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Now, in this video we are going to be reviewing a Super Mario set, and this one is called Bowsers Castle, boss battle, and this came with a thousand and ten pieces, four Minifigures at the time of its release and 20 20., it was sold for around 100. Why did I get this set right here was because this is the only set. I believe that you can get the big Bowser in right there. Getting the boo character is also cool all the way to the left right here by the castle Dry Bones. I just thought all around character selection. This is a really solid set to get right here, and I thought the castle for Bowser looked really really cool, as you can see behind him its supposed to be his face and his arms, his arms are actually up in the air right now. I thought the whole lava theme, usually lava themes or games or in the Mario games, are kind of hard for me, and I just love the way this constructed it came out. I thought it looked fantastic. The lava coming out of the windows kind of right there, just the different platforms. We have some cool little playful features in here. I thought it was a super solid set. Now I have to I had in this set right here. I was the most frustrated because I felt like either I was really misinterpreting these instructions because I had a couple problems like just building some stuff and maybe youll see.

Maybe I got some stuff wrong, but overalls probably like the most challenging one Ive built yet just because I was just getting really frustrated building this set right here, but now lets take a closer look at the Minifigures and then the build itself. The first character were going to be looking at in this set right here is called the lava bubble now I do believe it comes in another set right here, but I thought this is a pretty solid, build really easy to build. What I like about it. A lot are these: like translucent, like orange kind of fire pieces right there. I thought that was really cool to get at the back of it. You can see the scanner is going to be right. There nice little Stripes right there, nice little logo on the corner of it. The face print, really really cool. I like that. A lot like I said easy to build. I like the way the character came out. The next character were going to be talking about. Is the boot minifigure now its interesting booed, this small, because just by looking at it in the games or whatever hes a a pretty big character? Well, I guess it depends on the game too, because sometimes hes about as small as dry bones and sometimes hes as big as Bowser is in the back. So its kind of I guess just depending on the game you want to go by and this one is more much more Square than I expected.

You would think they would have maybe built a more rounder kind of Circle. But again maybe somebody can construct that and it can look really good or maybe it was kind of impossible with the whole face going on. But again it came out really interesting, Im, not really yay or nay on it super yet, but I thought the face print. The face came out good, its like two different bricks right here, so its not like one whole tile, its two different Lego pieces, so that was that scanner is going to be right there on top of it with the boo logo right there. Next to it. This is the side, pretty simple right here, uh this little piece right here, this little C hook right here is whats, going to be hanging onto the side of the castle, which I will show yall thats. What holds it in place right there. So it looks like its levitating, but overall pretty interesting character. The third minifigure were going to be talking about. Is the dry bones minifigure? Now I believe this is the only set. You can get this character in right here. I, like the pieces that are involved in this character right here these two, I guess it would be the the arms and the legs are this kind of like aqua color. I dont think the camera really gives off how cool, but I like the color they like this color a lot. I thought it came really solid.

The whole shell. We got a little printed piece right. There theres, like kind of like a tan color in the middle, really really good, and it pops up really nice against his shell right here, which is kind of like a gray right there, which I thought came out, really solid. The scanner for it is on the back of it. Also. This is the other side flat pieces right here again we have a brick right there for the eyes uh for a piece right for the nose and the mouth right there on the bottom. So, overall, I thought this came out really cool. I really like how this Dry Bones character came out in this form right here. The final character were going to be talking about in this set, and it is probably my favorite out of the four we get. It is the browser now I like the way this came out a lot. I thought it was going to be a tad bit bigger because it is kind of like just body then like its got his head and then feet almost to the ground. I would think the body could be a little more bigger but Im pretty sure we can customize that and make it look kind of crazy, but yeah like overall this wasnt too bad to build. I thought it was going to be a little more complicated, but it was pretty solid to build it there. The head build of it is probably my favorite.

I have to dissect this a little bit more. I love the pieces in the head, the greens and the Reds really pop out against each other. The horns on the side came out really nice. The hands came in pretty solid too. This is the back of its shell right here. I like that, a lot. The little scanner code is in the middle right there, these little pointy pieces we get right. There saw a really nice touch to it and what moves up and down or kind of all around or is going to be the arms, its not really uh stiff at all. It goes around pretty smoothly, so the arms really solid right there, and this is the mouth right here, which you kind of cant, see it unless you kind of go from the bottom of it too. So a little printed piece right, there little teeth pieces right there again I thought: could it have been better? Yes, it could have been, could have been a little bit bigger in my opinion, but from where we at and what we got Id say its pretty solid. Overall, talk about some of the builds that are in this set right here and some of the Play features that are with it now. As you can see, this is a really big set so much as I couldnt even get the bottom part to fit on my table right here, because if I do itll like be hanging right off of the edge of right there, as you can see bam, its Literally kissing the corners and the edges of this table right here, so this is a really, even when I put it on my bookcase to display its a really big set.

So after Im done with this Im, probably going to just disassemble it because, like I said theres, some cool Play features over it, but overall its okay. It doesnt its not like my absolute favorite set, so I can give so much space to it. I really dont want to do that, but some of the aspects of this Builder here so as you can take a look right here. This first part right here of this build is kind of a little platform where the lava bubble is going to sit at right. Here you can push this up and down its going to shoot the character off right there. So thats like the first build that goes into this set right here. So lets take a little closer look at some of the other builds right here. So you walk in. You have a little platformer here which either your character like the morrow character or one of the enemies can stand on. So I have the lava bubble right. There perhaps a little fire accessories right here, really nice and cool, and then we have like a little wah kind of like with two little towers right here, which I have the dry bones sitting right here and this one is empty. There is nothing behind them at all, Mario, though Mario theme theres, not really that much substance in the towers really or the houses, its just kind of like the shell and thats, really it now from what Im, assuming this is probably like lava coming out of it Right here, which, if Im right, thats cool if Im wrong, then let me know what it is down below these cool little points right here to it now.

This right here is going to be a play feature in this area. Here you have the Mario and youre kind of going to be turning this back around like that and trying to knock the Bowser off so youre able to you know, smash them, get some points and then theres that right there and then right here, as you can See the bridge right here that leads to Nowhere or leads to the back of it, which there is nothing really in the back besides like gears and sticks and the outer sides of it so its nothing really to write home about. But they had a little Bowser right there to sit right there in front of it the two little castles or towers that we have right here. One of them has the boo character right here and, as you can see, it can rotate it around right here, because you have a scanner code right here that if you had the morrow on it, itll like have like a little theme playing that hes. Like kind of flying around in circles right there – and this is what I was talking about with the boot character right here – how hes hanging on by like a little stick right there, so that was really cool again. Nothing in the towers, like I said earlier, you have a little flag right here for a Bowser to represent that its his castle, so thats cool right there too.

Again, we have a platform brick right here, which, if you push this up right here, its gon na shoot the arm to go up in the air, and then it shows you uh one of the bricks that comes in this. We get two bricks that come in this set right here, which is a Time brick right here. This blue one right here, which adds more time to your course right here and then, if you take a look to the other side right here, if you knock his arm up itll, that one will go up right there too, and we have a question mark. That comes with Specialties, I.E, mushrooms, extra time on the clock or more coins right here and then on this other side. Here we have the other little castle that theres nothing really to it at all its just kind of like a little platform, this one doesnt spin at all it just kind of goes into the set like that. So again, nothing too crazy to write home about with this set right here or with this Castle right here. So lets kind of give you a little run through lets kind of play with it for a quick second and then um yeah Ill. Give you my final thoughts on it, so we are going to turn on the Mario and kind of get like a little kind of BS play through with this right here, its not going to be the most like exciting one right here.

So you get your tunnel! You start the time right there. You got about 60 seconds on the clock and then lets see we can we knock him down. We got a corn right there so now lets see. If we can get this, we got coins right there for him too. So now we got the Blake play feature right here, so lets try to knock these arms up. Music got that one down were gon na. Add some more time on the clock right there we got about 30 seconds yeah, and then we got a little question mark right there, more mushroom right there lets see if we can try to take out Bowser right here and then lets see were gon na. Take him out were gon na. Take him out, you guys. Oh, we got to do a little dirt, we dirtied it up. We got the Bowser and then Music completed the track right there and lets see what do we got? What do we got? What do we got? 42 coins right there, not too bad, probably my personal best honestly. I dont really play this too often right there, but that right there was a very terrible run through of what this course is right here. Overall thoughts thought it was solid at the time. Would I buy it again? Probably not its just so big and there are cool Play, features with it. If youre a completist, then you really have to get this set theres some cool aspects of it like getting the Bowser and the boo, but I dont know if Id buy it again were gon na put that on hold.

If I ever buy this set again but yeah – and that is my thoughts on this set right here – well there you have it. Hopefully everybody enjoyed this review. If you did give me a thumbs up and share this video on Facebook, Twitter, whatever you got ta make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel like the Facebook page again more videos coming out very soon. I think this is gon na be the last Mario set. I do for a while, because this is all I have right here: uh so well be going back into some more Marvel, DCs type of stuff and, of course, getting some more top 10 or discussion videos out pretty soon.

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