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Stand. Applause that’s a much better shot, that’s, beaten, trout and we’ll race up the hill to the grandstand boundary. His economy raid is really good. Since he came back from injury, that’s gone straight up in the air. This is going to be the first wicket vaughn takes, the catch may have been a bit of heart in mouth, vaughn’s been known to put one or two of those down, but flint off gets instant success. Vaughan takes the simple catch and the imran has gone for. Eight well him run as he there. I don’t know what he was trying to do. Applause four runs too much leg: side from anderson and flicked away by hafiz it’s, a good boundary clipped away, gone straight to clark at square leg. Golf has got the breakthrough and the fisa has gone now. It’S, both the openers gone that’s the way to play the shot. I mean working that away through the leg side, all along the ground beautifully played his first boundary pumbald leading edge here. Hamid has gone looking to play across the line you can’t do that when the ball seeming around flintoff has got his second wicket. This is a really good spell from the big lancastrian Applause that’s picked away. That will go all the way to the boundary it does. That brings the 50 up for pakistan, so giles and vaughan are spinning options as well there’s the wicket that is a big wicket, opening the face trying to run it down to that third man area yusuf.

Johanna is gone well, it wasn’t that short, but he’s latched on to it very quickly. He’S khan we’ll pick up a boundary there. Applause it’s a good shot, just too much swing, just uh the line slightly wrong, but it was put away very effectively. Top edge goes wide and short of a square leg, but does reach the boundary that’s a welcome boundary for pakistan. It’S been a long time since they crossed that rope. Applause edged and gone flintoff’s got his third wicket. Now this is a wonderful spell of bowling from the big lancastrian shot of malek gone, just nibbling, that, through to read Applause 50 for eunice khan off just 71 balls she’s, 18 50 in his 86th match Applause that’s. A fine shot is clubbed that many a row back into the crowd emphatic way with which to bring out the 150 for pakistan in the 42nd over top shot, because he read the slaw delivery very nicely into action under straight away. Middling it because he wrecked the ball very early, well, improvised, shot and well struck shot. The fight back has started. It seems for pakistan. Unis khan has played a good innings here between them, razak and eunice, just looking to accelerate and make the most of these. Last eight overs still a lovely shot in its in its own way, not graceful but effective. We might have his first of the day here and he does leading edge just didn’t go anywhere.

Mcgrath has taken the catch simplest of chances for him. James anderson has now got his name on the list amongst the wicked takers here at laws today. Zach is the man on strike and he’s got that over the top of uh solanki Applause, but that first one’s gon na go for four. It was up there to be driven and driven. It was beautifully so right through extra cover, drilled away through there for four more three hours in a row there which basically brought 10 and over the last one has been maury canole, but that has gone on top of the roof. The length ball, maybe slightly short of a length, has just disappeared. Well, these two are very, very exciting young all rounders, and this one was clobbered gone, dispatched massive hit from azerbait that’s crashed away as well that’s, going to be four more Applause, that’s straight through the mannered extra cover Applause, oh that’s, another massive blow solanki’s out there Much bigger boundary going down towards the tavern, and that is a magnificent innings 50 coming up for abdul razak in just 41 balls played second fiddle to uh eunice khan. When he first came in, but he’s made the stage all his own. Now another strong hit and that’s beaten clark that really did race to the fence it’s wonderful one day cricket is this: just the technique of both batsmen out there razaka mahmood smashed down the ground again, another straight boundary hit very, very hard.

That’S gone high to scotic calls for it and takes the catch end of a marvelous innings from abdul razak 64. He made he faced just 53 deliveries, a wonderful effort in pakistan we’re in real trouble at one stage. Applause 165 for six, but unlucky uh from flintoff dials is round. Are they going to risk? The third run, no they’re going to get four giles, can’t get there. So a boundary completes the pakistan innings Applause 229 for seven england, giving the run around in the closing overs. When giles came out of the attack, the run started to flow against the seamers. The last 10 overs producing no fewer than 91 runs, but scottish come a long way down. I was a shy at the stumps and england are gon na pick up a bonus here and there’s. A very long run for abdul razak. Is the ball gon na reach? The rope yes, it is just so what should have been an england wicket has turned into a boundary for them. Well, this is total lack of communication here between everyone, not just the english batsmen, but even the pakistani feelers. Well, we saw that shot at the oval. One in fact went for six. This one’s gone for four rye smile from the bowler good play by just gothic that’s beating the point. Fielder that’ll run down the hill for four, so much more expensive over two trioscopic boundaries. Coming from the third over 14 for no wicket nice straight bat, again that’s a beautiful shot from uh solanki bowler bowling at nearly 90 miles an hour and he gets it to hit straight past him.

He won’t be impressed. Oh that’s, a superb delivery. This time, solanki will have to go immediate revenge for muhammad sammy solanki goes for 12. england, 24 1 in the sixth over well he’s, going for the pull he’s skied it and he will get away with it. It’S, a no ball as well and in the end five runs, will be added to the total one for the noble four for the boundary Applause Music. Well, that one is hit very well and well. It wasn’t the best of efforts out on the boundary it was travelling. It was picked up nicely by michael vaughan and it is one of the shorter boundaries. Applause that’s, a good flick, oh brilliant, but denied it was the perfect delivery from muhammad sammy. Something he’s been striving for all day. He seemed to have got through the deploy had got through the defenses, but no ball. The call from ump peter willie, great shot. Four beautiful extra cover drive from michael vaughn right in the slot. For him, not quite a half volley but beautifully played Applause, pulled away by vaughan, he’s gone he’s, pulled it straight into the hands of deep square leg, so mohamed hafiz takes the catch. Born has picked out the fielder unerringly there, oh that’s a glorious shot between the cover and mid off. The hundred comes up for england they’re, looking in control here, scottish doing the business again 44, not out to him Applause, that’s, a better looking shot, that’s away through extra cover, picked up the half volley early, rozak and azama too.

Many runs here scottish on 49 and what a way to bring up your half century successive 50s for marcus chris, not quite as dramatic as the last at the oval but he’s doing the job again for england, he’s back in form. That has to be good for marcus to scottish and it’s, certainly good for the home side. That’S found the gap pass mid on and running away down to the boundaries, so it’s a better start to things for james charlton today. Fourth boundary for him now: that’s not out the meat has gone pretty high and into the hands. Absolutely no doubt about that. One and it’s the end for jim trouten Applause in the air and has gone straight to muhammad sammy that’s, a poor shot, it’s dented uh a few england ambitions there and it’s done a lot to cheer up the pakistan supporters and the pakistan players too. Oh now, then, good bowling quicker ball good, take from the keeper they think there’s a chance of a stumping here. Mcgrath looks nonplussed about to everything. He wonders what all the fuss is about. Well, this is what the fuss is about. He drags out anthony mcgrath there’s. Every chance that this is out jubilation in pakistan’s camp thumbs up thumbs down the decisions coming he’s out, mcgrath has got to go. Nifty work from the pakistan captain behind the stumps mohamed hafiz has got his second wicket. England are in a bit of trouble.

Now, Applause better way to play him nothing wrong with that don’t bother sweeping when you can play extra cover drives like that that’s a super way to get off the mark, get your first runs in one day, international cricket and bring up the 150. oh scores caught Them up run behind now. England, oh, is there an edge on that? I think there is yeah clark’s gone great, keeping again from rasheed latif hafiz has taken his third wicket clark has just got a little nudge on that, and that is really good keeping. What a good catch england in trouble 154 for six that’s a good shot, swept away into the pavilion fence before anyone’s game. Well, he’s helped it and he’s helped all the way that’s going to go to the boundary it’s. A very strange delivery wide down the leg side for sure it did well to reach it with four valuable runs: microscopic moves on to 83., this one’s away and i’ll go all the way, i’m sure that quick, outfield or more dropped that is dropped i’m. Sure see that he’s four people he has kept so well in this series that should have been taken that could very well be a match for england. I think it is a costly, miss well he’s done much better than that russia latif in his career. He knows that that was a set up straightforward, take that ball was travelling because it was quick and he’s got an inside edge.

Is it going fine enough? It did it races away, show back to not having any luck more pace in the ball. Road people races away, it’s, nothing more than inside edge that’s going to fly that’s going to go to the boundary marcus scoffic gets a hundred and what a magnificent hundred it’s been he’s. Third at lords is fifth on the international 100 it’s. Second at lords, against pakistan. 2001, he got 137 but uh. There is an omen for you in these every time. He’S got one at lord’s. This is his third england have lost Applause, Music, oh, what a great delivery! How unlucky is this it’s buys? It has gone so late. It is deceived. Everybody babson keeper can’t, have missed by much it’s not his day. Is it it’s a good shot? What a great shot from chris reed, the first one that’s slightly overpitched he’s on to it in a flash and through backward point at a rate of knots, Applause, slow ball and smashed away. That is the end of the game. One blow over mid, wicket, marcus to scoff. It finishes it in styles. What a way to finish this game: it’s been a terrific series. Two young sides rebuilding england coming out on top marcus geoscopic 108, not out from 145 balls, nine fours and one six. Chris reed supported him well, 25 from 40 deliveries, three fours and the biggest partnership of the match: 77 from 76 balls between these two it’s seen england home when they look to be in all kinds of trouble and big moment for marcus to scottish.

It might well be his third hundred lords but it’s. The first time he’s been on a winning side with it disappointment for the pakistani dress, room but they’ll be back in the andad.

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