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Take it to be fair. No, you don’t, look at all alike i’m gon na go for take two hello everyone and welcome to timed out with our weekly whip around the world of cricket. With me, melinda farrell and lucky mccurdy loki lots going on we’re working out time zones we’re trying to work out when everything is on the world but, most importantly, have you found a sound effect for this for the alarm this week. Of course, i have i’ve managed to find some time in between looking at my atlas, getting all the time zones up finding out where the dateline is, but no i’ve also managed to squeeze in a nice little sound bite that we’re going to have to wrap up Each topic this week, okay, well as always, we have three minutes to get in as much as we can about each of our topics this week, let’s crack on with. First of all, we have the first of all. First up, even we have the australian men over in the caribbean. Uh they’ve managed to get a warm up game in at the start of this yeah, just with hurricanes blowing around uh. This t20 tour. The first match is the first of ten t20s that australia has in the lead up to the t20 world cup later this year and uh i’m. I don’t know about you, i’m on the dan christian bandwagon. I have been for some time lucky and he did do pretty well in that warm up game didn’t.

He he certainly did. I think in that australia, two sides, so obviously the two teams, i think, were split up into teams of ten he uh top scored for australia. Two in that first innings 47. I think he finished off about 30, 31 balls. So a really good, solid innings from him there in the middle, in a position that australia really needs to sort out, because i think for the most part you can say they’re top order. Once the world cup comes around it’s, pretty settled, their top bowlers are probably pretty settled. You’Ve got a fair idea, but those positions – four five, six seven they’re really up for grabs, especially six and seven i’d, say so. If dan christian can continue this sort of form into the west, indie series he’s going to make a real claim for that position once the world cup rolls around. Yes, i hope so be such a great story. Thirty eight yeah i’d love to see it come on. You know you would well what about some of the others, because a lot has been made about uh the fact that there are positions up for grabs on you know possibly on this tour, because seven australians have withdrawn after the ipl uh. Maybe a real sort of battle going on for the wicketkeeper position isn’t there. I think there certainly is. I mean it’s, obviously a trial game. You can’t look too much into it, but if we are to sort of allow ourselves to dive in matt wade and josh phillippi were the two to take the gloves in the separate teams and alex carey was kind of relegated to being just a fielder for um.

I think the australia one team and that kind of meant that he is third in the pecking order, if you’re looking at it at the moment, which kind of suggests that they’ve got a bit of faith in josh, philippe’s wicketkeeping, which is something that maybe people weren’t Sure about, but i think if he can establish himself as that number two keeper, then that’s a really positive sign for josh phillippe and his place in the team. Moving forward. Yeah conditions i mean there were quite a lot of runs, scored. Quite a few uh batters were able to to clock some uh. Some decent runs up bit trickier for the bowlers. It looks like the conditions are the sort where uh according to dan christian, you know it was slower. There were cutters and slower balls having some effect, and then it was taking some spin as well. So that’s going to be good for australia to have a look at a number of bowlers, i think with their variations. I think so too, and yeah just good to see the likes of mitch marsh ashton, turner, dan, christian and moses enriquez, all sort of top scoring and we’ll give the selectors a bit of a selection headache. Once the likes of glenn, maxwell, uh and marcus stone has returned to the setup ahead of the world cup later this year. Yes, you mean Music, oh what a ripper. I agree, richie. I i really do agree. I i.

I love the fact that you’re you’ve become quite nostalgic in uh in your selection. Absolutely i have to no one. No one matches richie. No one! No one can match him. Okay, that’s, fair enough. We had bill laurie last week, richard bennett this week. You can find it a bit hard to top next week and you know that your job always depends on it. So a bit of pressure haven’t. I very high bar now uh another interesting article that has made its way through uh. The korean mail are john buchanan. The former australian coach going into bat for justin langer uh. There have been a couple of reviews that have been held: uh post, the australian men’s summer and and a fair bit has been made about justin his coaching style, perhaps being a bit intense micromanaging, not delegating to his assistants. So much the players have all spoken about it pretty openly and you know emphasized it: wasn’t just justin langer who was being reviewed. It was it was everybody uh, but this has been rumbling around and john buchanan is less than impressed with it isn’t he. He really is – and i think it kind of speaks to the level in which the australian cricket team is held, that any sort of little bits and pieces of pressure or something that comes out as the media. We we automatically talk about because that’s, i guess how much pressure is around this team, especially after kind of two well at least one summer, where the results have not gone their way and two out of the last three, where they’ve been really disappointing.

So naturally, it’s going to become a talking point and when you listen to someone like john buchanan speak about it, who has such incredible experience in coaching, australia, you’re gon na listen and yeah? I found it like. You were saying really interesting kind of how much he was coming in to bat for justin, langer and kind of just saying: look, you need to come down hard on these players that are kind of showing that little bit of dissent or talking against the regime. I guess in a certain way, and then also i guess he had some strong comments about the the players who have opted against touring to the west indies of bangladesh as well yeah. He did. He was very strong about that and uh suggesting that some players perhaps take it for granted playing for australia and that, if they’re prioritizing playing for t20 franchises over international duties that that that should not be looked upon kindly, i guess it’s interesting talking about dan christian. I mean you look at the the last few months when he was playing. You know what he’s been through to get to this tour. He he played in the pakistan super league, then he played in the indians. The indian premier league, both of those called off. He went to the maldives when he was locked out of australia, then had to go to bahrain before going to take of his captaincy at nottinghamshire played two warm up games and then at that point, just before the first game of the t20 blast, he was recalled To australia to quarantine for two weeks, join the camp and go to the caribbean.

So there is one man who is certainly not taking uh playing for australia for granted and i’m, not saying that the others do but he’s clearly hungry. And i guess that that’s, the kind of passion that i think john buchanan thinks from what he said should be rewarded. I agree it should come into account when someone’s going like moving all heaven and earth to try and play for australia and you’ve got other players. Not. It is something that, naturally, even if they don’t want to coaches, are going to have to consider at the end of the day, i don’t think they will. To be honest, i think you know really winning the world cup is winning the world cup, and i i actually just think that they will pick whatever team they think is going to win it. What are you saying, what a ripper, i think he’s a bit stuck and repeat today, that’s a shame, but look richie agrees with me: yes, okay, third up! Well, no such problems with hunger when it comes to uh, australia’s women when it comes to playing uh, meg laning has spoken this week, uh a bunch of the australian players and matthew mart fooled out of the hundred uh, which was going to be held in july, And august, because so the confirmation of that multi format series against india, which, which starts in september uh, but one of the things that meg you know she’s spoken a lot about wanting to play more tests.

But the the push now, i think, is starting to get stronger from australia from a player’s point of view when it comes to maybe having five day tests rather than four and actually having some red bull cricket. Because you’ve got to remember when us, when the women play go out and play test cricket, they’re, essentially learning on the job they don’t play it domestically, which is you know, a pretty difficult proposition, especially when there’s so much pressure put on them to you know, get A result be entertaining play good, qriket and, by the way, learn how to do all that stuff. At the same time, yeah, i certainly agree look out of the two. I personally think the domestic red bull cricket is probably more important kind of for the reasons you were saying there that we just need to kind of build up that that match experience with the red bull for our female cricketers here, because they don’t get that experience And while i think, eventually that push to five day test cricket will be important, especially considering some of the the pitches and some of the past matches we’ve seen. Hopefully, what we’ll see in the upcoming two tests here in australia with a nice fresh pitch at the whacker at the at monica oval, which i think are two really strong bowling wickets when they want to be and when bowlers use the conditions? Well, that four days will probably be enough for those test matches and, as a result, i think that discussion might get pushed down the path a little bit, but when it comes to domestic red bull cricket, i think it’s an absolute must.

I mean the players. You talk to any of the female players, not just here in australia, i’m sure internationally, but their desire to just play more red, cooking and get more exposure to it is so strong they just they see it so much in the mail game, the men’s game and Just there’s no real reason, i guess, besides kind of the financial side of things in previous years, that we haven’t really established a female like domestic competition for red, bull cricket and i think it’s about time that we do it yeah. I mean it’s one of those things, funnily enough, the the five day cricket the test cricket is actually the easiest thing to do. Yeah as a as far as administrators are concerned, uh, as opposed to to the domestic comp. It is tricky to find the time to find the money, and i understand that and t20 has been seen as the vehicle by administrators around the world for developing and promoting women’s cricket. So if that would have to be overcome, i i do think it will happen. Eventually, i think there’s more of an appetite now for test cricket and that will feed into that it’s. Just a question of when uh and i think australia will be the you know – we’ll lead the the charge there has been. You know some ripple played at certain times. Richie agrees. Richie is all for more women’s red bull cricket. Why wouldn’t? He be he’s a sensible man uh next i’m speaking of women uh india have fought back winning the third odi in that multi format.

Series against england really interesting this one, because um matali raj again half century she was undefeated uh 75. They were chasing 219. They got there with four wickets to spare india um. She played a similar kind of inning sort of what she does, but in the previous game india lost, but in this game they were able to chase it down, and i think that maybe that says something more about, perhaps about the way women’s one day cricket is Changing because you know those schools of around 200 220, they probably could have – would have won a lot of games now. That’S considered a low score, so whether or not matali raj is able to up that tempo and up that pace hard to criticize when she’s top scoring um. But it just shows the difference that uh that that the game situation can make for the way that she paces her innings. I think it certainly is, and i think it’s it’s almost just a problem for cricket more generally – that because of the the shortened length of these games, that we’re wanting to consume things quicker, people are just expecting strike rates to be in the hundreds hundred and twenties. All the time, whereas it’s not always going to be that way when it comes to career, because you’ve got to take in into account the conditions the type of bowlers you’re facing, i mean drawing parallels to some male cricket. Recently, david warner kind of got dropped from sunrise as hyderabad because he wasn’t scoring enough.

He got dropped as captain baba mazam. Also in the pakistan super league came under chris and criticism as well for a couple of games where he kind of carried his bat, but his team still lost so yeah it’s, just it’s one of those things with cricket, where i think there’ll always be people when You look at it, you go okay, you could have scored at a higher rate, but weighing up the importance of how of staying in and keeping your wicked alive. For me, i’m. Okay with what raj did and i think, it’s something that kind of shows sometimes it’ll work, sometimes it won’t that’s kind of just cricket, yeah and also another great cameo from sneharana. Who, of course, was yes in that amazing partnership in the test that saved that test. Uh that ended in a draw uh for india playing on this tour. She has been an absolute revelation. She scored at 24 of 22, so a lovely little cameo from her and she’s. I think she’s turning out to be the real revelation. We knew about shafa lee burma, but i think snow rana has been absolutely outstanding for india. Oh, i i totally agree, and i think that just it’s kind of showing that, while it’s taken them a while to kind of find their feet in this tour, that they’ve got the squad to really challenge the likes of england. I think they’d definitely challenge um new zealand as well in a longer form series, and i think, eventually, they’ll be able to find that their feet so much that they will be charging australia in a longer form series which, luckily enough we get to see in just A few months time now, i know it’s getting it’s getting closer and i’m really excited about that it’s great for india that they’re actually having this pretty tough, warm up ahead of that series as well.

Oh, what a ripper! Yes! Ah, yes, okay and finally, our we can’t, we can’t. Let a timed out show uh go by without mentioning the feats of the great jimmy anderson. Finally, getting that 1000th first class we get high, no was his uh victim. His 1000th victim, as uh lancashire, took on kent figures of seven for 19 in 10, overs, absolutely ridiculous. The rain had been affecting the game. He wasted absolutely no time in picking up those wickets and what i love is that he he got hinokune out with an outswinger that just caught the edge, which is vintage, jimmy, uh and and just nice to see him in a way. You know it’s always nice, to see first class. We could see him test cricket but nice to see him. Do it for lancashire as well, because he’s a a very proud lancastrian. If you close your eyes and when imagine a jimmy anderson wicket, it would be that out swinger that just catches the feather of the edge i mean it was fantastic. I have a bone to pick with darren stephens. These couple of boundaries meant that jimmy anderson’s figures went into the double figures which i was not happy about at all. I was hoping that we’d get a a seven three or a seven for four there at some point, because his figures were looking absolutely remarkable, but i mean darren stephens, the other big story of this county season, um kind of ruined those figures for me and i’m Sure other statistics statisticians who are watching the game um but yeah.

I think it’s hard to look past jimmy anderson and just how good he’s been for so long. I mean you go back to those days where touring, australia and being part of the english setup with those blonde tips in his hair. Who would have thought he’s got he’d go on to have the crew that he has had like this. I mean there are still people who underestimate him still people who don’t rate him highly, and i think we were saying before it’s just bizarre, because you look at his record and it just speaks for itself. Yeah, like the criticisms that you know calling him clowderson and you know he only takes – i mean he thrives in those conditions because they suit him it’s the same yes as most bowlers do when he’s had one or two sort of poor tools really but uh. He he helped them with it, well very key in their their series win in india uh and he just has become a better bowler as he goes and – and i think longevity is – is a part of being great too. The fact that he’s been able to last as long as he does and he’s he’s just become a smarter bowler. I think, with each season and to see him do it. Dan christian and jimmy anderson, let’s let’s hear it for the old boys, they’re old, guys, win stuff, as dan christian says exactly, and i i think for me personally.

I love seeing that we’ve got a real new emergence of young british and english bowlers. Now i mean throwing some from other countries for the england cricket team, like we usually do, but mainly the english bowlers as well. I know i know i had to get that in ahead of the ashes, but yeah there’s a really exciting young english bowlers coming through, and i think, he’s playing a big role in that really mentoring them through that process of their introduction into international cricket. Along with stuart broad, i think that in the coming years, it’s going to be a great qriket attack, and that is absolutely appropriate for jimmy anderson as well, because he is an absolute ripper. Well, uh yeah well done again: you’ve managed to keep your job for another week, but the pressure’s on now because i’m, not quite sure how you’re going to top the great richie benno lucky. Maybe i’ll have to record myself i’ll just back myself in okay, then you’re really getting the sack that’s it. That is a come to no i’m, i’m. Joking, of course, you’re, not it’s not really come down. Yes, that is that. Is it for timed out this week. We’Re going to be what keeping a very keen eye on things over in lucia wish, i was keeping an eye on them in person, but instead we’ll be doing it from their lounge rooms, rubbed up against the winter cold uh and whatever you’re doing this week.

As far as cricket goes, i hope you enjoy watching it and uh. We will see you here next week make sure you keep an eye on out on for all the articles that we’ll be posting throughout the week and videos as well.

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