LEGO, Bowser, Mario Series ARLY LEGO Super Mario Bros & Marvel Sets Haul!

I actually thought only one thing was coming today, but uh two things are so uh yeah lets start with the smallest one. On top. I actually, i think i know what this is. Im pretty sure, if its something else, i might not be able to show it but uh all right all right. Here we go okay, it is what i thought and it is the brand new nano gauntlet set, which uh should be available on august. The first you can actually pre order, this already, which you can use uh affiliate links, if you havent done so already, but yeah im excited about this. I feel like its too soon to get this, as in, like we just had the other gauntlet last year, but still really awesome. I i would have preferred like the eye of agamotto or a helmet, or something like that for black panther or ant man or something, but i dont know still really awesome like. It looks great. I think all right heres, the one that, like im most excited for, because ive never been offered this and youll see what i mean in a second. This is all of well, almost all of the summer mario sets, and what im excited about here is ive. Never gotten the summer wave, which means ive never been offered, never been offered a character before so now, ive got a character. Super super early im so excited about peach like i, i really love this theme and the fact here that weve got peach is just like.

Also, i havent looked at the boxes. I know i was told that theres something really cool on the back of one of them, so were gon na. Take a look at all these. These are because, at the time we only had like just one picture, so we dont know really any of the play features or whats going on here. You could rebuild it to make a swing: thats, cool um but yeah. I love that were getting lemmy here, a yellow, toad and uh peach is so cool im, so excited im so excited. The issue is as well that i always face with mario is, if im offered them uh, the actual app has not updated yet so thats uh always very interesting um, but this is the cat peach suit and frozen tower. I love this. I love the idea of suits being in sets um not just like the little expansion, the small ones, but yeah really cool. I dont know how i feel about kamik being in a set so soon, but the cat, goombas, really cool and the the scared toad as well to rescue like and just the suit itself is really awesome. Of course, one of the biggest draws here um, but you could see uh you got ta, collect all the fruits thats sort of this ongoing thing in this wave as we go through here, um, oh yeah, oh yeah, we do have a suit. I forgot about this sort of suit.

This is the goomba shoe um and yeah im. All for these brick built uh suits like they did, that with uh bowsers clown car, so really love that thats, exciting, but uh yeah very cute were probably gon na review. This with i dont know with all with mario and peach. I dont really know how to quite do this. Oh, i am missing the smallest set, the fuzzy one um that will be arriving at some point in august. They said its delayed, but uh ill probably find it earlier. If i do want to do that, but yeah this is cute yoshis gift house. You can see the present there and uh here on the back. You can see because we never saw the interior hes got a bed on the inside and the little present with a crank or something i dont know what the crank does the the the hmm? What does that do? Look at the gear in dark, green thats, pretty cool this one im really excited for, because i love the enemies in this set um the big spikes cloud top challenge. I love the environment as well, really cool that its up in the clouds you got like the vines growing to climb up, but the boomerang bro is awesome as well as uh. The big spike is so cool. I cannot wait to see how that works, actually throwing it. Also, these mushrooms can have you jump and stuff like look at that thats, so cool, also dangerous, because marios really expensive um, but at piranha plant there, pretty cool as well.

Yeah im excited about that one. Um, this is the box of them and i cant open this since uh. Technically we havent seen this. This is um this they dont really upload pictures for, but this is really cool. I love the look here for the box, the whole design of this its strange because its wide here were gon na look at this separately here in a minute um. But this is the one that i heard theres, some really cool stuff with all right. So this is the little display box here again. Weve never really seen this before so really cool, just to see how they are designing it now that were down to eight of them theyre also now in boxes. Unfortunately, um dont know how i feel about that. The characters are bigger, but youd think they would have learned from video, but it looks like its going to be happening not only to mario, but also just the minifigures in general here so really big display. Here there we go. Look at this all very cool. This will be a separate unboxing, video um but uh weird to have this in hand here crazy uh. I dont know what theyre thinking with this. Hopefully i do get a full set here, theres one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight! So hopefully, each row is a complete set thats. What i hope here um, but i really love the way like this is one of the best waves, even though theres only eight, like, i think, like th, this is great.

I was just playing these super mario brothers on the switch, because i wanted to play mario game recently. Baby yoshi is fantastic makes me, laugh all the time red yoshi, the hammer, bro and nabbit is just and the purple toad like these are all great. I im not too sure, like i dont, have any experience playing with those two guys. I was told this is from yoshis island or something but yeah im. I dont know about this like this is a fantastic wave im, just so sad theyre in these these boxes. Ah, all right here is what i think a lot of people are excited for peachs castle. Personally, my favorite set here of the wave besides like peach like im, excited for peach because the character, but this is the best build, i think some really great builds. But this is really really cool. Oh i also i forgot to mention. I also didnt get the exclusive one that was just revealed this week, the big bad uh set, which is a shame because its a really fantastic set, um anyways this one, i was told theres some really cool stuff on the back, which means that its a reference That im going to understand because im not the biggest like im, not an uber, mario fan or anything, but i played enough games like i grew up on a few of them and obsessed with uh, specifically super mario 64.. So i love love, love, peachs castle, that beautiful print there.

All these are prints. Keep that in mind. Everything you see here are all prints and to have ludwig here is awesome and toadette and the goomba obviously biggest draw there here we go. This is uh. My live reaction because i have avoided seeing all this. I remember in the description here. They said that his uh his chair spins around there, so you could see that youve got the throne for for peach, but then this pops out look at that. Look at the purple parts there so that pops out, i guess, underneath thats, crazy, um, all right heres where things get interesting. Oh so we have a little picture frame there. Oh thats, so cool that must have been what they were talking about and the cake. Oh, the cake is included, thats right, the cakes included we saw that from before, but look at all of the references there even the little floor there from super mario 64. thats so cool. I love that thats connected that you could drop the picture frame there thats. So cool the fact that thats there is crazy to me. I wish there were more portraits in here, though, all the clock too. Oh my goodness and theres that there too, that is, awesome, thats, so cool love, the interior wow. This is such a good playset im. So glad i didnt look at the picture, so i can react, live wow. This is awesome. I really love just like the builds here.

Im so excited for this. So there we go. This is everything that arrived today and im so excited again. The fuzzy set thats gon na be coming soon and ill do a review of the other one as well, probably because i just love the concept of the large enemies for mario but im so excited and uh im.

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