Dana White, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Jake Paul, Conor McGregor, Mixed martial arts, Zuffa, Dustin Poirier III: 'He's a dead body that's getting took out on a stretcher'

The phrase must be less talk, more action now, i’ve got you in front of me i’d. Like you to tell me: why has that been the mindset? Yeah? No just focus, keep the enemy in a suspended amount of terror that’s. It keep him in a suspense of terror. Let’S see he paid to see. My walk is that the mindset enemy going into this yeah for sure corpse, it’s a corpse. What exactly is that? Do you feel he’s changed since before the fight in january? Do you think he’s changed? I don’t give a about him to be honest, it’s, just how i am he’s a corpse, a dead body, a blank face, it’s going to get his ass whooped and took out on a stretcher when you finished the fight in january. You came back to the post fight press conference and i was quite surprised that you’d already dissected the fight you’d already seen things that he’d done and you hadn’t done since january. What have you learned about that fight? That’S? What i always do, analyze uh! You know analyze the fight, win, lose or draw, and you know get back to get back to the drawing board, improve the what you know the deals, the downstairs. You know what work, what didn’t et cetera that’s? What i do this is this is my bread and butter in terms of that what did have to change? What were the adjustments you felt needed to be made? Just you know, focus on mixed martial arts.

First of all, it was an 85 camp for boxing for manny pacquiao’s had a fight came about. You know it was gon na, be a charity event uh, you know not even under the ufc banner, it was just because he was a cell phone. I felt a bit of pe for him and whatnot. I said i’d help him out and that’s it. You know it went the way it went and you know got a set back in there but that’s you know, setbacks are a beautiful thing. You know what i mean defeat is: is the secret ingredient to success? I say, and you know it’s putting me right where i need to be this fight reminds me the nate diaz fight, the second one. You know people were asking questions about your. He lost the first fight. Is this where you thrive, where it’s for all the marbles yeah the only difference between the nade ds fight and this fight is i’m trying to kill shots now, every shot i have thrown in this camp is a kill shot. So you know that’s it i’m going to kill this man. You said post fight, you want to find it. Did you find the bounce? Have you got the bounce back or have you found a whole new hybrid system that you think works effectively like? I said you’ll pay tail to see my walk. Indeed, i think so and talking about payment, dana white says he thinks it’s going to be the biggest pay per view of all time.

Do you think that do you feel that in the air is this one of those special fights that grabs the attention it always always? Is you know when america’s in town? Is it nice to be back in vegas for that it’s, so good to be back in las vegas, so good to be back in the united states of america? I was in cali before i came here. I love this place very much so and i’m very excited to come back. You know boost the economy here in las vegas, once again put on a show for the fans and score a devastating ko. Is this one, those fights where it’s kind of exciting? Because you know, i feel that any time you compete everyone’s asking questions well. Well, this one and then this this one and then this is this nice to be like. I don’t need to worry about any of that. I just got this guy on saturday. Yeah i’ve got but, like i said, it’s a dead body to me, i’m i’m. Already thinking that at legion stadium is where we’re heading, i feel maybe christmas time december. I don’t know i’ll talk afterwards, but that world title will be contested in uh the allegiance stadium. Here in las vegas, i would imagine so i, like the look of it. It’S called the death star as well that’s. What i’m feeling like right now a death star? Would it be right and saying that you’d be the 12th lightweight title holder? If you defeated oliver i’ll be the 12th lightweight title holder, and this is my 12th ufc main event this this saturday and i’m, aiming for my 20th mixed martial arts knockout.

Why is it? Have you noticed the number 12 just reoccurring in your life over and over again? Is it? Is it funny? Every time a new occurrence happens, yeah, it is it’s everywhere. You know what i’ve been proud by 12 is everywhere: it’s, a damn, fine, whiskey and very proud of it. You’Re always known for your predictions. You keep saying, kill, kill, kill when you see this fight. How does it play out? It seems devastating fashion’s on your mind, but how does it play out in that cage just a slot on a play with a scared? Little boy, you know what i mean he’s funny and scared like he always does like like they always do against me.

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Dana White, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Jake Paul, Conor McGregor, Mixed martial arts, Zuffa, Dustin Poirier Stephen A. interviews Conor McGregor on expectations for the Dustin Poirier trilogy fight | ESPN MMA

Dana White, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Jake Paul, Conor McGregor, Mixed martial arts, Zuffa, Dustin Poirier vs dustin poirier 3