Dana White, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Conor McGregor, Jake Paul, Mixed martial arts, Dustin Poirier, Zuffa TROLLS 'Peahead' Dustin Poirier ahead of UFC 264, Masvidal calls out Covington & Diaz

He said he would be returning in the fall against the top ranked opponent and he’s sticking to that as he wants. The rivalry fight against colby covington or according to his manager. Gamebred is also interested in fighting. Nick diaz spoke to jorge mosbidal’s manager, abraham kawa, but what’s next from moss, but all he said, mos vidal is targeting a return in october november against either nick diaz or colby covington. Would you rather see jorge mosby, all fight, kobe, covington or nick diaz? Leave your comments below conor mcgregor posted a threatening voice, message to dustin poirier on tuesday morning, just days away from their trilogy fight at ufc 264 in las vegas here’s, the recording i’m coming for you pee head silly hillbilly mcgregor referred to poirier as p head ahead Of their first bout in 2014, but ditched the trash talk prior to their rematch earlier this year, both men seem happy to verbally assault each other ahead of their trilogy bout, and this thursday’s press conference should be interesting, as it will be the first time the pair Come face to face since the fight was announced. The irishman also posted new training footage as he prepares for the fight hey to the united states of america. What up heights? What a country? Ah we’ve, got all the good liquor irish beef iron exporter. All this produce! The music is still playing in the earbuds, oh yeah, when i left him to the gym feel so fresh full of energy here and i’ll turn.

Give me one reason to stay here and i’ll turn her back around what’s up my man: freedom, baby freedom. Yes, my free today, 080 that’s me six days six days we go look at this competition. Let’S go let’s, go see you later Applause. What do you guys think who is going to win at ufc, 264, mcgregor or poirier? Let us know in the comments section speaking on the recent episode of believe you me podcast michael bisping, discussed conor, mcgregor’s mental approach ahead of his upcoming trilogy bout against dustin poirier and whether it could affect the results of the fight here’s, what he said. So we should do a late show, thursday. If possible. Could we talk about after the press conference, because i really truly believe that there’s been so much been said about mcgregor and about mcgregor last time and how he carried himself and then obviously he got knocked out. So the the the people you know the common narrative seems to be: oh, he was being too much of a nice guy. He didn’t psych himself up and all the rest of it and that’s what kind of affected his performance he wasn’t as nasty. Now i disagree with that completely, but the point i’m bringing that up for is that it’ll be interesting this week to see how we can how it handles himself. I think all the niceties will be out the window. I think this will be connor going back to his cutting scathing self.

You know, i think that, although whilst they shared pleasantries afterwards – and they were, it was all class and they shook hands and uh dustin was doing an interview with some journalists and conor who kind of went past on a stick, because he was limping from the carve Case and the shook hands, it was very gracious very sportsmanlike and it was lovely to see but that’s all out the window now for this time you know because they’re talking on twitter and then they had that thing with the charitable donations. Remember that you know dustin said that conor never sent it and all the rest, so it got a little heated there. You know what i mean, then i think conor o’connor’s manager ordered someone. Someone came out and said: hey you shouldn’t be talking about that publicly. Shame on you for doing so: that’s private business. You know which, to a certain degree i agree with you, know it kind of is but uh so yeah. I think for all those reasons and because he did knock him out. He’S gon na talk some. What do you think? What do you Music expect? Habib nurmagomedov recently returned to the aka gym and has been featured in one of the latest videos released by aka head coach, javier mendez on his instagram page in the video. You can see habib in his new role as the mma coach, pushing gym members to their limits during a recent training session, check out the footage.

What else can they do habib besides go home right through they can cry. If someone tired, you can cry any crybabies here. Five five in a recent episode of the bt sports, ufc 264 breakdown show dan hardy discussed the techniques and strategies both fighters will look to employ as dustin poirier and conor mcgregor meet for the trilogy fight at ufc. 264., so let’s wrap this up. Mcgregor is going to come out he’s going to use those big broad, brush, strokes, he’s, going to try and paint as much of the canvas as he can and back his opponent up to the fence. Once they’re backed up against the fence, then he’s going to start trying to line him up. For that left hand, but if he’s only focused on that he’s too easy to predict so he’s going to chop that lead leg, he’s going to make dustin poirier stand heavy on that lead leg and he might back up and bait him try and draw him into A fight for dustin poirier he’s got to try and find a way to push mcgregor back without walking onto anything dangerous, using that ketchup shift as he moves across the canvas throwing over the top and coming underneath for the low kicks is going to be a really Really interesting part of his game for mcgregor to deal with after that, then he’s in broadside and he’s just banging from a horse stance from a powerful, powerful, traditional martial arts stance.

This is a power punch in stance in traditional martial arts and poirier finds this up against the fence when people can’t get away. So then, when they level change, they go straight into that dars and that’s, where mcgregor’s takedown defense is challenged and if poirier is not careful, that uppercut comes straight up the center as well we’re gon na have to see the whole of both of these guys games. Mcgregor can’t come in with just the left hand. He’S gon na have to vary his attack. Poi is gon na, have to be ready for that varied attack, but stay focused on his game plan because, if he gets drawn emotionally, mcgregor runs away with it. This is the end of the trilogy they’re one, a piece in this one.

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