LEGO, Mario Series, Bowser Review LEGO Super Mario 71410 Charakter Serie 5

This video is all about the brand new 71410. The new collector series character, collector series number five eight to collect from lego super mario. The figures are bigger this time and will cost about 599 euros, at least in germany. We do have more parts in the bags or its not a bag, at all its a its a box right now and yeah. I got this early from lego now end of june and if you ever watch the video from us, you might know that we will now start with an unboxing of the box here, followed by a speed belt, built of the eight different characters. And then a review of the set yeah you can visit us on instagram also or leave us a comment here on youtube would be very great to improve this channel and if you ever have the chance to visit germany make sure to visit our small toy shop Near centro, in oberhausen, germany, thats all for the moment and lets directly jump into the unboxing have fun well. Lets now open the box and, like the minifigure series before you can present them on the cashier disc like this, and we have 2 4. 6. 8. 10. 16 of these small boxes in the box so could be too serious at all, and i already opened one so i can show you the content of these boxes, including the manual and the overview of the characters with all their names in different languages.

This is how they are called and in this bag we do have the knobbit the nabbit, not the rabbit, but the nabbit mopsy could be german carotene. I dont know. So this is the manual instruction. You can see the parts here, theres no part list included and yeah thats it for the moment, and now we will have fun to build all these 16 small cases lets start Music. Well, here we are, the eight characters are built and from left to right we do have magikoopa a waddlewing, nabbit, purple, toad red yoshi blue shy, guy hammer, bro baby yoshi, and this is the magikoopa thats right around 70 parts, quite colorful, extremely cool small, builds with A lot of snot snot and different snot bricks in the bags they are all included in one box. Unfortunately, i will show you the um box selection from my box at least um. This one was only included once and that one three times, but i think that this might be a fold in the packaging because i got the box so early normally, because all the other figures, all the other sets, are left and right always the same from the Front to the back, it should be too serious in one box yeah to show the minifigures in a detailed review theres not too much to say about the figures. Quite nice parts and elements you get an action code every on every uh, minifigure here or figure printed parts, always there there there and the nebit here includes also this one.

Quite nice part selection here, a print print and the sticker on the 2×2 tile. Then we have the purple toad with quite interesting sand, green parts on the back and the action code in the front of course, printed parts here here and there, the red yoshi, with a lime, snot, brick and a lot of yellow and green parts, which is quite Nice and a nice minifigure, of course, a print here print there, the action code on the front and yeah thats it. This is one of my favorite because of the color scheme, red, yellow and green fits very good together. I think the purple one here, the shy guy, the blue shy guy – includes only one print or three prints, the two wooden ones here and the three by three round tile, and then we have the action code on the back and medium nougat, interesting, medium, nougat bricks And a lot of plant tiles included in this series. The hammer bro is also a very nice addition to the minifigure lineup with a print here there there another one on the on the top of the head and the action code on the back nice additions to the lava and fire section. Then we have baby yoshi, which includes a new, i think at least new and 2×2 tile for rivers, perhaps and seas to use in mocks. And then we have two new prints on these yellow bricks and the action code on the front, and the magikoopa includes a lot of of these quite new bricks in white three prints here there there and the action code on the back.

To sum it up its a quite nice addition to the super mario lineup from lego, also not as expensive as all the other sets in the lineup. So this is for birthday for just a nice kit um to to play with um its only 5.99. Eight new brand new characters with a base on it, so you can put this to your super mario or peach or luigi starter kit. The characters are all new, i think, and never existed in a set before so this is also for the character collection. A nice addition um around 70 parts everywhere. So my conclusion and rating and final rating is four of five jb stars for these because of the price point and the very interesting color scheme and the diversity of the characters. If you like, this video, make sure to leave us a comment and make sure to watch the other review videos, we do have harry potter, star wars and a lot of more to come in our on our youtube channel or visit us on instagram or in our Online shop and if you are interested in the exact variety of the box, i got you, may you um visit our instagram profile as well thats it for the moment.

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