Tornado, Tropical cyclone, Storm, Tornado warning, National Weather Service Forecast: Elsa's effects will be felt today

Hours and later on today, it is southwest florida’s turn. You can see how dangerous it is when tropical storms make landfall and bring heavy rain overnight hard to see anything and there you can see just a little twilight on the coastline of cuba as the surf was really kicked up so this morning here in southwest florida, We have already seen one tornado warning. This was for northeastern hendry county that expired at 4, 45 areas around clewiston shawnee had some pretty good rotation and, as we looped this radar over the past hour, you can see those rain bands pulling north through lake placid parts of highland county and some more of These extend back on the east coast, the center of elsa is finally off cuba and you can see all the tropical moisture building in here through the florida keys a little bit closer look. This is key west. This is probably the most formidable rain band we’re, seeing on radar so far out of key west, as it shoots south here towards havana and that northern shore of cuba, these showers and thunderstorms, will continue to move in and notice, not a lot of lightning with this. Just a couple of strikes on the extreme southeastern side of this rain band, so we’re going to keep an eye there on our live shots coming in out of key west. You can see more showers and thunderstorms up the overseas highway for marathon islamorada and layton, and also key largo a little farther north here.

This was a thunderstorm we were watching earlier this morning. They had the tornado warning with it, the couplet, the gate, the gate, shear weakened, pretty quickly as that storm moved out of the warning polygon. So, therefore, the national weather service did not extend that warning, but at one point, doppler radar indicated rotation, and these are the type of quick spin ups we’re going to see here throughout the morning clewiston you’re getting a chance to dry out, as that heavy rain. Now is moving up through lakeport right there along 78 and also a cluster of thunderstorms, moving north of palmdale now, and you can see them there, between 7 31 70 and to the west of u.s 27., a little larger view again. We’Ve got more showers and thunderstorms. Moving on tamiami trail – and you can see in that hour long loop – that brief tornado warning from the national weather service out of miami rain showers. Here for the cape and fort myers, we had a couple of very fast movers move off bokelia up towards cape hayes and we’re, going to continue to watch these move in pretty quickly here throughout the morning, more wet weather from state road 29 down towards everglades city. As we go throughout the day, our conditions will continue to deteriorate and right now our temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s as we’ve got a fairly light, wind very light matter of fact less than 10 miles per hour, but throughout the day as tropical storm, Elsa makes its closest approach we’re, expecting tropical storm force gusts, especially in and around these rain bands, as they move through looking at the satellite loop it’s, really a lopsided messy storm, the center of circulation, just there 50 miles southwest of key west.

Look at all this moisture to the south that still has to be pulled across cuba. It will be interesting to see how this holds together throughout the day and exactly how long we’re going to be in for some rainfall latest forecast track continues to bring this as a strong tropical storm. We have winds now expected to be near 70 miles per hour. A bump up to 75 would be a hurricane. Therefore, this morning, we now have hurricane watches for parts of the big bend of florida north there of tampa bay we’re going to process those and show you those here in just a moment as well a busy morning here, as this storm will continue to move through The carolinas, and eventually back to a tropical storm, just off the delmarva peninsula in parts of new jersey, to show you the winfield. This is noon today. Parts of southwest florida in the extreme southwestern parts of collier could be in that tropical storm force core. These are the lighter winds it’s, this damaging cord that usually causes the most power outages and damage winds of 58 to 73 miles per hour, and you can see by about four or five o’clock, making his closest approach there to parts of the lee islands and then Brushing the coastline here from sarasota county up through tampa bay and by the time fox 4 morning news starts tomorrow. This system will be moving north there through the big bend a little better representation here on the computer model, there’s the center of elsa – and you can see these showers and storms wrapping around throughout the evening hours exactly how close this storm gets to the coastline will Make a huge difference on how intense the showers and thunderstorms are and where that wind core is.

This is what we call the rpm model that we’re looking at. That seems to be in a little more agreement with where that track is from the national hurricane center. If you’re trying to plan out the rest of your week, this is a look at that seven day forecast one day of tropical storm conditions before we get back to a pretty typical summertime pattern, starting on thursday, wednesday kind of the transition with breezy and a couple Of trailing thunderstorms on the south side, all right stick around right. Now. The time is approaching. 5 22.

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Tornado, Tropical cyclone, Storm, Tornado warning, National Weather Service

Tornado, Tropical cyclone, Storm, Tornado warning, National Weather Service Bay could see these severe weather threats from Elsa | 5 p.m. update