LEGO, Mario Series, Bowser go Mario Big Bad Island Expansion Set – Review and Comparison

This is great news. Lego decided that the beach expansion sets werent enough, and now they are bringing an extra set with a new koopaling. This means we got larry, bowser, jr, ludwig and lammy koopa, and now weve got eddie. This summer is going to be heaven and for the first time they put some giant characters in there. This lego set is crazy and it gets a definite 10 out of 10.. Its a proof, look for these goombas guys, you have the regular one. I have the giant one. This is so awesome and how cool is this giant koopa troopa and he has a red shell. That makes him even more cute, but my favorite one is definitely eggy. Look at his eyes its so awesome and look at his teeth, its so cool the detail of it. Each set comes with its own little island and the first one were going to take a closer look at is the island of giant koopa troopa. This giant koopa troopas can be found in different games all the way back to mario bros 3.. We will take a look at him in mario pros deluxe, where he typically appears in the swamp levels of the soda jungle, and then he has this giant gomba here i will also need soda jungle and also mario party 10. hes, so cool guys and his island Has a special button that can throw him off his island. This is so awesome and, as always, we compare the lego version with the original version.

Look at the detail, guys even the hands its amazing. We already have this normal kubota, but this giant one has a level up. We will also take a look at the giant goomba and i really love this shape. I think its more cool than the little goombas now lets take a look at these characters in mario bros deluxe in the soda jungle were going to show you all the giant characters in one level, also a giant piranha plant and a giant green koopa troopa. Hopefully, lego will work on that soon. The soda jungle is the jungle themed fifth world of new super mario bros. U new super luigi! U and of course, new super mario bros, u deluxe its the largest world in the game, both physically and in terms of courses. This world is inspired by the giant land from super mario bros 3.. This is the only world that has big variations of the small enemies like big goombas and giant piranha plant. The boss of the soda jungle is eggy koopa, so it only makes sense that lego releases a set with two giants and iggy next month. Lego is releasing peachs castle. Expansion set big spikes cloud top challenge. Expansion set the adventures with the beach starter course. The big bad island expansion set what you see here in this video, then we have fuzzy, flippers expansion set, goomba, shoe expansion set and the character packs series five, but thats. Not all you have two more sets.

You have the cat peach suit and frozen tower. Expansion set and yoshis gift house: this is a huge release guys. I think this is the biggest release since they started with lego, mario, we are going to try to get our hands on every single set and we will do a speed build of all of them. The only thing that makes me a little bit sad is the price this time around. The price is really high. They even upped the price from the character bags, Music. Okay, guys we are in the middle of the level. We just took the little flag and we already saw a lot of giant enemies and, as you can see, when mario fires at the enemies, they dont die immediately. You have to fire them a couple of times before they go away. Im wondering if their reaction with lego mario will be the same well make sure to test every reaction of every new character. Once we have all the sets guys did you know that the giant goomba appears in so many mario games? He appears in super mario bros 3, but also mario 64 and mario galaxy 1 and 2, and even a new super mario bros wii and in super mario 3d land. He even appears with a bigger tail, but the most difficult one to defeat is the one in super mario galaxy 2.. He just doesnt want to die. It is crazy. The red giant koopa is much more aware.

He only appears in new super mario bros. U and in super mario bros 3., the green one, on the other hand, appears in more games like, for example, mario 64.. This giant green cover guys is also fine in super mario galaxy, too. Okay, guys now weve. Given you a nice idea of what the giant koopa troopa and the giant goomba are going to look like now, lets move on to the last character and our personal favorite iggy koopa were going to bed all of this new sets as soon as possible, and here You have iggy koopa on his little lava platform, and the platform also has a lever, so you can throw him off his platform. This is gon na, be so much fun. To be honest, if you look for his eyes on his knees, its so adorable, i am going to give lego 9 out of 10, because the only thing i dont agree with is surprise. Youre right, it is a little bit expensive. Now lets take a look at iggy in mario bros, wii Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, huh; okay, guys. This is the end of the video. If you enjoyed this review, then give it a big thumbs up and dont miss the next video, because were gon na be doing much more reviews in the future.

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