Pakistan national cricket team, England cricket team, One Day International, Cricket, Ben Stokes, Babar Azam 10 Highest ODI Centuries That Were In Vain Reaction! *DAMN*

Of course, original links are always in the description, hey. What does vayne mean? I think that means like in bad manner so i’m guessing these are just centuries that we’re like 10 highest odi sentries that were in vain, so that does that mean, like maybe it’s like when a player hits like a a 100 but their teammates. On the other end and they’re like on two runs, i don’t know let’s check it out that’s. What we’re here for it’s extremely i’m sorry we’re gon na – have to skip that. Intro simile i’m, so sorry hard in any form of cricket. But you have the sense of fulfillment when you score a hundred it’s guilty to you, it’s, even more fulfilling when you score from 30 odd runs, but it eventually helps the team to win the matches. However, there are some centuries which go in vain, as the team loses today at simply chuma. We are going to list down those unfortunate men who scored a great hundred and yet ended up on the losing side. A big shout out to bordeaux indian fund for suggesting this topic bro. Imagine just quickly last pause of the video, but imagine scoring you know making a ton in in an odi, especially and still losing that just has to it’s like what more could i so much and please keep the suggestions coming in right now, let’s get on with The list number 10 number 10 against india, but ended up on the losing side of times, the first of which was in 2009, where india set a huge 415 runs target.

Sri lanka, thanks to dilshan’s counter attack, were so good that they eventually lost by just three runs. The next was in 2012, when dilchan scored an identical 160 of 165 to help sri lanka set. India 321 rounds, india, with the help of kohli and ko decimated the sri lankan bowling and reached the target with 80 balls to spare, see now that’s. Why i feel bad for, like people like like dilshan there’s, been i mean there’s, been some really really great cricketers in the last 10 20 years out of sri lanka, but their bowling attack has just always been the thing that is just Music, not very good. Four times, not very good, missed the man of the match award that sucks number nine chris hey the boss, 62 of 97 balls chris gayle’s last century, also became a hundred in vain, as he took on the english bowlers for an unexpected counter attack which scared england, Their big 418 runs looked achievable thanks to gail’s 162 of 97 balls, but after he got out, west indies eventually succumbed to the pressure. England won that match by 29 runs and wesson hashtag fbn stokes. In the comments right now, these two got two overs left when they were all out the boss um. What more can you do? Nothing number eight number eight ricky ponting 164 of one, not five boys rick, who can’t forget that match one of the best odi matches ever. It was the first and only time when four hundred plus runs was chased successfully.

As of dates. Ponting scored a brilliant 164 runs of 1.5 balls to help his team to a monumental 434 runs a never heard before scored, but south africa surprised themselves with a counter attack that they carried out. Gibbs, scored 111 ball 175 to set up a famous victory with one wicket and one ball to spend all that herschel gibbs. No, i mean who is bowling in this sort of team i’m. Guessing we had bret lee, you know, probably glenn mcgrath might have still been playing around this time. Uh, maybe mitchell johnson might have been playing. I mean now. Are you gon na, like crush your game’s chaser? Rightfully gibson ponting shared the man of the match. What not good enough ever say that number, seven, robin smith hundred and sixty seven of what the gospel new zealand robin smith of england, scored the fifth highest score ever in one day, internationals in 1993 to help the team reach 277 for five in a 55 over Match australia won that match by six wickets and nine balls to spare thanks to a sensational century by war, yay 86, not out by border robin smith, was awarded the man of the match for his achievement, though bro what’s with the helmets back then like what’s. The point of wearing it honestly, like your whole face, is just exposed. Number six let’s get it number six rawhide 171 of 163 balls. It was 2016 at birth when rohit sharma scored why rohit sharma has hit men on his back Music? Why am i just learning about tremendous 171 runs of 163 balls to help india set a target of 310 for australia to reach.

It was a big ask on that ground, but australia knew the ground in and out and though india got the openness cheaply. Smith and bayley took the game out of india with a 242 run, partnership which helped australia win the match by five wickets and four balls to spare. Steve smith won the man of the match award of that game: hey smudgy, damn vrik made 91 that game as well. That’S such number five david warner, 173 of 136 balls, australia, were touring south africa. In 2016.. The match was a face: saving match for australia, as south africa had already won. The five odi match series 4 0. South africa set 328 runs to win and warner, who had a great series went on to stage a counter attack single handedly. They came extremely close to winning it too. He lost his wicket when australia needed 41 of 18 balls with just two wickets in the kitty. Eventually, south africa won the match by 31 runs and the series five zero. Okay, not good enough david. What was oh, i was gon na pause. It number nine 175, 141 balls once again a counter attacking big century which went in wayne. This time it was the god of cricket sachin tendulkar. India was playing against australia in 2009 and australia set 351 for victory. India, thanks to a spectacular batting display by sachin tendulkar, came extremely close to winning the match single handedly, but sachin lost his wicket and india lost by just three runs and two balls to spare.

Damn that’s got ta hurt that is pain, no they’re not going to show the score card. No yeah we’ve just got a slideshow of pictures now shout out to simply tumor, of course, but come on what’s, going on number three number: three, even lewis, evan lewis, 176 of 130 balls. This was a pretty unfortunate match for west indies, the captain of west indies, jason holder perfectly described it’s, not often a guy scores, 170, a guy gets five wickets and you lose damn. Evan evan lewis also took pfeiffer that’s that sucks bro. If i get in the chat, i’ve just made 176 runs i’ve taken a fifa i’m in the chat rooms, saying jason mate, jason you’re, not the captain anymore. You see me, you see me i’m. The new captain chris gale get out dj. Bravo, the door’s! That way, i would be living it had to be ervin lewis, the man of the match, scored a brilliant 176 of 130 balls, but got retired hurt with a hairline crack. He helped his team to 356 for five england wobbled, but reign came to their rescue as they were up by six runs when the match was caught. Of course, england won over from 258 for five. At that time, england definitely turned on the rain machine and made that happen. Number two matthew. Hayden 180.. We got a big height off in 2007, australia toured new zealand and new zealand gave australia a 3 0 whitewash in the third match.

Matthew hayden was unbeaten at a fantastic 181 runs of 166 balls to help australia, post 3, 46 runs and new zealand who had already won the series decided to go all out. The kiwis had just chased down a huge 3 36 in the second match, but then they decided to go for the total. New zealand won the match by one wicket, but hayden won the man of the match award for his amazing 180. I mean you probably get a good match payment. You probably get some good money like if you make that if you, if you get man of the match, so it you know what i’d accept it number one. Charles coventry, 194 of 156 balls zimbabwe. Oh, my old teammate, of course, um wait what’s his name again. Do they say charles coventry? Ah, no, the old teammate. You know what i it it’s so crazy. I actually taught this guy everything he knew um if you guys are new to the channel. Of course, i did play zimbabwean cricket the records actually got burnt in a fire so that’s. Why um most of my cricketing records? If not, all of them are actually kind of not on the internet, which is pretty sad because you know i put a lot of years and hard work into that zimbabwe and cricket team, and without me they wouldn’t be at the position they are today, and i Remember once me and charles were actually having a conversation about it.

You know charles coventry on the screen and um yeah. He said thanks. You know you are only 10, but you still taught me everything on you and i said you’re welcome and he dedicated this score to me. So you know, that’s really really good stuff from charles coventry gets the first rank as he scored the ninth highest individual score. He looks he looks like my third grade teacher in odis he’s teaching the science 2020, but that was not enough for zimbabwe to win the match as the rest of the batsmen did not come to the party and they were barely able to score 312 runs. I wasn’t planning on the other side, bangladesh tamim, iqbal’s, brilliant 154 was good enough for their team to win the match by four wickets and 13 balls to spare coventry did win the man of the match award along with tameem iqbal yeah look zibabi. They should have played me why they they didn’t play me. I was on the sidelines if you know, if someone can find the game footage which you probably won’t be able to because, as i said it burnt in a fire, but i was actually on the bench. Um they asked me to run the drinks and i said: huh get i’m, not running the drinks to a guy who named this charles coventry, i said: look this whole team is nothing without me. I said you’re gon na lose without me and they did they lost.

I didn’t run out any drinks. I sat in the change rooms drinking some whiskey and said, look and that’s that’s when they cut me from the team, and that was the day. Zimbabwe and cricket fell off a great cliff it’s, a sad story, a very sad story, but hey that is gon na cap it off. Oh, that is true story, guys i’m, not even kim true.

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