Copa América, Argentina national football team, Brazil national football team, Lionel Messi, Final, Neymar PREVIEW: Argentina v Brazil | 2021 Copa America

Joining me to discuss this match is brazilian journalist for diario a s fernando callis, fernando lionel messi has essentially carried argentina into this final. He scored four goals and made five assists if he’s not at his best, who do they rely on well, i i think that it’s all about bessie it’s, all about mercy, it’s gon na, be all about messi anywhere that he plays if it’s argentina, if it’s barcelona. If it’s another club that we don’t know yet because he’s now under no contract, he’s a he’s, a player without a club, so it’s always going to be like messy and argentina is always going to be about messi and all the narrative about this game. It’S gon na be about if messi can win. At least you know his first title with argentina, goalkeeper edison has been picked over allison in the last two matches for brazil. What are the reasons behind that and who’s starting in this game? Well, it’s, it always made it clear that he has three starters. You know adderson everton and alison, and the thing is none of none of them, even at weberton, that is playing in brazil he’s playing at such a high level. A lot of people in brazil believe that he’s the best of the three, so i think it’s it’s about momentum, it’s about what he sees and training and for for now it’s going to be adderson. Gabrielle jose’s suspension for his high kick in the quarters has been upheld and he’s going to miss the final.

Why have con mobile taken this approach? I don’t know i think that was an accident. I think that one game was enough, so comey ball thought that it was more than just an accent, and i i don’t i i i don’t agree, but i have no power with that. So we’re gon na see once again at tt, i don’t know maybe it’s gon na be everton, because everton was the guy for brazil last year. When amar was hurt, you know, and he was the guy, the best player from that cup of america. So maybe he’s it’s gon na be hit again like it was in the semi finals we don’t know yet and titi won’t tell us. I think, he’s going to make a mystery about this. This 3011. does a great performance from neymar and or messi guarantee them a place on the ballon d’or shortlist, no, not guaranteed. You know we we’re talking, for example, about georginio georginio is it can should be a candidate? You know he. He was a temporary champion for chelsea. He is now the maestro of this great italian team on the euro. So um, i guarantee it’s, not a guarantee, but i’m gon na tell you michelle it’s. Just this final. You know brazil against argentina, i’m, sorry about the euro, because we had this great championship, but copper america have a better final than the the uber is going to have yeah the copper america final is where it’s at now.

If messi doesn’t break argentina’s 28 year trophy drought, what happens pressure? The pressure is already just uh argent. You know you see in his, i don’t know body, uh attitude and about his in even about he was really mouthy on the the penalty shootouts against colombia. You know he was calling out uh jerry mina for dancing when the celebrating, so he changes when he is in argentina, because the pressure is so much and he puts the pressure on himself because he wins everything with barcelona and he never could do it on the Argentina team only the olympic games, so the pressure is going to melt even more. You know, it’s it’s, just it seems like every time is the same and every time he loses so. I hope that he can do it better right now, even if even being brazilian, i want to see messi win with argentina. Just you know, like exercise all the demons that he has on his shoulder right now. I think we’re all in the same boat, for that one what’s, your final prediction for this game: it’s really hard. You know i just thought that i would like to see argentina winning because of messi, but i think that brazil, as a group as a team uh playing a better field that we expect that is gon na be on on maracana. That has a better field. No, there was no game in america now for the last three weeks, so i think that brazil right now is just unstoppable.

Neymar is playing so good. The entire team is playing so well. They had such a solid defense. We saw every time that you know argentina as a team doesn’t inspire confidence, and i think that brazil, once again, is going to let argentina and mercy down either way it’s going to be very, very exciting. Thank you. So much fernando you can catch brazil in argentina. In action on sunday morning, live coverage starts at 9 30 a.m.

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Copa América, Argentina national football team, Brazil national football team, Lionel Messi, Final, Neymar 🔴 BRAZIL VS ARGENTINA 2021 LIVE STREAMING VIDIO – BRASIL VS ARGENTINA COPA AMERICA 2021

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