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We’Re gon na have a clean fight. You can touch gloves at this time. If you wish let’s do it, they have been on each other’s nerves for weeks. It has just escalated throughout the week we’re about to hit the climax this fight between poyie and mcgregor. Here we go white trunks for the very entertaining conor mcgregor immediately mcgregor opens up with a hook. Kick yes, southpaw kick to the body and again poyet has the most wins and most finishes in ufc featherweight history, nice leg kick by Applause, Music Applause, the poirier getting behind dustin poyer nice kick mcgregor. Looking for the combination uniquely effective with his hands he’s so loose yeah, even you know like a high profile fight like this look, how relaxed he is in there. He was supposed to fight cole miller. Diego brandow stepped up. Connor wanted dustin poirier to fight in ireland. Well, you know what that’s even that storyline he’s here standing in front of him tonight, another nice leg kick by poirier, oh good, left hand by connor, oh good, shot there by poiye and another shot that lands for mcgregor joe conor mcgregor said: he’s really worked on His kicks for this fight – oh he tagged him on the left mike. He heard it up top. He heard poirier with that left, he’s very good at utilizing all of his reach. Turning that shoulder fighting long 90 seconds in right in front he’s. Talking to him, though, hands at his hips having a conversation looking to finish the fight let’s see just like that: wow that’s, the real deal, ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it.

Conor mcgregor is for real. An entire country is standing on their feet right now, and he really did just make it look easy. He said he would make it look easy. He made it look easy that’s the real deal. He said first round ko mark my words all right connor. We believe you i mean that was just glorious it’s. The way he did that no one’s ever done that to poirier before poija is protesting it, but it was an absolutely legitimate stoppage. He was out man, i mean he. Poirier is still on wobbly legs he’s still having a hard time standing up here, look he’s, leaning forward pitching forward it back mcgregor’s the real deal, man there’s, no doubt about it. It looks like raised them with that. There’S hammer fists there’s a left there’s another left that hurt him that that was hard to see what that was. It looked like he threw a punch and he grazed him. Let’S, see let’s, see this. It clipped them right behind the ear, Music and there’s a hammer. Fist to the ear there’s, a punch and another punch to the jaw, i think what poija is trying to say is that it’s behind the ear or that it was behind the head, but it looked like a legitimate punch. I mean it. Wasn’T, like he was a downed opponent that he was trying to hit behind the head. It was just a punch that was thrown while poiyier was moving, that caught him behind the ear and that we’ve seen that before, like a randy, couture brock or like a head, kick a lot of head kicks land in the back of the head.

Absolutely that was a legit shot and it was dominating the fight up until that moment. Four straight now for conor mcgregor dennis bermudez, winner of seven straight fights in the ufc’s featherweight division, the champion six, his future challenger, five here’s bruce buffer. Ladies and gentlemen, referee herb dean has called a stop to this contest at one minute 46 seconds of the very first round declaring the winner by tko the Applause i’m. Here with the winner, conor mcgregor connor, the entire country of ireland is shut down for this. I don’t know if you realize this dana white was telling me before this fight, that everyone in ireland is anticipating this fight. What what have you done to get people so excited we’ve tried to figure it out. I can’t figure it out you’re spectacular in your victories but there’s something else i i don’t just i don’t just knock them out. I pick the round you came out. There was a lot of pressure on you because of the trash talk because of all the the going back and forth, but you looked very loose coming into this fight yeah, i felt i felt really good. I tore my ligaments in my tomb four weeks ago, so i couldn’t do i had to disrupt my training a lot. I had to just run and kick a lot, but i wanted to come in here and put on a performance, and i knew these featherweights don’t understand until they get hit by me.

It’S a whole lot of ball game when they get hit by me. So i said, i’d knock him out in the first round and i knocked him out in the first round. You can call me mystic mac, because i predict these things. You said coming into this fight that his movement was basic. What did you mean by that? I just find that a lot of mixed martial arts mixed martial artists get into like a root of coming out with that thai boxing flat footed style. You against a guy like me, that’s in and out and lighting his feet and the angles are different: it’s it’s, the old age. This is the new age i wanted to come over here to america and show the american public the new era of the fighting irish and i brought my whole country with me. We don’t. If one of us go to war, we all go to war 10 of all the tickets sold in vegas came from ireland. You should know that and take a look at the new age in action on the big screen right now. You clipped them. With this left hand, but before you did that you landed quite a few spinning back kicks, you were just very loose and relaxed in there and you were connecting almost at will yeah. You know you can’t the chin, doesn’t recover. I said it about him. He took some big shots in his career, the chain doesn’t recover.

You know, i know dustin’s a great guy and he came in fitter than he’s ever came in. This was as focused as he’s ever been, but again when featherweights get hit by me, it’s a whole different ball game, so that’s it well. This was a huge victory for you. This is your first victory over a top 10 contender what’s. Next, you know what’s next that world title is next i’m gon na fly to brazil and if they want, if they want i’ll, eliminate chad mini mendes and step in and give the fans what they want. Aldo vs mcgregor or you know we could come back and do that football stadium bring the brazilians over we’ll, whoop them on homes, home soil or away soil. It’S, no problem. Congratulations, sir.

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