Copa América, Argentina national football team, Brazil national football team, Lionel Messi, Final, Neymar vs Argentina, Copa America Final 2021 – TACTICAL PREVIEW

This is a clash that simply demands the attention of the world and in today’s video we are gon na, be breaking down the tactical clash that is gon na play out on the field on saturday, we’re gon na be talking about the mental battles, the physical battles And the head to head battles between these two giants: it is all coming up, so let’s get to it and i think what we have to start with here when you’re talking about a final between brazil and argentina. We have to talk about pressure. We have to talk here about managing the occasion, because this is a massive game. This is an absolutely huge game, the fans of these nations. They demand, you win, you can’t lose against your arch rivals and in a final, this is absolutely huge. I think for argentina. What they have to do in this game is believe they have to believe in themselves. They got to believe their in their teammates in the process that they’ve been going through during this entire tournament that they can go toe to toe with brazil. It is time for argentina to believe in themselves, because when you look here at these stats throughout copper america, this year round, you can see that actually there’s not too much between the sides. There’S. All this talk about brazil being favorites and they are favorite there’s. No denying that whatsoever, but i don’t believe that this time around there’s, a massive gulf between the teams, i don’t believe, like brazil are head and shoulders above what argentina can do.

Argentina, at their best they’ve shown that in flashes throughout this tournament, they can trouble brazil and what they have to do is manage that pressure and belief and, of course, guys. So much of this game is going to be decided before we even kick off, because it is going to be all on the coaches there tte and lionel scaloni to decide exactly what team and exactly what tactics we are going to see play out at the american Art on saturday, and, of course, tt has more experience than scaloni. He’S also got the know how, when it comes to this stage of the competition, he knows how to win: copper, america, he knows how to win. Finals. Scaloni, meanwhile, will be experiencing this final. For the very first time, but i do believe that throughout this tournament we have seen progression from argentina, we have seen improvements and what you can definitely count on is real togetherness and real team spirit which, as you saw against colombia, it can take them far and In terms of exactly how the two teams could and will line up coming into saturday’s final, of course, with brazil, what you can absolutely guarantee with t is that they’re gon na line up here in a four two three one formation. What they do have is the two holding midfielders there sitting protecting that back for brazil are very, very defensively solid. I think going forward there’s a little bit more concern.

Maybe a little bit more uncertainty. Brazil haven’t really found themselves an out and out center forward that they can 100 count on, but i think when it does come down to it. This right here is the foundations of what we can expect from this brazilian side. I do believe it’ll be edison in goal. Obviously, allison is available. Edison has played the majority of the copper america games so far, reynold noddy at left back danilo out right back there, thiago silva and marquinhos very, very solid there at centre back you’ve also got fred and casimiro in midfield the player that we know very very well. Indeed, from his days at real madrid and in classicos, of course, neymar will operate here, not really from the left hand, side he’s going to make his way central in a very similar way, actually to what messi will do for argentina, i’m. Sure richarlison will be involved in some capacity but that’s the question: will it be there as that number nine? Will we see him out in a wide position? For me, i think he is going to start up front in that number 10 role they tried for me. They tried a number of alternatives in that area. They are going to miss gabriel jesus in this game. He is suspended and out on this right hand, side as well. I do believe there we are gon na see everton and in that ten i think paquetta has really earned his place.

Two huge goals for them in the last two rounds of the knockout stages, and this probably what we can expect from brazil from lionel scaloni’s argentina. We can expect something a little bit similar, but there is a difference in shape here when you’re looking at argentina. They will also line up with a back four, but it’ll be a slightly different structure in midfield, and this is an area i think argentina simply have to do well in midfield there. One man usually sitting you’ve, got a player here off to the right interior position and also here off to the left hand, side, but scaloni has got a huge dilemma there in exactly how offensive he wants that midfield to be, and in terms of the front three You’Ve got your outer night center forward here, you’ve got leo messi, who is gon na come in. From that right hand, side it’s, very, very important here, who is that third man gon na be for argentina, because what we can count on that is gon na be emiliano martinez following up his stunning performance against colombia in goal tagliafico and probably monty, although that is Not 100 guaranteed there at right back at centre. Back again, there is a little bit of uncertainty. Otamendi will certainly start, but who will partner him at center? Back petsella right now looks like the favorite, although argentina would love to be able to count on christian romero, but will he be fit and if he is, will atalanta allow him to play in this game in the field? Paredes is certainly going to start alongside the pool but, like i say who will be that third man la taro and messi there leading the line, and i think you may feel what scaloni has to do is be brave, because what it would be easy to do And this is what i hope that he doesn’t do is be a bit negative.

What he could actually do, there is play guido rodriguez who’s been very, very good at copper, america, but it would make that midfield a little bit negative. What he could also do is play giovanni lochelso somebody there who can break the lines who can get the ball to messi, who can run in behind brazil? That would be my option and then, on the left hand, side. I do believe he will go with nico gonzalez instead of papa gomez, and let me just explain how all of that could look on the field, because when it comes down to it guys, this is basically how we are gon na see the two teams go head To head on saturday night, and certainly there that would feel battle, he’s gon na be so so important for me because casimiro, you know that all game long, his sole priority is gon na be following this man around messi, wherever he goes, casimiro is gon na look To follow him and what it’s about for argentina is? Yes, you can accept that’s gon na happen and yes at times, messi will be able to get away from casimiro. But what that does as well is that it takes one man there out of brazil’s midfield. If he’s gon na follow messi round, if he’s gon na stick really really tight to him, what then he’s gon na do is open up some space here, i think depaul is a really important player for argentina.

I’Ve been really impressed with him throughout copper, america, and this is why i would like to see scaloni be bold in that midfield, because, yes, you could have two players here: anchoring perennials can get forward, but it would be quite defensive there if you played guido and Paredes together, but instead, if you were to switch him out, bring lachelson. That, for me, would be much much more able to go at brazil, because then, if casimiro is getting dragged out here, if casemiro he’s going to follow messi around you’ve got lachel. So who can operate in those spaces? You’Ve got players there, like the poor who can find in those spaces, and what i think is really really important is that argentina, time and time again look to stretch brazil, and this is why i believe that nico gonzalez is going to be in the team. Personally. Papa gomez, for me, better player, better player and also been in better form right throughout copper, america, but what nico gonzalez gives you is somebody there who’s gon na run, because in that forward line, you’ve got atari. You’Ve got messi two players there, who are not really always gon na, be running in behind what nico gonzalez will give. You is a lot of discipline. He knows his role. He understands his role and time and time again, he’s gon na run in here and again it’s all about opening up that space it’s all about making brazil try and feel a little bit uncomfortable because if you’ve got nico gonzales running in here, if you’ve got messi, Then moving you’ve got to try and track him.

You’Ve got argentina’s midfield there. If it’s offensive, they can cause problems and suddenly in argentina they can start to get some momentum it’s all about building momentum. In a final like this, getting your foot on the ball. Getting a bit of confidence and ultimately, then trying to breach what is you look at that there a very, very good defensive structure, however, what we do have to acknowledge is that it’s not only going to be about what argentina do it’s, not only going to be About the attacking play and what argentina can do to brazil, what can brazil do to argentina because of course, just like we’re mentioning messi? We have to mention this man here, neymar jr is going to get on the ball. He is going to cause problems. He’S gon na come inside, although that’s gon na be interesting, because actually here i feel as though up against montiel, maybe he’ll fancy his chances, but will he stay out wide and actually try and make some inroads there, or will he come central, maybe combined with richarlison? Here, everton as well, and, of course, pacquettera you’ve got to be aware of him and what really doesn’t fill me with confidence? Is this centre back pairing? Yes recently, they have been pretty good in terms of not making mistakes, but i do just feel as though, when it comes down to it there, when you’ve got neymar coming up against petsela and otamendi you’ve got richarlison there, who’s certainly capable of scoring a goal, and What argentina can’t do there is fall asleep in midfield, because, yes, you can focus on the defense and yes, of course, that is going to be very much the attention there, keeping brazil’s forward players quiet, but what you can’t do there, when you’re sort of defending in Your own area, when everything is sort of very packed in brazil, are putting the pressure on don’t fall asleep in the field because pacquita he can make runs, he can find spaces and score goals.

As we’ve seen in these past few games and it’s going to be all about paredes it’s, going to be all about depaul and lachel, so tracking, back making sure they’re they’re covering the right runs because brazil do have a lot of weapons right throughout the field. But they’re not invincible, they’re, not unbeatable, as a team. This brazilian side, yes to me, they’re very, very effective, they’re, very good defensively, and they will find a way to win if you let them, but you look at the players that argentina have out there, lionel messi can make a difference, and the beauty of messi is, If you shut him down here, if brazil are gon na, make sure that he can’t get shots away, they’re gon na make sure they’re they’re gon na crowd him out on the edge of the area. Messi is such a good player. Messi has such an armory of weapons – that’s fine he’ll, just drop in here if he needs to he’ll, be very very deep. Lotaro can make those runs, nico, gonzalez as well and, of course, you’ve got players as well. Who can get forward from midfield? As we said, messi will find a way to make an impact on this game, whether it’s in the final third, whether it’s dropping off we’ve, seen him create so many goals in this tournament, along with scoring them and, of course, what’s going to be key, is winning Fouls in and around the box, soltaro has got to get nice and close to these defenders.

You’Ve got to make sure they’re you’re winning balls, because if any free kicks at all are given away in any of this area here, this man is gon na be on to it and he, as we know, is a massive threat, so that right there guys is The build up well and truly underway for this copper america final between brazil and argentina. Please do let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. How do you see this game going? Where will it be won and lost which areas of the field here of argentina got ta focus on? Where are brazil strong? Where are they not? In your opinion, please, let me know all of that down below there will be more build up to come. You can count on that, but argentina they have to believe they have to be brave. This is a huge opportunity.

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Copa América, Argentina national football team, Brazil national football team, Lionel Messi, Final, Neymar PREVIEW: Argentina v Brazil | 2021 Copa America

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