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When you make your predictions, it shows your email at the bottom of the screen and it says: do you want to save your predictions to your email? We have a check box next to it. I hate that, because, when you scroll down too far, it shows the email on screen and i’m. Just like i don’t want to record this part and usually when it happens, i cut it out the video last week. I did not cut last video prediction: video, i did not cut out the video and i and i said i swore and uh i thought i was going to cut out the video anyway i rushed edited it and i forgot to cut it out now. Everyone knows my email, just just just great, just great, just brilliant, so i i’ve now zoomed in i’ve zoomed in you see when there’s less games, the email is higher up in the page, so you know you got to be careful anyway. This is what happened. My predictions one new england um, we won two one after extra time, so i would still say it’s wrong. Considering i predict space on 90 minutes uh, but i’ll. Take it this one. I was a goal of predicted one one. It was two in italy, but i got a winner right both times. I got the winning team right so uh. I guess i’ll take that my final prediction honestly. I am very nervous about this. So i’m, just gon na go for a draw i’m going to say in the o’neill and penalties there we go i’m not going to tell you who’s going to win, because i am too nervous about it.

I want england to win but i’m, not saying anything. Mates. I’M, not saying anything so as a bonus, we’ll uh predict how to america predict. Sorry predict, copper, america. I was supposed to do the uh semi final predictions and i didn’t do it because i forgot my bad. My apologies. I did it though i did it. I just didn’t do a video on it, so uh i’ll show you right now right. This is the third place match, but uh in the quarter finals. I got this wrong predicted two on bruce free free, um, i’m, assuming through one on penalties, uh, brazil. I predicted them to be chile: 2 1. They won one nil, uruguay, colombia, 321 colombia, colombia drew new nile one on penalty, so i got the winner right. At least argentina ecuador picked the turn. It was three nil, so a goal off so yeah. There we go semi finals predicted three neal brazil. It was one nil, uh argentina predicted two one. Argentina was one one, martin tina one on penalty, so i got the winner right both times and we got a big final. We got a big final argentina v, brazil, but the third place match which the euros does not have uh, but the cop america does i’m gon na, say colombia win on penalties, yeah 1, 1 columbia win on penalties, in my opinion, argentina, brazil. This is a tough one to predict, but i also believe this will go to penalties.

I really do believe just go to penalties. I think this would be an amazing penalty shootout and i think it will head that way. I really do think it’s very much possible. Um, Music, 2, 2 and penalties for me, it’s so hard to predict uh who’s going to win this brazil, i think, are a better team, um argentina they’re not so well balanced at the back they’re, not so strong going forward. They are strong. Um got a better goalkeeper. Now i mean to be fair, like auntie. Haven’T really had bad goalkeepers in fairness, but emmy martin doesn’t look like a top goalkeeper in that um, but brazil. I think i’ve got a better overall team, so i think they’d be favorites. At least for me, they’re at home as well they’re playing in rio, Music, but i do think argentina can pull it off um. I think they can pull it off. They’Re. Looking okay um, not as good in the semi, i guess, but they look more confident than they normally do at least for me anyway. I haven’t really been watching to be honest with you, i’ve been watching highlights, but uh based on what i’ve seen argentina, i think, will be quite confident. Brazil have been edging through the knockouts, i think argentina, especially if they score first. There could be some real problems. There for brazil, but yeah this would be huge, so the american are iconic stadiums, so we’ll see how that goes.

But prediction i’m going to say: brazil on penalties, brazil, on penalties, um. The only reason to see argentina win would be to see messi lift an international trophy, which would be great, which would be cool, but i think brazil will win. I think brazil will win. We’Ll, see we’ll, see what happens. We’Ll see what happens. This is your boy davidoff, please like share subscribe thanks for watching have a good day and actually before i go uh euro 2020. in the semis. This is what i got. Hurricane got. Eight obviously scored um. I had all the spanish players in my 11 and they all scored two points, so i thought swapping about for denmark players and i lost two points because he got zero, so uh does a bit of a miss there. Um i made my five transfers um. I went with like half half yeah six six italian players, five england players, so not exactly half, but obviously you can’t cut 11 and a half but um. I went with kane and sterling ashore, mcguire and phillips. So i brought in phillips and maguire before i had stones, um i’ve brought in barela um, imobile and senor. Already there kenny bunichi, i brought them both in so uh yeah, it’s, balanced because, obviously i’m not sure about the final, so uh, whichever team wins at least some will get me points i’m, not too bored about this anymore anyway. Um. I do want to get points.

Sure, but if england win that’s all that matters to me, if we lose then uh i’m not going to care about this, am i so uh yeah we’ll see either way. I don’t mind about my final points, so uh. It is what it is. This is your boy tavern off. Please like share subscribe thanks for watching have a good day. I don’t wan na.

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