LEGO, Mario Series, Bowser 3D World All Levels!! (Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Mod)

So this level might look familiar to some of you and thats, because this looks like the beginning of world 1 1 from super mario bros, except this is in super mario 3d world. So we have all kinds of different moves that we can do. We can do ground pounds, we can do dives like this. We can shoot fireballs. Well, i guess you could shoot fireballs in the original super mario bros, but just like in the original super mario bros theres, an invisible block here with a one up mushroom which is really nice, lets go down this pipe, and that brings us to this secret area. Just like the one that you have in the original super mario bros, but look at this. These blocks are a different color and if we break these, then the first green star of the level spawn so lets go into this pipe over here. And that brings us to over here. Normally you can do a skip like this in super mario bros. So lets see what the super mario 3d world level is like lets just make our way across here. Oh hello, there goombas okay, lets just bump. Here, oh, be careful, stay back, dont touch me buzz! Lets go over here because i know that theres going to be an invincibility star somewhere around here. Oh no, oh, no! No dont hurt me my bros im getting the star and there we go with this star. We can stomp through these guys, no problem there.

We go okay, but there was this one part of the level that we did skip through so lets see if we can go over there. Okay, so lets get up here. First, please get up here! Mario! Thank you. Now just jump across here and look at these goombas right over here, hello, there goombas bam, squish the goomba, and we got another fireflower over here. So the first pipe that we took was actually right over here that took us to the underground area and that lets you basically skip through this whole section over here and in speedruns of super mario bros. They do go that way. Anything in these vlogs here, though, oh you can also get a power up over there. Okay, so now we have a power up in storage. Now lets just make our way up here. Be careful. Do not fall because you die if you do fall there. Wait. Is this also a power up? Okay, that one is just a coin. Lets make our way up and normally this is where the level ends, but instead were going into a pipe here, and that brings us to right over here and look at the cool colors of these goombas. I love this. I love these little goombas over here. Okay, so this is what world 1 2 in super mario bros looks like. Oh, oh, and this blog has multiple coins, so lets keep getting coins. Normally you could get up to 10 coins from one of those blocks.

Okay, but lets see lets see. I got ta get rid of this guy over here there we go okay, that guys out of the way now you got ta get out of the way now lets do this lets drop this cooper shell in here, oh the cooper shell didnt, go where i wanted. It to lets see, will it come back? Oh cool, i dont know where you came from, but i dont want to lose the shell. I want to use the shell. I want to do something cool with it. I want to go like this whoa. What is happening to the shell? The shell is going wild, oh my goodness, oh its, because the level isnt actually 2d, because you can move forward and back a bit thats. Why that shell was being a little weird. Okay, lets go in here, lets jump and look at this. We can keep bouncing on this shell repeatedly and we can keep getting many many lives like this great way to get lots of lives. Okay, but we have plenty of lives so lets get out of here. Oh nice, nice and lets just make our way through here get rid of those guys hello. There guys, oh hello there little goombas over here man, the fire flower power up, is so nice for dealing with these guys. We can just make our way through the level over here bounce across over here lots of coins. Thank you. Take out some of these guys over here.

You little troublemakers. You bam eat. My fire flower now lets go down this pipe over here because you can go down this pipe in the original super. Mario bros weve got more of these blocks over here. So look at this. If we destroy all these blocks, these different colored blocks, then another green star appears for us and instead of walking around, we can actually oh can we grab down there. We cant grab these wait. What about these there we go, we can grab on through those okay. So some of those they turn into coins, but the other ones we can go through, which is pretty nice, and then we pop out over here, which is where we just were now lets, go like this goodbye little goombas over there and the color of these goombas. They actually remind me of the goombas from paper, mario. If we ride up here, we actually get the stamp up there, theres a stamp hidden up there. I really like these moving platforms. Theyre really cool, okay and you guys might have noticed that if we had some different colored blocks earlier when we destroyed them, then we got green stars and over here this is no exception. We got another green star, so we go through the pipe and theres a gold pole over here and if we jump to the gold pole, its actually a fake. But there is a lego power up over here for mario to collect.

So what happens if he gets? This power up Music. That brings us to the start of the game over here, and we are a lego mario over here, which looks fantastic, and the funny thing is that mario and luigi actually share the same hands. So, even though mario is all lego, we can see that luigi actually has lego hands which looks hilarious because hes completely normal, except he has his lego hands and this lego, mario looks fantastic. So we are also going to be brought to a lego level where we are going to be playing as lego, mario, but i just love how this lego, mario looks so much. He looks so great with the others, and the lego luigi has just looked way too. Good yeah, so bowser does appear at the start of the game. Luigi, covering his face with the lego head, looks so funny. He looks like he can almost grab his nose with his lego head its just so good. It suits him so well. Could you imagine if luigi always had lego hands, wait and hes going to smack himself in the face soon now yeah with his lego hands like that, so mario goes to his first level as being the lego character. This is a very exciting level over here we can see that these coins over here they have the actual lego symbol on them, which is pretty cool, but since this is now in the wii, u version of the game, because this mod was specifically made for the Wii? U version of the game we cant do dives while we are in the air, so that might be a little bit tricky for us.

We have to be careful with how we move along over here. Oh and i really like the little mario details that we have okay so lets just make our way up here should be able to jump on this and thats a nice way to get up here and get this green star. Beautiful beautiful, beautiful, okay lets go over here. Oh theres, an invisible guy right over here man ive been playing a lot of mario odyssey recently so im tempted to just try to capture that guy with cappy, but theyre wow. The giant piranha plant just defeated that koopa troopa over there. I thought that they were supposed to be friends. They just defeated them. Okay, theres a windmill up. There lets grab oh boy, i missed the green star lets go. We can get this green star and there we go, we got it and we managed to come back safely. Very nice, okay, hello! There, you little goombas, oh boy, oh boy lets get the goombas there. We go okay! Now? What about you? Oh, my goodness! I bounced right on him and there we go squished him and lots of coins come out for us as a reward. What about this guy? How are we going to get you? What are we going to do with you and there we go squish the guy over there. Wait what about these, where the red coins going to appear? Oh nice theyre just in a circle like this, that should be really easy to get now.

Thats, fantastic, okay, but you know what lets try to do this without the power up so lets head. This way lets pass by this retro mario right over here. We can just destroy our way through him, which is quite nice over here. Okay, theres, a power up. Can we get through without the power up, though, lets see? Oh boy, stay away from the koopa troopa get up here and wait a minute wait a minute hold on. Oh, my goodness, we are the giant lego. Mario lets destroy everything as the giant lego, mario, destroy everything. Oh, oh and theres a little baseball over there thats very nice. I wonder if theres going to be anything in these blocks, lets try and destroy these blocks. I dont know if we have to destroy them or if we have to destroy these pipes. Oh, i also love how were uh kicking along the baseball over here, thats, quite nice. How were doing that? Okay lets see? Oh, you die if you go there, whoa whoa, okay, okay, okay, hold on! We didnt go up here. Yet what is up here? Okay, it looks like just a place to get some power. Ups theres a cool looking windmill over here, but i dont think theres anything that we can do at the windmill. I really like how the windmill does have like actual lego stuff on it down there too. Okay, so lets drop down here then, because this is where we were going to a moment ago: whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa.

So many little guys over here, so many little guys over here. Okay lets see. Can we get that and survive or no lets go okay, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I just thought of a good idea. I just thought of a really good idea. Okay lets do this lets destroy some of these enemies that are in our way. I was thinking that maybe wed have to use the tanooki leaf power up in order to reach that green star over there. But i just got a great idea. So the power ups like the tanuki leaf power up and the super bowl power up and the fire flower power they havent been added to this mod yet. But i think i have an idea about how we can get that green star without using the power ups and without dying, and that is by using this baseball over here and throwing it at the green star lets see if we can get it yeah, we got It all right lets go okay. Now we can just make our way through here. Lets just be careful with these spideys over here dont touch mario stay away from mario, oh man that was close. Okay now lets just go in here. Launch me up. There are we going above the windmill, we went over the windmill – oh my goodness, look at that and look at where we are over here now. There is a very nice lego design over here and theres.

Also some stuff left over from the original super bell. Hill. Back there lets just make our way here, hello, there little friend what are you doing my little friend my big big galoomba? Oh, my goodness, he turned into a little pancake now. Can i make this jump depth wise? Do i know where it is lets see? Oh, oh boy, we made it, we made it dead. We got the step. Okay now lets just get back there. We go okay, so we should have everything in the level now lets just make it across this bridge and look at that theres. The end of the level we have a very nice castle over here, a fountain and oh top of the golf ball there we go. I really recommend my video, where mario visits all nintendo console levels like the giant gamecube in super mario odyssey. Thank you.

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