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Now this is the time of year. You want to be in a pool or know somebody with a pool, because it’s going to be pretty nice as we go on into your monday. Some of you have the day off, mostly sunny, looking at 86 to 91 that’s our temperature range and make sure you really apply that spf 15 at least a lot that sunscreen you’re really going to need it, because that sun is still pretty high in the sky. High temperatures for today pretty nice, but still below average, a little bit 86 in greenville 83 in clemson, spartanburg and rutherfordton at 84., 82 in asheville, 85 in greenwood and franklin 83 degrees right now, looking outside some clouds or is that smoke from fireworks? I think it’s, probably clouds looking for some fireworks right now, not seeing any, but we have been hearing some here at the station in greenville temperature now 79 in greenville 73 in asheville, clemson, 74. lawrence at 74., a cooler 69 in abbeville and waynesville right now, you’re At 65., so what’s normal heading into monday. Well, 90 is normal for the upstate i’m thinking we’re at 91, above normal for a change and for the mountains. 85 is normal and i’m thinking around 86. fox radar, 3d right now is quiet, looking at mostly clear skies with high pressure back to our west. So really much of the eastern u.s is seeing a lot of nice weather there’s, a stationary boundary to the south with showers and some clouds with it now let’s talk about elsa.

The bottom line is florida is going to be feeling the impacts of this monday on into tuesday, especially the west coast of florida, maybe tampa, and then the northern part of the peninsula and then we’ll see elsa tracking along the south carolina coast. As we go into wednesday and thursday, and that will keep the impacts down there with a lot of rain and wind and some tropical showers and storms for us as we go into wednesday and thursday, so here’s elsa winds, 60 miles per hour. Moving northwest at 15. it’s really disorganized, you can see we’ve got thunderstorms all over the place and not around the center, where they should be it’s right along the south coast of cuba, and it will be tracking over cuba as we go on into monday and then Reemerge across the florida straits, eastern gulf of mexico, tuesday, 2 a.m, it’s south and west of key west as a tropical storm with 60 mile per hour winds and then it’s taking aim close to the tampa area on wednesday morning, with 60 mile per hour, winds they’re Going to get wind and rain there, then it hooks to the northeast and look at this it’s tracking right along our coast as a tropical depression or a tropical storm, and then it exits off to the north and east out into the open atlantic. All the spaghetti models are coming in agreement that we’ll be tracking the system across the low country of south carolina, so futurecast rain and clouds has us quiet tonight on into monday, looking at mostly sunny skies.

Maybe a stray shower here and there. Otherwise, as we go into tuesday, we start to increase some of that moisture coming in out of the south here’s. Our long range forecast european model, wednesday 2 30 a.m, we’re starting to increase the showers here comes elsa right along the south carolina coast, 12, 30 thursday morning. You can see it’s really compact, with this rain and wind as it moves towards the outer banks by thursday p.m. We’Ll be seeing some of those showers and storms with it, not a lot of rain. Maybe a quarter inch half inch three quarters of an inch. Maybe a little higher off to the south upstate for tonight 66. Your low, with mostly clear skies for the mountains 61, mostly clear and some local spots tomorrow: 91 in gaffney, gray, court and malden farther south and west of there, hartwell and abbeville at 92 and for the mountains a little cooler for you in highlands at 80 and Weaverville at 84., 91 for the upstate monday and tuesday here come the showers from elsa wednesday and thursday cools us back into the upper 80’s, but then back into the 90’s, a break from the marine on friday, and it does look like some weekend showers. Mountains 80s.

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Tornado, Tropical cyclone, Tornado warning, National Weather Service uesday 5 PM Forecast

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