Tornado, Tropical cyclone, Storm, Tornado warning, National Weather Service Bay could see these severe weather threats from Elsa | 5 p.m. update

, so the winds will be pushing offshore east. Winds will go southeast. All of those winds are blowing from here back out towards the west. Okay, so that’s going to flatten the surf out at the beach initially but later tonight, and especially after about midnight, but especially close to about 2 3 in the morning. This center will be up here and the back side of that will start blowing onshore that’s when it’s really going to get rough. As far as the waterfront is concerned, as far as the gulf front, as far as up into the bay tampa bay as well too winds now at 70 miles per hour, you can see this thing is basically moving pretty slowly at 10 miles per hour, but it Will increase in speed, as i showed you at the top of the show we had some westerly sheer on this. That is lightening up. We want shear. Shear is not good for storms, but you see how the outside of this is coming. West, the center’s not it’s that the thunderstorms are allowed to grow and expand that wasn’t happening before, especially down here because of the westerly shear. Because of that because of what we’re seeing on radar the hurricane center says it does get to hurricane status by 8. O’Clock tonight so we’ll be keeping an eye on that it’s 70. Now it will go to 75 is what they’re thinking so it’s right in the ballpark. We do have that tornado watch now south of i 4, but it will continue to move to the north.

So if you’re in west central florida, you have a tornado issue as we go through the through about three in the morning or so for most locations, there’s a look at the radar, you can see that we basically have that center trying to form rick. I don’t think that was check that for me, if you don’t mind, but i heard something right there on the chat. I want to make sure it wasn’t a warning, uh and then you’ve got some passing waves here, a little rotation in a cell going into plant city, okay, they’re saying so we’re watching this little cell right here, so yeah tornado watch is actually right in that area. Southward again, it’s little tiny cells like that that we’ll be watching for they move through really quickly. They don’t last long in any one particular location, but they will be coming through and so that’s the seller watching in plant city, no watch no warning or no warning. I should say for this cell, but if you’re up towards the known assassin, i think it comes just to your east, but that is moving through northeastern hillsborough county steadier rain and you don’t see it in here. But steadier winds are coming with that round. That’S in southern sarasota county now there’s the forecast you can see as we go through tonight. One 2 a.m 75 miles per hour. Winds almost west of tampa, then by tomorrow morning, it’s basically north of us and then tomorrow afternoon, it’s already made landfall landfall late morning.

Sometime up near the big bend if that track holds, and then it stays on shore warnings, we have that hurricane warning right along the immediate coast and around the immediate bay as well elsewhere. It’S tropical storm warnings. We don’t have anything for polk county hearty desoto highlands, except for that tornado watch, and that is something that we’re going to have to keep an eye on as well too uh yep i’m going to have to rick yep there’s a lot going on here. So, timing, wise, we want to show you what you can expect and what the threats are for tonight. So we’re going to go over to rick kirby he’s, going to explain that yeah thanks bobby so graphically. We want to lay this out for you. What you can expect tonight now gusty winds, the prime time for this is going to be later tonight, as the storm gets a little closer with some of these thunderstorms. It’Ll be some gusty winds, but you can see the highest threat level for those strong winds and bobby broke, that down tropical storm force winds some locations along the coast, seeing those near hurricane force, winds that will be later tonight, 10 p.m. To really late. In the night, closer to sunrise, but by 5 a.m, or so that will start to weaken for most people heavy rainfall. We have some of that now, but the heaviest threat overall tonight is going to come later this evening and then, as we head to 10 11 12 into the early overnight hours, waves of heavy rain will be a possibility that tornado threat as bobby said it’s there Right now, we’re watching a cell currently moving through polk county, but you see that sticks around through the early overnight hours as well, and then the storm surge issue that’s going to be later tonight.

As the storm starts to push to the north, then we see that wind come out of the southwest that’s going to be the storm surge threat and you can see that midnight 1 2 a.m, so that’s what we have to watch right there bobby, if you can Hit the uh the space bar on this, because i think our clickers are crossed up here, but take a look guys. You see. Gus may be up to 80 miles per hour time, so you really got to watch that that heavy rain total i mean there’s a flash flood watch in effect as well. So one more space bar and you’ll see some locations. This won’t be widespread, but some could see up to seven inches of rainfall, so this certainly could cause some flooding issues and then the storm surge three to five feet, especially along those coastal areas and the seven day forecast bobby one more click.

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Tornado, Tropical cyclone, Storm, Tornado warning, National Weather Service Forecast: Elsa's effects will be felt today

Tornado, Tropical cyclone, Tornado warning, National Weather Service uesday 5 PM Forecast