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Only seven minutes to open the scoring against colombia in their semi final with lionel messi earning his fifth assist of the tournament teeing up strike partner, lotoro martinez colombia were unlucky not to equalize in the first half wilmar barrios hit in the post after a deflection and On the resulting corner, kick yerry mina headed one on to the bar columbia’s, luis diaz was having an excellent game, and his skill and determination were on full display for the equalizer in the 61st minute. What a fantastic finish that was. Argentina had the better of the chances as the match urged closer to full time, but couldn’t capitalize on colombia’s defensive, lapses. Martinez denied by barrios on the line, the last big chance before penalties fell to messi in the 81st minute. The post, denying the legend and messi may have had memories of missed penalties by his team in copa america finals past, but he made sure to convert from 12 yards new first choice: goalkeeper emiliano martinez rose to the occasion to make three big saves for argentina, who Overcame colombia on penalties to make it through to saturday’s final against brazil. We are joined by our south american correspondent, juan arango. Welcome! Hey! How are you yeah very dramatic finish, but the one that ended up taking up all the headlines was divo martinez as he ends up uh. You know it’s talking up in trash talking almost nba style to a certain extent during those penalty, shootouts to me that that was phenomenal.

That was essential, quintessential south american football last night. Definitely a lot of excitement, of course, argentina, advancing on penalties. Uh tell us your assessment of last night’s game tactics and everything. If you look at it, it continued to be the same mo for argentina, taking the lead early and then dropping back and defending giving the ball concealing them all to colombia. On a lot of occasions, and that ended up being a very damaging situation, especially over on the left side with luis diaz to me, one of the uh player that should be considered for the ideal 11 in terms of of this cope america in in this. In this particular year, the man from porto just completely destroyed that left side and to me that was one of the big faults for lioness colony, so much that he to a certain extent, did admit that, and he needs to be a a coach. That kind of goes and puts the other team to the sword instead of waiting for a potential counter attack or something to occur with the opposing team for them to be able to take advantage, instead of them imposing their conditions from the beginning, killing off the match. As quickly as possible, definitely one do you think argentina are too dependent on messi of the 11 goals scored by them. So far, messi is not directly involved in only two. The last 15 goals that argentina have scored messi has been involved in 11.

. Yes, that gives you a bit of of a perspective how dependent they are, but you also see other players getting involved in the mix you don’t see just okay leo here. Do something with the ball see what you can do and we’ll just look. No, you see players that are actually running that are actually showing themselves they’re, actually looking for him to play off of him. That has been a very key aspect of this argentina side in argentina side. That just seems with a bit more insolence. Obviously, a tad more youth and a tad more of that. I guess, like i said before, youthful insolence, that they are willing to go and willing to have that energy to go forth and a much more relaxed little messi, a much more intense, leo messi. A much more leader, leo messi, of course – and you say leader of course him battling through that match last night with a bleeding ankle. Well, one the it has been decided now: mouth watering match up brazil, argentina, what a showdown we have for south america’s biggest footballing prize yeah, but south america’s biggest footballing prize with the world’s, with international football’s, biggest rivalry and uh. That to me is going to be quite enticing two teams that defensively are pretty solid. It might come down to some associations in terms of what messi can do with di maria or lautero martinez or whoever’s is playing alongside him or neymar, with lucas, pacquita or everton.

Ribeiro one of those players that ends up fully connecting well with one of the two stars that to me is going to be one of the keys of the match. For me, it’s going to be one of those encounters where it’ll be a very tight to the vest, but still lots of opportunities going from one into the other. Now argentina, nor brazil can play as tight as they have, and brazil need to get it out of. At least first or second gear if they want to compete against argentina, the same token definitely looking forward to that. Well, with only the final to go, would you say brazil’s president j bolsonaro is vindicated for hosting the copa america, despite the pandemic, you know what that that’s, something that the brazilian people have been against and they’re still against uh. One of my colleagues happens to be in rio right now, and he said he was asked what wait? What do you see? Brazil, jersey? No, i see flamenco jerseys, so there’s been a great deal of apathy in terms of the public perception of the cope america. There hasn’t been a lot of support, although people do watch it. Meanwhile, in argentina it’s a completely different issue, of course, being a little bit more distance. Argentina, currently going back to buenos aires to their training ground and being focused on on the task at hand, but in brazil, for the most part, there’s still a great deal of division.

Now, if we want to get into the political segment of it, uh there’s other issues that jade bolsonaro has to be taken care of. Of course, one of them happens to be the impending proceedings that they are starting to uh to begin over in the brazilian congress. About a possible impeachment, so this is one of the propagandistic types of things that he’s looking to do, of course, with the elections next year in sight, there’s a lot of other aspects of this that we can delve into. But, of course we don’t have much time to, but it can be in the short term a bit of a success story for james bolsonaro. If you look at from that perspective, definitely, and if we are to just zoom in on argentina, based on the football that we’ve seen them play so far, would you say they are deserving to be contesting the final they’ve been consistent? They haven’t lost. They have been able to find some new players. They’Ve found a new goalkeeper. They haven’t had the solidity defensively at goalkeeper in quite a few years. I mean sergio romero, of course, is going to be looked at hey. Why not him, but with with martinez you’ve, been able to find something very interesting in terms of of being able to defend inside of the area coming out to get crosses things of that nature that have been able to make it more solid, putting romero molina over Right back, you find been able to find new players and new pieces that have been able to help evolve this argentine side into what has become right now and argentina now unbeaten in 19 games.

What is scaloni doing to account for this incredible run, because a lot of credit has to go for him. You know it’s funny. You say that mariah because uh three weeks ago there was a lot of doubts. Ah, i don’t think he’s up to snuff. I don’t think this team’s up to snuff ascaloni this colony, but so you know gradually slowly quietly he’s been able to really accumulate a really long unbeaten streak and, more importantly, he hasn’t had the fear of saying hey. You know what out you’re, not playing well you’re out, except for leo messi he’s, basically said one player on this side has his spot guaranteed. Obviously we know what we’re talking about there, but he’s been able to do that. He’S been able to give players a bit more freedom. Last night was essential because in the press conference yesterday, he said that one of the things that he didn’t want his players to have is that weight on their shoulders wearing the argentine jersey and the weight of having to take a penalty. Kick he said that there’s an immense amount of pressure for the argentine national team player to take a penalty. Kick he wanted to take that weight off him and it looked like at least from his part. He was able to do that job. Definitely, i think what excites me the most about this matchup is lionel messi against neymar, of course, two different generations. For me, i’m saying father and son uh.

Of course we know messi’s legacy is on the line uh. He leads the tournament both in goals and assists. If argentina fails to win their first international cup since 1993, will he get the blame or will neymar get the praises it’ll be a bit of both, but we have to see how that match turns out. I i don’t think it would be fair to go from one extreme to the other. I think that brazil has been able to do a great job in terms of the overall rotations and not depending in certain situations with neymar, although he’s been able to come through in some key situations in matches where they haven’t been that comfortable. Now, on the other end messi, i don’t think ever in his career. Has he been an underdog against brazil, such as he is going to be on saturday night over at maricana? If he is able to win it, though, it ends up being almost 1950 esque kind of legendary beating brazil at maracana. In a final to me, that ends up being something well well, almost legendary to a certain extent, but again there’s lots of things to be looking at it and uh. I don’t think it’s. You know something to put into a legendary status if you will, but at the same time it’s not something to completely put all the blame on shoulders, definitely and brazil. You know at home they love to win at home. They know how to win at home home advantage.

Does it count for anything the double edged sword they haven’t lost since 1949, they haven’t lost an official match since 2018., a lot of those streaks and seeing this brazil that uh, maybe at the beginning of world cup, qualifying play or at the beginning of uh. Even looking back to last scope, america, the team that looked very solid, that had very few changes in its collective armor to see them kind of regress from a playing standpoint, you start to see some some weaknesses or some vulnerabilities. If you will, if argentina take advantage of them, they could come away with victory and, more importantly, they are pretty ripe for the picking right now juan. Thank you so much for your expert analysis and, of course, we’ll be looking forward to talk to you after the final looking forward to it all right, a reminder that the third place play off between peru and colombia is set for thursday at 7pm. Jamaica time, 8. P.M: eastern caribbean time and the grand finale is set to kick off on saturday. 7 p.m.

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