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The los angeles galaxy and they take on fc dallas yeah, thanks derek, as always pleasure to be here. I have to say the atmosphere is fantastic in here and i’m, anticipating a really good game. Today, hopefully, we won’t be disappointed, but it really is danger personified, but in this game lee, what do you think we might see from him? Well, when you’re playing against a player, sometimes you’re trying to look at what his qualities are? He’S a good hold up player. Is he quick? Is he this? Is he that? But when somebody tells you he’s a finisher, you know you’re in big trouble, Music and here’s the starting eleven for the la galaxy? Would you call it four five one lee yeah? I really like this formation, derek four two, three one, really, the two central midfield players supplying support to a three ahead of them and then a lone striker with a number 10 just behind him, Music, Music. Most people in the game are very familiar with nowadays. Yeah, most coaches are adopting this formation. What it does give you is two holding players in front of the back four to protect them, but it also gives you three supporting players to that. Central striker. Well, sometimes, there’s no great mystery in terms of a team’s preferred style and the visitors do like to press high it’s very much their game lee. Would you expect to see more of that yeah? I think it’s their preferred option for short, be interesting to see how high and how long they press for in this game, it’s a really physical way of playing that tactic suits them, but can they do it for all of the game? Legette jonathan dos santos, here’s, legit and the quality of past needs to be a bit better ferreira, andres ricarte positive, and the decision is one of offside here: Music, that’s fine play to keep control of the ball legit it’s, opening up for them using a strength to Shield, the ball crossing into the middle and far from the ideal cross keepers ball all the way, giving the ball away, Applause, crossing possibilities and players waiting at the far post following the clearance.

It will be a corner Applause Applause, keen to take it short here. Grancia, not too fussy in clearing his lines, a bit of running room now on the wing across towards that far post. Not all that hard to deal with crosses like that jesus ferreira still pushing for that goal. That would see them forge ahead chance to play us in jesus ferreira, strong but fair, tackle Applause, jesus ferreira and it crossed the touchline. So a throw in here, jonathan dos santos. Well, as you can see from the possession there’s little between these two teams, it’s been a real tight cagey affair. You just hope it opens up a little that one of these teams is willing to take a few risks. Will he play it in keeping the ball? Moving you don’t see it: oh, no javier hernandez and a goal that will do it. They’Ve been pushing for it and now they’ve been rewarded Applause. Well, you could see it coming derek. They did a great job of moving the ball, pulling players out of position and eventually found the space to finish it off. Well, let’s have another view of that goal. The opening goal of the game, then Applause, acosta, now frank, o’hara, a chance for him to get in behind maybe and the flag raised offside. It is Applause, jonathan dos santos. Now the managers will now deliver the halftime team talks we’re at the end of 45 minutes. In this game, he’s been the standout for his side.

So far don’t, you think lee well. His manager will be delighted with him. He’S been spot on in this game. Hasn’T he energy imagination, desire and a steely Music determination. I don’t see it and a goal that will do it: they’ve been pushing for it and now they’ve been rewarded as anticipated plenty of talking points so far and now the second half is underway. Andres ricarte, now frank, yohara, ricarte pommy cow. Well, they continue their push for the equalizer, but definitely not forcing it polling’s head Applause, vicarte, ryan, holling’s, head and space to cross it. However, nothing comes of it good tackle the hosts are struggling in terms of possession, but on the break, they’ve been devastating. The pain he’s in behind and it’s there for him high degree of difficulty to hit it on the volley like that, and it was close well it’s all about timing. You’Ve got to wait for the ball to come down and he’s. Very, very unlucky Applause, derek williams hernandez – can they make one of these passes count really vital interception attention trevor schultz, please report to guest relations for an important message: trevor schultz to guest relations. Please paxton pommy cowell see some progress with the ball at his feet. Pommy carl, showing patience looking for the equalizer paxton pommy cow. What can we do from here and the cross is very much on hollingshead, perfect challenge, Applause? Well, the counter chance looks very real, hernandez, good vision.

Can he get on to this and it goes delighted to be two in front things, look good for them now, Applause! Well, we can see it again here now and it all starts with a ball over the top perfectly weighted. But you do have to ask questions about the keeper. Could he have done better here? I think so. You can’t keep getting beat at the near post like that. Well, a second goal for them here: acosta excellent ball over the top he’s in behind the defense here, and that is defending of the highest order: Applause, derek williams, Applause it’s, with gracia villafana javier hernandez, hernandez, creative. Look about this fruitful. Looking attack good, looking ball and crossed in there on a smart enough cross there, but no attacker able to touch it. Acosta Applause and only two minutes remaining here, breaking at pace and just one minute of time added on for stoppages, and there goes the final whistle and the home fans are going to be happy about this outcome. Late, well, there’s! No doubt about the winner. In the end and fully deserved for me, the fans can go home happy today, derek well. This man has given us plenty of reasons to dwell on his performance this evening, lee well. That was a really really good performance from the lad and a goal to boot.

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