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It doesn’t get a whole lot more important than this. This as good as it gets in this grand continent expands from canada to chile. This game has a special place in the hearts of so many, and one of these will later be crowned the finest team of so many, and one of these will later be crowned the finest team on this continent. Certainly, this is a very, very impressive venue. Quite a sight to behold: Music, Music – well, that was impressive, match that Music Applause, Music Applause and we’re on the way. As with a lot of finals, caution plays a big part in the opening stages, but an early goal can blow all that away. So i hope that we can um create an attacking contest here which which obviously we want for this showpiece, looking for space out wide chance, he’s good for it. Now the whistle’s brazil we’ve gone to the bench and we’ve only just begun. Look to make a change. This early peter is, is not the norm, he seems to be unhappy about it and i sympathize he’s uh, i think he’s been harshly treated. Alison, gets it up field loading Applause, brazil that could turn out to be a big big goal. I can give the keeper a little sympathy here, because i think he might have been slightly unsighted, however, credit where it’s due it’s still a fine finish from a tight spot when the manager called on him.

He was only too happy to repay that place. That’S, how you make an impact as a sub, you know when most of the tiring you can impose a freshness and energy, the best effect on an introduction big occasion, big goal crucial, lead, well certainly, the big occasion and a very big opening goal to boost everyone’s Confidence here, oh he’s, caught in there it’s a free, kick and here’s di maria and it’s gomez. Music. Desperately wants to get on the end of this Applause, richarlison hit into the middle no that’s too low just to point out peter that the fullbacks are quite high and what do they try to achieve? Well, it’s? Obviously, a move to push um the opposition, wide men back and and give them more to think about, and it’s neymar and here’s roberto firmino over to the left crosses it in goalkeeper’s, ball. Applause gomez plays a clever pass. Casimiro firmino richarlison provides an outlet nicely controlled Applause. Messi did well to emerge with the ball that’s a contest to keep an eye well there’s, the whistle first half of the final has flown by and there we are off they go for halftime. The breakthrough did indeed come in the first half, but there has only been that one goal: Music Applause in the final gym. How do you read it? Argentina are in desperate need of some character and inspiration, and they need it now already up and running. For the second half, i think they’ve got to go out at the start of this second half now and set a tone that smacks of intent and determination.

Should they manage it, i think they can find a way back. Music Applause, shoot Applause and it’s been taken short. Can he deliver it’s on a fixed run? He has done it and there’s. The goal they’ve been looking for lovely goal, perfect poise to set himself for the strike things starting to look very comfortable well at one nil. This contest was still nicely poised, but now that it’s gone to two mindsets are affected, a lot more winning belief one way and that losing feeling the other chance to shoot the nilo very Applause Applause. A chance that’s created through very good grafting, did well to get in the face of his opponent: Applause Applause and it’s neymar, firmino, lucas, paquette, oh shooting chance. Oh he’s managed to get it all wrong. Yeah that’s great running from the way he maneuvered himself into such a good position to receive the pass and go through on the goalkeeper. Now oh real danger here looks to clip it forward got a size of goal here. Applause – almost nothing left on the clock here. Just a few moments from glory beautifully done, good, run, ultimately thwarted by an astute piece of defending crowd, appreciates good football all round there los celso decent looking ball, the final whistle and the end argentina, all at the final hurdle. They gave it everything, but it was a bridge too far, and so it ends in pain as the glory goes elsewhere.

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Argentina national football team, Copa América, Brazil national football team, Lionel Messi, Final, Neymar PES 2021 | Argentina vs Brazil – Penalty Shootot – Copa America 2021 Final | Messi vs Neymar

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