Dana White, Conor McGregor, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Jake Paul, Mixed martial arts, Dustin Poirier veals what is at stake in the 'Biggest Trilogy Fight' Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor

Ufc 264 also sees the return of fan, favorite sean o’malley against chris martino, and you can watch it go down, live by ordering ufc 264 pay per view, which will be exclusively available on espn plus. So don’t wait sign up for espn plus by clicking the link in the description and order. Ufc 264 pay per view. Today, sean o’malley says that he thinks louis smolker gave himself a staph infection intentionally after seeing smoker’s manager after smokers, manager saw sugar in training so here’s. What sean o’malley said. Smoker’S manager was at my gym, not you froot loop, you’re, good um watched me spar. The other day, a couple weeks ago, um and i was on fire. I was on fire. He said he asked him and i respectfully he said hey. Do you mind if i sit and watch i looked in the eyes and i said, enjoy the sh. I didn’t say that i said: uh watch tell him whatever you want. I don’t care and, and i looked sharp that day this is complete conspiracy. Three. I look sharp. I was on fire, which i mostly i usually you know sparring day for me. Is it is an opportunity to perform in my head, it’s it’s, the fight i got ta perform. I got ta, do what i do in the octagon i got. Ta perform and uh you know just another day and uh i looked good. I looked really good. Did his manager go and say, hey bud? I love you.

Don’T. Take this fight. I don’t want you to die, might have smoke, was licking wrestling mats trying to get staff. I don’t even know if it’s a guest staff um, i don’t, know dude that’s a conspiracy theory, so maybe that’s what happened? Maybe not um. I don’t blame the dude. You know what i mean o’malley there talking about louis smoker for pulling out of his fight. I mean just take the fight against chris matino and shut the up just go out there and beat matino that’s what he needs to do. We said it last show: we don’t want to talk about it, it’s a tricky one for our mallet, so it’s a lose lose situation or yeah, it’s kind of because if, if he beats him, he should have beat him and if he doesn’t beat him it’s, not Good it’s not good, and i think he will beat him, though, so we got mcgregor emporia’s three coming up and did poirier all the way i think he’s, the better fighter. I think he’s, the nicer guy and he’s my bro um. I also think it’s going to be not even close he’s going to crush mcgregor yeah dude go diamond dustin yeah. Do you think jake paul is good enough now to be taran woodley, yes, really yeah he’s going to be turning with me. This is the reason why, mike and i’m, a change of perspective here, because boxing and mma are two different things: woodley, he just has an overhand.

He doesn’t have he’s, not a combination fighter. He just has that overhand that overhand is vicious, but with the eight ounce glove a 10 ounce glove, you don’t, you don’t have that much power. This kid jake paul, remember, he’s, a former wrestler he’s from ohio he’s been wrestling for quite some time and he’s been around some of the best boxers for the last three years in the world. He’S actually been taking this serious. So, for that reason i think jake paul’s either going to stop him depending on how or or he’s just going to beat him by decision, because the sweet science of boxing is just a different game. I hadn’t even called it. I even called it with ben ashman. I’M, like this kid’s gon na knock him out within the first or second round, i thought ben for sure was gon na last a round. I was wrong, they knocked him on the first minute. You know so that’s just the way it is and that’s just the way. I see it now, it’s, not that i’m going against mma i’ve done both sports i’ve done amateur boxing that sport is different bro you can no longer grapple it’s, not just about an overhand it’s different you’re gon na need some combination – son. Well, you know i’m going with my boy tyrone, just because he’s my boy and i know he’s been boxing for a long time. He’S. I saw him at wild card years and years ago, boxing pro level amateur level fighters.

He was here doing pad work doing great. So you know, i know he does have boxing training he’s his experience there, but i i’m interested to see where jake’s gon na uh be in this fight because it’s a real fight, you know and and hats off to him if he does good and and and Can show that he really is a fighter and he has potential to keep going. I mean i have no disrespect for jake if he turns out to be everything that that he uh you know presents because i mean i’m telling anyone that can do it. You have to have respect for you, can’t you can’t dog, a real fighter and he’s going to be a real fighter if he beats tyron yeah yeah, but, like i said these are my takes. These are my takes from watching it and uh. You know tyrone hasn’t hasn’t done so well. You know let’s call him spade a spade. Man he’s been on the losing streak. You know what i’m saying there’s something there’s, a chemical imbalance like in his head that has taken him to that level. You know what i’m saying there’s two reasons why people there’s two reasons why my people don’t succeed, there’s one they think they’re better than what they really are and then two is just a lack of confidence. So it’s, one of the other man he’s gon na, have to figure that out, because i remember i seen when when woodley was on fire, he was on fire.

You know, but there’s something that 10 there’s a switch that tends to happens at the end. I believe it happens after your first defeat, your first loss when you, when you finally see that you’re not that you’re, not uh. You know that you’re not untouchable. You know what i’m saying and uh he’s gon na eat, but he’s gon na have to figure that out yeah and it all goes back to honesty. You know, am i as good as i think i have, or is my confidence at that level as little as as it used as what it used to be. Those are the questions that i have for him: Music in vegas boys and girls, trying to keep up with fast walker here, getting ready to get our weight cut on. I tripped on that one alien right here: alien bag, Music, it’s, hot stephen wonderboy thompson – is the man and he’s got the style to beat kamaru. You know what i mean, and i don’t think it’s kamara uzman, sidestepping him and and avoiding him and all the rest of it, because i just don’t think camaro’s that guy camaro is a real champion. Kamara’S got real skills and he’s a problem, as he says for everyone in the division, and i firmly believe that he feels that. But the only problem for steven has kind of been in some ways: kind of a bit leon edwardsy out of the headlines. Out of the spotlight he’s, not controversial, the only time he does talk is to can say: gee, golly, you’re, awesome man and he wouldn’t swear either he’s.

Just awesome, he’s great there’s, no controversy there and he speaks all throughout his fighting ability. But he hasn’t been in the headlines very often recently, but i understand his point though, and i think he’s right – he hasn’t been that active, even though he just fought kind of recently but uh. I think wonderboy should fight camaro if he wins this and i’m again to your point or my point: yeah come on he’s not ducking him. Kamar is a very, very tough fight, he’s the champion he’s pound for pound, one of the very very best in the world, but uh i think wonderboy could give him some real real problems. I do, i think, when you look at kamaru, his hands have got better. He’S got knockout power. Now he’s, knocking people out he’s a tremendous wrestler. He trains well he’s, always in condition he doesn’t really get tired he’s, not one of those guys. He can go five rounds, but he’s a static guy and wonderboy moves all over the place in and out, and i feel that that movement would give him so many problems. However, if kamar gets his hands on him, he’d probably be able to take him down. You know that was the idea with woodley boxer. Good wrestling was able to take him down a little bit about. I believe charles oliveira is going to be in attendance. Is that correct? Is he going to fly to watch the fight yeah he’ll? Be there all right? Yeah and is it safe to say i mean obviously he’s looking at it that way that this is a number one contender about between fourier and mcgregor.

He clearly looks like he wants the winner, um yeah, i mean absolutely. I mean if you look at um. You know fourier’s number one and in between conor you got chandler gaichi, emporia and darius. It absolutely makes sense for this to be a number one contender, it’s it’s, a massive trilogy we’ve had so many big trilogies gsp hughes, edgar maynard off top of my head gourmet. Stipe uh, so many big ones. Where does mcgregor poirier stack up? In your opinion, this is gon na end up being the biggest. This is gon na, be the biggest one. First of all, most celebrities ever to come to an event. Um tickets are insane. I can’t wait till this is over and i don’t have to around with tickets anymore um the uh, the buzz i i i’m don’t call me on this, but i’m. Pretty sure that this is the most pre buys ever for any fight ever so. You know if you’re one of those people that’s that you know on saturday night you’re going to buy the fight buy. It now buy it before, because when that night comes the amount of people that are going to be trying to buy that thing. At the same time – and the last thing you want to do is have any problems with it, most pre buys we’ve ever done. Oh wow, do you know in terms of pay per view, buys where it’s, trending and i’ll know i’ll know better thursday or friday? Jake paul is good enough now to beat tyron woodley.

Yes, really yeah he’s gon na be turning with me. This is the reason why my and i’m gon na change your perspective here, because boxing and mma are two different things.

What do you think?

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