leather handbag and a pair of sunglasses. He completed the look with heavy cold jewelry and dramatic long haired weight in one of the photos. Ranveer is seen wearing red hat and a brown coat. Ranbir’S look is going viral on social media. His look is getting mixed response from the audience. Ranveer has a string of films lined up for release. He will be seen in kabir khan’s 83. He also has jesh bhai, jordan and circus Music. Finally, the much awaited trailer of tufan is out. The film starts for halak 3rd vernal taco in lead roles. Sharing the trailer on instagram for han wrote, tufan trailer the storm has arrived. Are you ready? Tufan revolves around the life of aju, an orphan born in mumbai’s dongri, who grows up to be a local goon. His life changes when he meets a bright and a compassionate young woman ananya, whose belief in him motivates him to find his passion as he embarks on his journey to becoming aziz ali.

A boxing champion on wednesday, the team of tufan attended the trailer launch event of the film during the trailer launch event. Farhan was asked how challenging it was for him to prepare to play the role of a boxer. He said it was like a leap training every four years. Basically, you know the thing is i’ve managed to keep myself fit for most of it. So, whenever i need to start doing something new, i think that little advantage of having a basic, a good level of endurance and fitness helps boxing uh or something like that. So for that period of time, roughly about eight nine months, i was training um and what rakesh is saying and all that is very exciting when you get into it. But as you start training for the sport, you realize you are not prepared to take on the sport of boxing with that attitude in mind: it’s not possible um, it is dear. It is an extremely demanding sport which spot do they think is most demanding. They’Ll probably tell you that it’s it’s boxing um, there is also a mental aspect to the game and an emotional aspect to the game. So it’s actually like playing chess with your opponent but you’re using your body to play it. You know so um you’re constantly engaged um, so it was um a very uh. It was difficult, learning it, but very very exciting because of what it is that we were going to make.

So that gives you a certain uh that gives you fuel, um and similarly i’ll actually go back to bhagavad gabag because it was mentioned, but you don’t feel like you’re training for three hours. You feel like you’re doing what is right for what is being asked of you. So that is what kept me going through the through the training through the shoot um, and it was so. The fitness aspect of me is one part of the film and the manifestation. Physically screenplay, so everybody reacts to it very positively. Thank you, but it’s not about that it’s, not it’s, actually about what’s going on inside that you’re being able to see on the outside renault two talked about her role in the film. What can fans expect? I think it’s a slice of life, everybody in their life. They they go through some problems, struggles, uh and the thing is to never give up and i’m proud – and i i can i’m sitting here in you know on the stage and i’ve met a lot of people in my life who’ve. Never given up – and i so my character, this journey is literally an amalgamation of my friends, my family, my co actors, my my director and agar, sir, this deadly combination. At this initial stage of my career, it means the world to me directed by rakesh um prakash mehra. The film also features parish, rawal, supriyapatha, kapoor hussein, dalal, darshan, kumar and vijayaraz dufan will release on amazon prime video actress, anushka sharma, along with her cricketer husband, virat kohli, recently raised funds for kobe 19 relief.

Now the actress has launched a new initiative to support maternal health. Alushka has put some of her maternity clothes for an online charity, sale hi, guys i’m thrilled to share my new closet sharing initiative through which i’ve picked out some of my favorite maternity clothes for an online charity sale. If even one percent of pregnant women in urban india bought one piece of pre loved maternity clothing over a new manufactured one, then we could save water that a single person could drink for over 200 years. I thought that was a really cool fact. Proceeds from your purchases will help support maternal health through sneha. The environmental savings of buying these pieces, pre loved, would amount to over 2.5 lakh liters of drinking water visit. Salt scout dot, com, slash dolce v, slash, anushka, sharma, so take care, stay, safe and happy shopping. Anushka and husband. Virat became parents to daughter vamika in january. The actress has two films in the pipeline.

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